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30 Successful People Never Forget Inspirational Quotes

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1 30 Successful People Never Forget Inspirational Quotes
It will help you achieve what you want in life!!!

2 To be successful, you have to care about
what you're doing. Creating success is all about fulfilling or manifesting the purpose for which you were born. When your mind is sharp, attentive and ready for use, you'll find that you can create anything you are willing to have. Our mind gives us the power to both create and destroy. 

3 Whatever you do, you need courage.
Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising that tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires some of the same courage that a soldier needs. Peace has its victories, but it takes brave men and women to win them.

4 Just as an eagle soars far above the plains
below, higher and higher into the azure sky, you have further to go on your journey. Get your enthusiasm back. God is guiding you, and there are infinite possibilities ahead. So, let them unfold. A whole, new, clear glorious life lies before you.

5 Anybody can achieve success, however
for that one has to have the self-belief within him that he can; this is the primary step towards success. If you do not believe in yourself, then creating that feeling is your first assignment.

6 We have to focus on what we are going
to do to achieve success, something we already have and something we have to attain from others.

7 One cannot create and sustain success, if
his thoughts, beliefs and emotions are not adjusted to success. If one believes in oneself, money or what success means for them are in dissimilarity to a successful life, he finds it difficult or impossible to create one.

8 Some of the key factors for people who want to
be successful, are determination, decisiveness, continuous learning, constructive planning, hard- work, relentless practice, have to have the ability to recover and learn from failures. One requires a strong vision of his future, planning and setting achievable goals - all can play important roles in becoming successful. 

9 Success is like a hard rock, not
everybody is able to crack or pull it down easily. Chances are that anybody who tasted success in any field can face such problems at any moment of time; it is not a fault of ours but a phenomenon people around the world face.

10 Satisfaction is an important
ingredient of success. When becoming successful, you have to learn to be satisfied. This often means giving up wanting and longing, two feelings that don't go with satisfaction.

11 Success requires discipline,
determination and a strong belief in oneself. It's a whole lot easier to stay where you are than to move into a new state of being.

12 Today is the preparation of your future success.
Life is full of hardships, pains, sorrows, and trials. The only way to beat these odds is to face and take them as challenges of life and continue on improving yourself.

13 Do not waste your time with idleness, laziness, cowardliness,
and timidity. Use it as an opportunity for the improvement of your being.

14 Take charge of your mind. If you
think a negative, the result is always a negative. But if you think a positive, the result is always a positive.

15 Take charge of you mouth. Be careful
and tactful in your words when you are engaging in conversation with your beloved fellow human being. Life and death is in the power of the tongue.

16 Take good care of your health for it is your only investment and tool to reach your goals and dreams in life.

17 Take charge of your emotions. Everyday, you
motivate yourself to act as an educated and emotionally mature individual. If you encounter insult and disappointment, your will just remind yourself that this too shall pass!

18 Put the others first and serve them honestly
with love and care for these are your only chances to share the love, kindness and blessings from above.

19 Teach yourself to be compassionate, humble,
lovable, and open-minded in dealing with people. Being a compassionate, humble, lovable, and open-minded person is the best cure in healing of the old wounds of the broken-hearted.

20 Nurture your character for your character
is the only shield to protect and cover your reputation against the trap and honey words of wicked individuals.

21 Encourage and teach yourself
the importance of self-respect and self-discipline for these are the foundations of success.

22 Treasure the importance of reading good books
Treasure the importance of reading good books. Books are the best, wise, patient mentors, and professors of all/any colleges and universities in the world. Books are the best source of knowledge and wisdom. Doing this can help you to become more discerning, a deeper individual and a great thinker.

23 Today is your only chance that you can prove
and show to the world that you are a unique individual, created by the loving hands of the Almighty God, who has a mission and vision to fulfill - to plant the seeds of your uniqueness and productivity in this land!

24 Remove from your vocabulary such words
and phrases as defeat, failure, improvable, impossible, hopeless, and retreat from these for they are the words and phrases of fools and losers.

25 Never listen to other people tendencies to be negative or pessimistic
Never listen to other people tendencies to be negative or pessimistic.... because they take your most wonderful dreams and wishes away from you- the ones you have in your heart! 

26 Believing that "Yes I can,
Yes I will. " And when no one else believes in you, you believe in yourself.

27 "I tried 1000 different ways to find
a solution, but 1001st was the best solution" - Thomas Alva Edison

28 Don't look back, just continue to push forward.
All that are in the way, move them out - shun the negativity. Stay head strong, thank God for everything especially for this long harsh road, because it was simply a long journey to success.

29 "The difference between successful people
and unsuccessful people is that successful people fail many more times than unsuccessful people.” - Brian Tracy

30 Success and self-confidence depend on
you being willing to go for your dreams even when things are hard, when you are tired and discouraged and you don't seem to be making any progress. This is a true test of character and it's often here that your breakthrough will come. 

Success is doing what you love the most. Success is personal growth. Success is the knowledge that YOU are NOT alone in the world. It is a loving family and friends. Success is health - to be able to do the simple things in life like BE HAPPY, TAKE A WALK, BREATHE…

32 "I will be bigger than you"
It's in the tough times that we grow, learn, and mature. You can let it defeat you, or you can look it straight in the eye with your head held up and say "I will be bigger than you" Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn

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