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If you are wrong Admit it

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1 If you are wrong Admit it
Presented BY: Hamid Nazir

2 If You Are Wrong Admit It
It needs a lot of confidence you have to believe that you can do it, and you can admit your mistake. Example When you are working in an office and there is a team working with you.

3 How to admit that you are wrong?
It never seems to get any easier to admit you are wrong. It becomes easy when you believe it’s easy. It requires braveness. If you think about the benefits of admitting your mistakes you will definitely admit it. (and we will talk about the benefits in next slides) U will

4 The Steps Below Helps You To Admit it When You Are Wrong:-
Once you realize you are wrong at something, it may sting your ego or make you feel bad in some ways. Take a deep breath to let this feeling pass. Step 2 As soon as you have stabilized your emotions, repeat to your self that everyone make mistakes.

5 Step 3 If you need more persuasion, note on a piece of paper 3 to 5 times when you made a decision that turned out well. Look over the list, and remember the pride you felt when you made the right call. Step 4 List 3 to 5 items of mistakes made by the person you have wronged. Don't share this list with them. Use it as a reminder that no one is perfect and alleviate any anger you've directed at your self.

6 How To Apologize From A Person You Have Criticized/Wronged Him Harshly
1/Approach the person you've wronged in a neutral place. Get right to the point. Beating around the bush will only make you admitte more painful. 2/Apologize for getting the issue wrong. Make it clear that you are sincere. Shake hands, hug, or simply say "thank you," and end the conversation.

7 Why is it so hard for people to admit they're wrong?
Pure ego, Pride and Selfishness. We do not speak truth due to over ego. Because we think we are always right. We do not want to destroy our pride.

8 Benefits Of Admitting You're Wrong Or Admitting Your Mistakes
Spiritual and emotional freedom. Character. Helping others.

9 Mistakes are a great learning experience.
Mistakes are the way to success. People are more willing to help you out when you admit you have been wrong.

10 The Final Principal Of This Topic
If you are wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically .

11 Thank You

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