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4 Shekhar is a Professional Pilot with more then 8 years experience of Flying on 14 different types of Air crafts in 10 different countries with accident free flying record. Shekhar is good in Flying Training as well as in Ground class for Pilots. Shekhar started his flying career from Skycabs [Colombo ] and worked for many Airlines Training Companies from different part of the world. He trained more then 350 Pilots who are flying world wide. He is a member of Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association [ USA], Royal Society of Aeronautics [ UK], Delhi Flying Club, Aeronautical Society of India, MP Flying Club Indore, Aeronautical Research Society. He is a frequent flyer on AA, Air India, British Airways, Cathey Pacific, Delta Airlines, Emerites, Ethihad, Jet Airways, Kingfisher and many more. Shekhar is an active member of set up by Govt. of Canada and Air Transport Association of Canada. His recent passion is Aviation SEO & Blogs for which he takes classes for IIT & IIM students in India and others in abroad. And a new proposed virtual Air Charter Services. Shekhar has wrote many Books on Aviation and Management viz P - Productivity S - Speed R - Relevancy, Be an Aviator Not a Pilot, Pilot’s Career Guide, Cabin Crew Career Guide they are available on Shekhar Gupta CEO Capt. Shekhar Gupta [ Pilot, DIAM, M.Ae.S.I., MAOPA [USA] ] Blog : CEO - AEROSOFT

5 Dorthy is working in AeroSoft Corp as a Career Counsellor. She completed her B.Com in LADY DOAK COLLEGE, MADURAI in the year 2005 and completed her Masters in Human Resource Management from Pondicherry University in the year 2007. She is currently residing in Bangalore. she is fluent with English and Tamil, while she can understand Kannada a little. She has a rich experience of 6 years as delivery support lead with learning and development teams in IT companies HP & Accenture. She is a green belt trained candidate with project yet to be kicked off. She has won many appreciations in handling and leading the teams, she has always ensured to meet and exceed customer expectations at all levels. She was awarded with champions Trophy in Accenture for the exemplary performance in the year 2008. She loves to take ownership for every activity and holds responsible for all the jobs handled. She Has handled international customers from various regions in EMEA, LA &APAC. She has a passion for Exploring and Researching on various Career Options in the market. She has guided many professionals in their career and has been an integral part in their professional growth. She has co-ordinated training with internal employees in HP for career growth and has been a stepping stone for them to climb up the ladder. She has also been a trainer for process SLA’s and issues. She is well known for handling Crisis and Issue Management within the Organization. Dorthy Elezabeth (MBA HR) Career Counsellor # 9632502213 CAREER COUNSELLOR

6 WHAT IS CAREER COUNSELLING? Career Counselling is a process that will help you to know and understand yourself and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions. There are a number of factors that influence your career development, including your interests, abilities, values, personality, background, and circumstances. Career Counseling is not a one day event; rather it is a process which occurs over time. Career development is more than just deciding on a major or what job you want to get when you graduate. It is definitely a lifelong process, meaning that throughout your life you will change, situations will change, and you will continually have to make career and life decisions. The goal of Career Counselling is to not only help you make the decisions you need to make now, But to give you the knowledge and skills you need to make future career and life decisions. Few reasons why we need a career counsellor is Develop the skills necessary for career success Get help with the job search process Clarify career goals Learn effective networking tools Mock Interviews To make the best of your current position Because it will be a valuable experience.

7 BENEFITS OF CAREER COUNSELLING  Educational Support and Guidance  Explore the wide assortment of possibilities  Job Search Support  Career Relation to Education  Identifying Choices in Careers  Goal Setting for Greater Results  Testing to Determine Strengths and Weaknesses  Evade Confusion:

8 CAREER GUIDANCE SERVICES AT AEROSOFT Career Guidance After XII Career Guidance After Graduation Career Guidance for Engineers Career Guidance for MBA’s Jobs for MBA’s & Engineer Job’s abroad Career counselling for Parents Careers for Aircraft Engineers Careers for Air Hostess Careers for Pilots Career Guidance for Interview selection process Career Guidance After XII Commerce & Arts Great Jobs for MBA’s without experience Career guidance for Entrance exams Career guidance for best universities. Career counselling to B.E, B. Tech (All streams) Career guidance after masters Career Guidance For GD and PI Career Guidance In Abroad Online Career Guidance MBA Career opportunities, coaching & jobs


10 What to do after XII is a mostly sought question by all students. Few take decision from their parents, Few from relatives, Few choose courses to pursue studies with their friends, Few take decisions by themselves, some with a help of a career expert etc. A career goal will also guide a student into doing what they want. It will help them discover career possibilities. A student’s career goal is based on their skills and interest, career possibilities and the job market. It is important to get into the career of their choice to ensure that they enjoy work. There are many colleges and the word college brings many thoughts to mind. The choice of which college to choose, which stream to proceed only increases after 12th and that mainly depends on the scored marks in class XII. a)Remain the same stream and choose higher studies b)Appearing in Entrance exam to choose a stream c)Change the stream for higher studies d)Choose a professional course e)Choose a vocational course.. In order to get rid of all the confusions, what you need to do is to analyse your interests, personality and aptitude. It is said that if you do career planning based on your aptitude, interest and personality type, the success rate as well as satisfaction rate will be very high. XII Is your turning point, you will have to decide clearly where you want to see yourself in future. It is very important to take an important career decision. Making a good career choice at the right time will bear fruitful results for you later. Follow your passion and you will never feel like you work in your life. AFTER XII

11 XII B Arch, M Arch ITI Army / Navy / Air force Diploma B ED Biotechnology Animation / Web designing/ IT Fashion Designing Event Management course/ mass media B.Phd (sports ) B. Pharm Engineering B.E / B Tech Vocational courses Professional Certification Courses B.Com / BBA/ Honors PhD M.E / M Tech/ M.S CA / ICWA/ CS/ACS B.Sc /BCA/BCS M.S/M.D M.Sc / P.hd/ M.phil/Mcs MBA/ MCA MBA Specialization M ED Foreign Language courses / design Medicine MBBS /BDS COURSES AFTER XII

12 GUIDANCE FOR PARENTS Guidance and counselling services and programs promote the personal/social, educational, and career development for students as well as knowledge to parents. Career Selection is becoming more and more complex in the modern world. With globalization and new technologies sprouting newer choices every day, there is more confusion than excitement. The importance of parental influence as a factor in career development is becoming increasingly apparent. Parents need to help their children identify their interests, explore careers and develop plans for future. Very few parents realize and accept this responsibility. Parents often do not get involved in counselling or guiding their children during early years; they mostly pitch in during the last stages or leave the decision with the students itself. Though Students achieve through their decisions, victory becomes easier through their parents support and guidance. In a survey it is mentioned that students who have guidance from their parents achieve their goal faster than students who try to achieve the goals themselves. A proper guidance is required for students to work positively on their goals. There are few questions which need to be put forth for a parent. Are you aware of the new careers that are sprouting up offering good prospects? Do you take the trouble to periodically update yourself? Are you aware that some of the traditional careers that were very poorly paid in the past, but now become lucrative and very rewarding financially? Have you taken the trouble to speak to people in different careers and find out how each field is doing and the changes that are taking place? Do you know the strengths and weakness of your child? Unfortunately, well-meaning parents, although motivated to facilitate their child’s career development, often lack the tools, direction, and informaation necessary to maximize the positive effects that they can have on their child’s career development. Therefore, the career counsellor plays an important role in developing an awareness of their influence on their children’s career development. Children tend to make initial career decisions during early childhood due to influences of their environment, community, socio economic status, family situation, and the significant adults in their lives. IT is the role of the parent to identify such cases and guide the children to achieve their goal through proper career development strategy.

13 Gone are the days when students with arts as a subject had very limited career options and those with very less score opted for arts stream.Now a days Arts /commerce stream has also emerged with exciting career opportunities Few degree courses for commerce & Arts graduates are (bachelor of commerce), B.BI (bachelors in banking and Insurance), B.AF (Bachelor in Accounting and Finance), B.FM (bachelor in financial markets), B.MS (Bachelor of management science), B.BA ( Bachelor of Business administration), BA (bachelor of Arts), LLB ( bachelor of legal law, B.MM (bachelors in mass media and communication),B.CA ( bachelor in Computer application), B.SC IT ( Information Technology), B.Sc computer science, B.Sc (Animation),B.FA (bachelor of fine arts), B.PA( bachelor of performing arts) B.HM (Bachelor of Hotel management), B.HT (Bachelor in hotel & tourism), B.PE(bachelor in physical education), B ED(bachelor of Education) BA Honors Foreign Language – integrated course for five years, BA, B.SC in Applied maths, Statistics etc. Commerce graduates can get into the post of Income Tax Officer in Income Tax Department of State/Central government. For that, they should qualify the Income Tax Officer’s examination held by Staff Selection Commission. They can also pursue professional certification courses like CPA, CFA, CA, ICWA, CS, etc. These courses will enable the candidates to enter into the profession of Certified Public Accountant, Certified Financial Analyst or Chartered Accountant. Some job profiles for Commerce graduates are Account assistant, balance sheet reconciliatory, account analyst, accounting coordinator, accounting clerk, financial consultant, Auditor, Those who possess BBA degree can look for managerial level jobs in reputed organizations like Delhi State Cancer Institute, Gujarat Livelihood Promotion Company Limited etc. After completion graduation, the students can either do post-graduation in their selected field or they can opt for professional courses. The Arts / commerce graduates have immense career opportunities with public sector and private undertaking. They can test their aptitude with various public sector tests like UPSC, combined defence services exam, Air force exams, Bank exams, etc. The Arts/ commerce graduates have option for short term courses such as Export-import and foreign trade, Export -import management, event management courses, fashion designing courses, Visual media etc. If a candidate wish to pursue their career with non-banking financial companies, or in stocks and securities, there are several courses in securities and capital markets (NCFM). In order to get rid of all the confusions, what you need to do is to analyse your interests, personality and aptitude. It is said that a proper career planning based on your aptitude, interest and personality type, will have a very high the success rate as well as satisfaction rate. CAREER GUIDANCE FOR COMMERCE & ARTS

14 CAREER GUIDANCE FOR SOFTWARE ENGINEERS The transmutation in computers and information technology has increased the requirement of designing and developing of new computer software systems and incorporating new technologies into newer applications. The number of individuals presently employed in this profession is almost double than any other computer profession. From design to development, testing to troubleshooting, computer software engineers use their ability with applications and systems software to create the elements that make computers work. Individuals in these computer careers may be employed by companies such as Microsoft or Adobe to develop retail software packages. Or they may work instead for a general business (or as a consultant to a general business) where they develop custom, proprietary software or adapt a retail package to meet specific business needs. Software Engineers are hired by Big IT giants such as Microsoft corporation, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, Oracle Corporation, Apple Computers, Google, Yahoo, IBM, Tata consultancy services, Hewlett Packard, Accenture, HCL technologies, Huawei technologies, Philips, GE, DELL, INTEL etc.. In a recent study, it is mentioned that even if there are ample opportunities across the globe for a software engineer, countries like Australia, Canada, Finland, U.S, UK, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, Austria, Brazil stand first in providing work value and life quality. Generally, the promotional ladder for a software engineer would be, Trainee software engineer, Junior Software Engineer, Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Lead software engineer, Development Manager, Project Manager. This promotional hierarchy differs between companies. Packages for a software engineer, depends on his area of expertise and years of experience. Average pay scale in India for a Trainee / Entry software engineer is somewhere near Rs 3.5 lac per annum. This varies with companies. A software engineer need to be focused all time in his career path. Sticking on to programming alone won’t be incremental he needs to keep himself updated with the latest systems and technique. He should be able to expand his horizons in IT networking, AD, Mail servers, security and much more. If you have a passion for.NET, C, C++, learning and gaining experience in that particular language would always be an added advantage. It is not possible to switch from JAVA to VB.NET coz its just another language.In Technology anything related to web and network applications is great. On Business side, anything related to healthcare, PAC systems, like Sieman’s technology works good. HL7 protocol is a big plus. Experience in all kinds of apps from PDP8 assembler right up to LINUX and UNIX device drivers is an added advantage. Coding is just a basic entry job for a software engineer, he will turn into flying colours with the passion he has towards his work, by learning new languages, enhancing his engineering skills etc. If you are looking for longer term success in your career, your best bet would be to dig in and become deep at the technology stack you selected and enjoy.

15 Working abroad is something refreshing, Modern and adventurous. Few reasons why people choose working abroad is, working with MNC’s creates a good career prospective, Encountering new cultures, other values, improving language skills Earn money, experience real freedom etc. Candidates like the adventure and love to travel; they are looking for something different and new and want to broaden their horizons. An MBA provides a tool-kit of skills, but it's not a passport to success. Working abroad is a popular & common choice with MBA graduates. Many recruiting companies are ready to pay for the cost of obtaining a work permit for young bright MBA’s. There are extensive MBA networks to which people can turn for advice and contacts to assist with a job search or relocation. To relocate to other country there are few entrance exams which need to be taken, they are GMAT, TOFEL, and IELTS. Below are the Top Countries which recruit MBA’S. Australia: In the Asia-Pacific market, Australia remains a key player and boasts the top average compensation for MBA jobs at US$133,100. While average salary levels are much lower than in Switzerland. The strengthening of the Australian dollar plays a part in this. The key factor is the competitive market, which seeks to hire the finest multinational MBAs from leading business schools across Asia, meaning that employers are prepared to pay out to secure the best graduates. Employers mainly look MBA for Marketing Management, Product management, Executive posts, Administration. Canada: The companies will have a leading edge advantages for people who are conversant with the technicalities of the subject and yet are fresh and can be groomed into real assets for their organization. Greatest demands for MBA’s are in the field of marketing, product Management, Sales management, Project management, Sales professionals, Technical Management, Executive Management etc. Normal Salary package for a MBA is around $80,000. Entry into Canada is a cake walk if you follow the 3D principles of dedication, discipline and determination. Europe: Business Administration and management is one of the most sought careers in Europe. At the same time it is one of the challenging jobs as well. European industrialists are sounding the alarm over a growing skills shortage on the continent that threatens their competitiveness and leaves companies scrambling to find enough MBA’s. Denmark reports consistently high MBA salaries and is the first in this list to present an increase in overall compensation, which averages at US$121,400. In recent years there has been an upsurge in the growth of MBA job opportunities in Latin America, with Brazil and Mexico leading the change. MBA employers in Germany are hiring internationally from Asia and the Indian subcontinent reflecting the German economy which thrives on the demand for German goods in Asia. CAREER GUIDANCE ON JOB ‘S ABROAD FOR MBA


17 CAREER GUIDANCE ON PERSONAL INTERVIEW A personal interview can refer to a few different things. It may refer to a job interview in which an individual meets one on one with a hiring manager or human resources personnel. The hallmark of a personal interview is that it is typically conducted one on one; at most, one other person asking interview questions or simply observing may be present, but generally it is more individualized. A job interview is one of the most drawn-out and intimidating ways of making first impression. Larger organisations will have interviewers who are often personnel professionals, or who are trained and experienced interviewers, so expect the interview to be very structured to obtain the maximum from a candidate. In the face-to-face interview it is possible to record more than the verbal responses of the interviewee. When two people face one another, the dialogue is conducted on several levels. It goes beyond verbal expression. The nature of words used, facial expressions and body language all communicate what the other party means. Interview discussions generally involve questions on personal goals, work experience, academics, hobbies and current affairs. During the interview, having clarity of thoughts is far more important than answering these questions. So striking a good balance among the various areas should be the objective of your interview preparation. There aren't any right or wrong answers, but do be sure your responses match what you know about the job and the company. The company is looking for the candidates who matches their needs and the closer a fit, the more competitive you'll be. Few steps to successfully crack a personal interview are a) one needs to be prepared well, b) make a good impression c) handling the interview pro-actively and effectively. C) Exhibit a positive attitude d) be honest and be yourself e) maintain a good eye contact Few don’t at a personal interview are a) never make excuses, take responsibility for what you speak, b) don’t treat interview casually c) don’t give negative comments about your previous employers d) don’t act as you are ready for any job or desperate for employment e) don’t go to extremes of your posture F) don’t allow your phone tom ring e) don’t smell a smoke or chew a gum.


19 Many companies are suing group decision as the first criteria in screening, first it is helpful for mass elimination, second in GD the selection criteria are based on actual company requirements. Group decision round involve small groups of 6-8 individuals who are encouraged to discuss a topic Interview panel normally looks for an effective combination of knowledge and skills in the candidates. Knowledge comprises some understanding of the topic assigned, and also a good level of awareness of the world around. Few fundamental reasons why group decisions are preferred by employers are a) It saves time b) helps analysing the communication ability of a candidate c) injects some stress into the interviewing process d) helps analysing key skills such as motivating and coordinating people to perform their joint. GROUP DISCUSSION

20 Candidates can train themselves to think analytically.Make it a habit to get to the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of issues – don’t take things at face value – think about them before you form an opinion. The myth is academic intelligence equals to analytical skills. Always prepare yourself to be a good listener and develop patience to listen attentively. Acknowledge that everyone has a valuable point to say and always articulate your point of view that is easy to comprehend by others. Good communication is about listening, speaking at the appropriate time, using easy-to-understand English and getting your point across in as simple a manner as possible. Making a good impression while speaking in meetings or interviews is the basic skill every professional should have. Few tips to crack a group decision successfully are 1. Keep eye contact while speaking 2. Initiate the GD 3. Allow others to speak 4. Speak clearly 5. Make sure to bring the discussion on track 6. Have a positive attitude 7. Speak Sensibly 8. Give value for others and listen to them carefully In a GD one should avoid taking negative roles such as non-participant, Attacker (one who suddenly disapproves the opinion of others), dominator (someone who takes control of the decision and not letting others speak), clown (one who does not take the discussion seriously and disrupts through humour). There are many ways in which you can make your performance impressive and effective in a Group Discussion and Personal Interview. Preparation is the main key to be successful at your selection procedure. HOW TO CRACK A GROUP DISCUSSION

21 http:// /  Career counselling is generally on issues such as career exploration, career change, personal career development and other career related issues.  Career counsellors work with adolescents seeking to explore career options, experienced professionals contemplating a career change, parents who want to return to the world of work after taking time to raise their child, or people seeking employment  Through their counselling and teaching abilities, career counsellors can additionally support people in gaining a better understanding of what really matters for them personally, how they can plan their careers autonomously, or help them in making tough decisions and getting through times of crisis  We at Aerosoft provide career solution to all your confusion in any point at your career. Career counselling is also offered in various settings, including in groups and individually, in person or by means of digital communication.


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