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Costa Rica 2010 Thanks for your interest and dedication to learning!

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1 Costa Rica 2010 Thanks for your interest and dedication to learning!

2 Your Teacher My name is Kara Bohne I teach Biology and Anatomy and Physiology at OPRFHS This year will be my 7 th year leading the course

3 Our Guide His name is Mark Wainwright Naturalist who lives in Costa Rica Hired by Monteverde Institute to help plan itinerary, guide hikes, and teach

4 Why you are here: You enjoy learning biology, ecology, environmental science You enjoy nature, wildlife, the forest You enjoy experiencing different cultures You want to practice your Espanol You want to learn in a different way You want to meet new people and form relationships

5 This is a course? Yes! THIS TRIP IS ALL ABOUT ACADEMICS, ACADEMICS, ACADEMICS-not a blow off course! A summer school course offered at OPRFHS – you earn 2 elective science credits. Classes begin late January to fulfill the 60 hour instructional requirement and to prepare you for your trip We go to CR in June

6 Can I go? Have you passed Biology? Are you academically responsible? Good student? Can you attend weekly meetings in the evening? Are you physically fit? Are you going for the right reasons? Are you more than willing to learn? Do you enjoy traveling? Yes…of course you can go.

7 What do we do while were in Costa Rica? We study tropical biology, conservation biology, wildlife biology, environmental science, ecology, geology, etc. We hear lectures – in a classroom and on hikes We hike a lot – easy and hard hikes We geek out on biology – birdwatch, examine species, ask questions…

8 What goes on in weekly meetings? You’ll work on small projects throughout You’ll work on & complete a big project I’ll lecture about many topics (ecology/Costa Rica related) to prepare you for our trip: –Conservation biology (rainforest, wildlife) –How scientists work in this field (cons. efforts) –Sustainable development (the future) –Tropical ecology (plants, relationships) –Culture (currency, gender roles)

9 How much is this? $2500.00-$2700.00 includes everything (airfare, hotels, activities, meals, guides) $350.00 to the high school for summer school registration A little spending money for gifts

10 Fundraising? Students can raise funds however they see fit… There are scholarships available, usually on a need basis Get a job, do chores at home, ask for some of the trip as gifts from family during the holidays or birthdays, have a garage sale We’ll talk about this at our first meeting

11 Next Step? Bring home letter for parents to sign so I know you’re serious Bring signed portion to me in my office the next morning so I can schedule your interview. Think about why you want to participate in this course before the interview Show up for your interview When chosen, commit to attend weekly meetings Get into it!!

12 How many people get to go? Only 18 If you can’t go to Costa Rica this year, there are other trips at OPRFHS –Smoky Mountains: Ms. Remack –Florida: Mrs. Bayer –Tanzania: Ms. Smith

13 Get Excited! Watch your textbooks come to life. The memories and friendships last a lifetime!!

14 See you at your interview!!

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