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Orientation to Library Services For New Nurses

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1 Orientation to Library Services For New Nurses
Preston Medical Library 1924 Alcoa Hwy, U-111 Knoxville, TN 37920

2 Purpose: This presentation is designed to supplement the Library Orientation, but not replace it. If you have questions, please contact us at: Phone:

3 Finding Us: If you walk in from staff parking, when you pass UT Graduate School of Medicine, we will be the next entrance before the hospital entrance, across the hall from Occupational Health. More details are available online.

4 Library Hours We are open:
Monday-Thursday, 8:30 am – 9:00 pm Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00pm Saturday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Sunday, 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm More details at:

5 Library Services Free, professional-level literature searches
Document Delivery service Electronic Books and Journals Electronic Databases Collections Consumer & Patient Information

6 Evidence Based Practice
Evidence Based Practice, or EBP, is defined as: nursing practice that bases clinical decisions on research, clinical expertise, patient choices, and critical evaluation of the literature. One of our goals at Preston Medical Library is to provide access to EBP information resources to help integrate it into nursing practice. As the hospital proceeds toward Magnet status, it becomes more important to integrate EBP into patient care.

7 Certification Manuals
The library now houses and circulates certification manuals for Nursing. These include: ACLS BLS CCRN (both Adult & Pediatric/Neonatal CVN Medical-Surgical Nursing Obstetrics

8 Finding Us Online: Nothing could be easier!
From Insite: From Staff Education tab, go to Preston Medical Library. From the Web: Search for Preston Medical Library in Google.

9 After Hours Access – Another Benefit…
Clinical staff may access the library after regular business hours through a swipe card system at the library main entrance. Just bring your badge by our front desk during regular hours, and we will add you to our database.

10 Off Campus Access Most of our resources can be accessed from the comfort of your own home. Go to our home page, look for the Preston Off Campus Access link (the third link up from the bottom on the Quick Links menu found on the right side of our home page).

11 Off Campus Access Link:

12 Registering & Logging On
After following the Preston Off Campus Access logon, you will be linked to a login screen. If you’ve never been there before, you will need to register.

13 Off Campus Logon: Register for off campus access:

14 Registering for Off Campus Access

15 Completing the registration
You’ll need to pick a username and password. Most nurses will need to select UHS as their affiliation.

16 More about off campus access..
After registration, we add you to our database – we’ll you when you have access. When you log in, you’ll see a screen similar to that on the right.

17 Our Electronic Resources
Catalog: We share a catalog With UTK.

18 The Catalog Use this drop down menus to limit your search to Preston Medical Library Use this drop down menu to limit your search to specific material types Note the number of nursing-related items Each entry shows the location of the item

19 Electronic Journals (E Journals)
You can also search the journals directly from our home page Follow the eJournals link to begin searching

20 Searching E Journals in Gold Rush
eJournals: 226 journals with nursing in the title

21 E Journal Search Results
Select a journal for links and coverage dates

22 A Journal Listing in Gold Rush
*See our Electronic Journals Tutorial on our Tutorials page Coverage dates Full text link

23 Electronic Books link – go to our eBooks list from any page
You can also search The e Books directly from our home page Electronic Books link – go to our eBooks list from any page

24 A few of our Nursing titles in eBooks

25 The Nursing Page is easy to find…
The Nursing Page is linked to directly from the front page:

26 More about our Nursing Page
At the top, we have a small table of links to help you quickly find what you are looking for, including: EBP Materials Certification links Tutorials Nursing specific books Databases Other materials

27 Patient Education Resources
The library also provides Patient Education materials. Preston Medical Library has offered a Patient Education service for over 20 years. Through referrals or telephone inquiries, people throughout the region and beyond have received answers about health questions. If a patient needs information, send them to us – we can put together a full research packet on their inquiry and send it in the mail. All we need is the diagnosis from the patient.

28 A Review of Patient Ed Resources
First, we’ll review the resources available from UTMC – The Patient Handout Utility Then, we will review some other resources you might not be aware of.

29 Patient Handouts available from Insite
From Insite, look for Patient Education tab From Insite, look for Programs Link You will see the ADAM Quick Sheets, Patient Handout Utility at the top of the list

30 Browse or Search for Patient Handouts
Click Edit Contact Info to add or update contact information that will appear on the handout.

31 Detailed Contact Information can be added to Patient Handouts

32 The ADAM database forms the core of the Patient Handout Utility

33 Patient Handouts: an example
Many are illustrated

34 Our CAPHIS (Consumer and Patient Health Information Service):
Our consumer health service web page: On our CAPHIS page, you will find: Search request form Consumer health resource links Data on major health issues affecting Tennesseans

35 Other Sources for Patient Handouts
MDConsult, a subscription database, contains a large Patient Education Library

36 Finding Patient Education Materials in MDConsult
Patient Education Link is on Menu bar Instead of one, MDConsult features handouts from four providers

37 More on MDConsult: MDConsult contains information from 4 databases, including: American Academy of Family Physicians McKesson’s Clinical Reference System ADAM, Inc. Over 10,000 handouts available. Studies show that patient education materials should be written at no higher than 6th -8th grade level, which is the standard for the materials in MDConsult. Spanish versions available for at least 30% of topics. Handouts are already branded with UTMC / Preston Medical Library contact information.

38 Patient Handouts in MDConsult
Note Spanish Versions

39 Diabetes Handout: Spanish version
Note contact info included

40 Other Sources: The U.S. National Library of Medicine has a great site for consumer health information: MedlinePlus. Preston Medical Library links to this on our front page, look for MedlinePlus in our Quick Links, on the right side of the page.

41 MedlinePlus is a great source for drug information for patients

42 MedlinePlus & Multiple Languages:
Patient health info is available in many languages

43 MedlinePlus includes information in multiple languages:

44 CINAHL CINAHL, the Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health literature, is the major database for nursing research. It can be used to find Evidence Based information to improve treatment. Librarians teach CINAHL in: Library Orientation “Road Show” classes for Unit Councils and others. Evidence Based Practice and other courses.

45 CINAHL Search Screen

46 CINAHL Results Screen

47 Then, follow that link to find full text
The CINAHL Record If you don’t find a direct link to a PDF in the article you want, look for the Preston Medical Library Links Then, follow that link to find full text

48 CINAHL & PubMed Tutorials
Online tutorials are available online for self-paced learners and others unable to attend a class. Look at our Tutorials page to find tutorials on: CINAHL PubMed Searching E Journals EBP

49 Databases & Other Tools
Follow the eDatabases link for a full listing of electronic databases, an online anatomy database, is just one tool available to you.

50 Other Links For your convenience, the library includes links to web , Citrix, etc.


52 Thank You! Please contact us if you need further help
Preston Medical Library 1924 Alcoa Hwy, U-111 Knoxville, TN 37920

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