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Table of Contents Record scores for returned papers.

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1 Table of Contents Record scores for returned papers

2 Review types of Inquiry Structured Guided Open

3 Steps to Scientific Method Step One: State problem Must be in the form of a QUESTION

4 Step 2 Collect information about topic

5 Step 3: Form Hypothesis If … then statement Must be testable

6 Before Class starts… Get out your binder (notebook) to add prefixes to Academic ToolKit form Get out scientific method notes from yesterday Turn in your Paper Towel Testing lab

7 Update Assignment sheet You should have back: Class Expectation paper Lab safety quiz Lab Safety and Equipment scavenger hunt

8 Step 4: Design experiment Tests hypothesis Must have control group-not tested on Independent variable- what is being tested Dependent variable- responding, what is happening, data is recorded

9 Step 5: Record & analyze data Record information from experiment

10 Step 6: Form Conclusion Analyze data & determine if hypothesis was supported or not If well supported over time- then referred to as “theory” When proven to be absolutely true then referred to as a “law”

11 Getting Started for Friday, 1-11 Explain how to blow a bubble

12 Today’s assignments Apple a Day activity- work in groups of 3 or 4 You’ll select a question and write out the entire experiment from start to finish. Make sure you check the rubric to see what you will be graded on before you start working on your poster

13 Learning Log Now that we have discussed the Scientific method steps, do you want to change the order of your slips?

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