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Technology for Elementary Education College of Education and Human Development Western Michigan University.

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1 Technology for Elementary Education College of Education and Human Development Western Michigan University

2  Give you opportunities to try out innovative educational strategies and technology tools  Support your development of Project-Based Learning strategies  Create a supportive, collaborative, educational atmosphere

3 Dr. Brian Horvitz Dr. Sharon Peterson Connie Halvorsen

4  Lecture vs. Lab  Attendance  Grading  Assignments  Using Desire2Learn  Collaboration  NETS Standards  Open Lab  Project Based Learning

5  Lecture ◦ A speaker series covering many topics that will help you as a student and as a teacher ◦ Expectations  Courteous to speaker  Attentive to speaker  Lab ◦ Hands on learning and practice focused on learning teaching strategies ◦ Group work based on Project-based Learning

6  In lecture, be sure to bring your iClicker. You will be using them not only to show you are present, but also to answer questions during lectures. You will lose points off your final grade for missing lectures.  In lab, be sure to attend. You will lose points off your final grade for missing labs.

7  Grading policies are spelled out in detail in the course syllabus  ASSIGNMENT REVISIONS: You have 2 weeks from the day your instructor has posted an assignment’s grade to hand in a revised assignment  You can track your course points and grades in Desire2Learn (elearning) (NOTE: Final grade is cumulative). Individual assignments grades will show under Grades. Lab and Lecture points are also cumulative.  If you have questions, please ask your instructor  If you put in the time, get assignments in on time, and get help when you need it, you will get a good grade.

8  Some of what you’ll be doing: ◦ Blogging ◦ Concept Maps ◦ Web Evaluations ◦ Google Maps ◦ Digital Stories ◦ Podcasting ◦ Website Development ◦ CollaborativeWhiteboard Mini Lesson ◦ Online Lesson Planning

9  Login at: Or go through GoWMU and click on elearning.  This is where you’ll hand in some of your assignments.  This where you can track your grades.  This is where you will register your iClicker. Be sure to register under the Lecture section of EDT3470 and use your log in user name for WMU. NOTE: Your grade in the Gradebook is cumulative - - as points are added, the Final grade goes up.

10  For your lab assignments, you will work in a team all semester. Some will be handed in as individual work and some as group work.  It is expected and assumed that you will work professionally with your teammate(s)  Conflict is a common element of teamwork – you are expected to work through conflict professionally (just as you will when you are working as a teacher in a school)  IMPORTANT: Don’t be shy to ask your instructor for help

11  This course was designed to help you meet the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS T )  This will look good on your resume  This will serve you well in your career

12  EDT3470 holds open lab some Friday afternoons from 1-4pm in 2310 Sangren instructional computer lab.  An EDT3470 Instructor will be available to help you with your assignments  Take advantage of this opportunity – students who do, get good grades in this course

13  Project-Based Learning ◦ Explained Explained ◦ Supports student learning through interdisciplinary projects ◦ Can involve design, problem-solving, investigations, research ◦ Less traditional teacher role: guide on the side, not sage on the stage ◦ Often takes advantage of digital technologies, which we will focus on

14  Your book focuses on this approach. Please let us know what think about the book  Edutopia Video Edutopia  Butterfly Migration Video Butterfly Migration  Your experiences w/PBL

15  You are building elements of a Project-Based unit that you could use in your teaching  Each of your lab assignments fit like pieces of a puzzle into the unit you are building  The team web site will pull together all of your assignments from the semester and include the project your group has been working towards all semester along.

16  Course questions should be directed to your lab instructor  Sharon Peterson has office hours on Tuesdays, 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. and Wednesdays, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.  Brian Horvitz has office hours on Wednesdays from 1:00-4:00 p.m.  Unresolved issues should be directed to Sharon Peterson or Brian Horvitz  Questions?

17 A. Interesting and relevant B. Just interesting C. Just relevant D. Uninteresting and irrelevant

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