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Physics 1100 –Spring 2012 Physics 1100 - Conceptual Physics Dr. James Wolfson.

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1 Physics 1100 –Spring 2012 Physics 1100 - Conceptual Physics Dr. James Wolfson

2 Physics 1100 –Spring 2012 Course Structure Class meets 3 times per week in M-122 –MWF, 2:00– 2:50 pm Lab –T, Th 1:00 pm – 3:50 pm, M-164B Course Structure Lectures based on Book: Conceptual Physics, by Paul Hewitt (11 th Ed) Labs/Demonstrations (lots of these!) –Labs from: Laboratory Investigations (Ed. 4). By David Fazzini 2 one hour exams 1 two hour final Quizzes! Beginning of New Chapters On-line homework Weekly Labs with post lab assignments. Instructor: Dr. James Wolfson Phone: 630-943-2413 Email: WWW:

3 Physics 1100 –Spring 2012 Homework Links from the course homepage: –Homework Questions: –Homework Exercises and Problems: Login (all lower case): – ID is first 6 letters of last name, all lower case (e.g. wolfso) – Password (initial): First Name, first letter capitalized (e.g. James) Due Dates/Times are shown on assignment sheets Be sure to hit submit on reading homework Instant feedback on post class homework, none on reading until graded Lab Homework: –Due at beginning of your next lab (class following if you miss lab) –LEGIBLE and IN YOUR OWN WORDS

4 Physics 1100 –Spring 2012 Resources Your Fellow Students! –Strongly Encouraged to work together on homework, and lab exercises (but not on exams, quizzes!) Instructor: Dr. James Wolfson M164H - office hours by appointment Phone: (630) 942-2413 e-mail: Web: Text – Conceptual Physics (tenth edition), by Paul Hewitt (11 th Ed.) Laboratory Investigations for Basic Physics (David R. Fazzini) (4 th Edition)

5 Physics 1100 –Spring 2012 Grading FormatWeightComments Daily Quizzes/ Classroom participation 15% grade Homework15% grade. Labs15% grade Drop Lowest 2 Exams15% each Final25% 90%-100%A 80%-89%B 70%-79%C 60%-69%D 0%-59%F

6 Physics 1100 –Spring 2012 How Much !? This course will largely focus on qualitative, conceptual content That does not mean the ideas are trivial or easy to understand! We will be using Simple graphs Occasional basic algebra Averages Get Help from peers, especially lab partners. BUT All math needed will be covered in class.

7 Physics 1100 –Spring 2012 iClicker System BRING YOUR iCLICKER TO CLASS EVERY DAY! Attendance will be taken at the beginning of class Answer the clicker questions Clicker (and attendance) can be used to add up to 5% in grade

8 Physics 1100 –Spring 2012 I’m taking this class 1) to meet a COD requirement 2) to meet a professional studies requirement 3) as preparation for the quantitative Physics courses 4) Physics sounds interesting 5) It’s the only course that fits my schedule Clicker Question

9 Physics 1100 –Spring 2012 Expectations Be here for every class & lab Participate! –If it doesn’t make sense, ask! Everyone learns that way. –Don’t be bashful about answering questions posed. Do the homework: –It’s the only way this stuff will really sink in –exams become easy Explore, think, ask, speculate, admire, enjoy! –Physics can be fun, enriching, beautiful

10 Physics 1100 –Spring 2012 What I Expect from You: You will have read the syllabus. You will be punctual to class. You do not make or receive telephone calls or text messages. You demonstrate respect for what I and your fellow students have to say. You will come to class prepared (pencils, calculator, iClicker, etc.) You will come to class ready to ask and answer questions of substance on the day’s topic(s). You will concentrate exclusively on this course during the class hours of this course. You will notify me prior to class if you have to leave early. You will take responsibility for your own learning.

11 Physics 1100 –Spring 2012 What You Can Expect from Me: I will be punctual to class. I will give each of you a fair share of my attention. I will work to make the class interesting and relevant. I will make myself available as a helpful resource outside of class. I will work to help you learn the material and perform at your best. I will grade the QUALITY of your work rather than the amount of time and effort you spent on it. I will be the sole arbiter of partial credit.

12 Physics 1100 –Spring 2012 Any Questions on Course Structure?

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