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The most natural place to start applying Whole Brain Thinking™ is to determine the individual thinking styles of the people in your organization. From.

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1 The most natural place to start applying Whole Brain Thinking™ is to determine the individual thinking styles of the people in your organization. From there, the possibilities are endless. Learn how to improve results at all four levels. Foundation Application Adoption Transformation NEXT

2 Time Measurable Success Foundation NEXT Individuals and teams complete the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), which assesses thinking preferences.

3 Time Measurable Success Application NEXT Specific group objectives are addressed (e.g., communication, team building) through workshops, consulting and tailored products with the goal of helping people learn to think with their whole brains, not just with the parts with which they feel most comfortable.

4 Time Measurable Success Adoption NEXT Divisions such as sales, customer service, research & development work with Herrmann to utilize Whole Brain Thinking™ to solve a specific problem or improve a process.

5 Time Measurable Success Transformation NEXT Herrmann provides assessment tools, training programs, performance research and counsel to company leaders to build a culture in which Whole Brain Thinking™ principles are embedded across an entire organization.

6 Time Measurable Success Foundation Application Adoption Transformation NEXT

7 Herrmann International understands that just like thinking preferences, no two organizations are alike. That’s why we offer a comprehensive blend of product and service solutions to help you get to the next step on your journey more efficiently and effectively. At the foundation of Herrmann International’s product and service solutions is Whole Brain Thinking™, the ability to think and act outside of your preferred thinking style. Whole Brain Thinking™ also allows individuals, teams and organizations to better understand and leverage their preferred thinking styles. When our clients get their heads around this concept, the possibilities are limitless and the results are powerful. The following slides will help you find the Right Solution for You. NEXT

8 Assessment Herrmann International offers assessments that help individuals, pairs, groups, teams, and organizations determine their thinking preferences. Because our assessments begin with self-analysis, over 95% of participants immediately recognize their results as accurate. Our assessments will heighten your knowledge and awareness of our Whole Brain Model, paving the way for a better understanding of how thinking preferences can influence everything you do. NEXT

9 Programs Herrmann International offers programs and workshops that are strategically designed to meet specific personal and business related needs. All of our programs are designed to help you learn more about the way your mind works, and the way you work with others. "By making participants aware of many different tools for solving problems, and by giving us a better understanding of human nature and why we act the way we do, the participants came away from Herrmann’s program with enhanced creative thinking and problem solving capabilities." Dana Baugh, Senior Buyer, General Electric Aircraft. NEXT

10 Facilitation Resources Herrmann International helps facilitators, trainers, and team leaders harness their thinking styles and achieve greater results with resources that enhance participant’s understanding of the Whole Brain Thinking™ model. From interactive activities to visual aids to comprehensive training kits, Herrmann International offers resources to help engage participants in the training and increase retention. NEXT

11 Job Aids Understanding how to leverage your thinking preferences is at the foundation of Herrmann International’s product and service solutions. Herrmann International offers job aids to reinforce the Whole Brain Thinking™ model in your work life long after training or workshops have ended. These resources maximize your investment by increasing utilization and application on the job. NEXT

12 Certification Improve your organization from the inside, or enhance your own practice Herrmann International offers HBDI™ Certification workshops to help facilitators, consultants, managers, and leaders maximize the results of the HBDI™ in their organization. Certification Level I allows you to administer the survey for individuals. We’ll show you how to unlock the secrets of the HBDI™ in your company and make the most of cognitive differences within teams.Certification workshops NEXT

13 Consulting Whole Brain Consulting and Custom Program Development makes cookie-cutter consulting obsolete. We know that a “one size fits all” approach to applying Whole Brain Thinking™ principles to every organization would be ineffective. Our consulting services will help you integrate the right product or service solution into your organization so that the solution is tailored to serve your specific purposes. Through this ongoing partnership, we can help you imbed Whole Brain Thinking™ throughout your team or organization to produce tangible, measurable results. Our product and service solutions are intuitive and adaptable, and we actually expect you to throw us a curve ball. After all, no two brains – or organizations – are alike. NEXT

14 Contact us when you’re ready to: Increase performance and bottom line results Build effective teams Manage mergers and acquisitions Initiate organizational culture change Understand and satisfy your clients’ needs Gain insights into target markets and analyze trends Negotiate better deals Tailor stronger strategies for greater competitive success Increase job satisfaction and decrease turnover Jump-start creativity Call Customer Service at (800) 432-4234, press 6 for more information. Esc to End

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