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Zeus Apollo Athena Dionysus Charles Handy Model.

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1 Zeus Apollo Athena Dionysus Charles Handy Model

2 Objectives Explain What is Organization Culture
Describe the Types of Organization Culture Explain What is the Charles Handy Model Explain What is ‘The Gods of Management’ Explain the Characteristics of Zeus or Club Culture List Advantages and Disadvantages of Zeus/Club Culture Explain the Characteristics of Apollo or Role Culture List Advantages and Disadvantages of Apollo/Role Culture Explain How to Improve an Apollo Culture Explain the Characteristics of Athena or Task Culture List Advantages and Disadvantages of Athena/Task Culture Explain Characteristics of Dionysus or Existential Culture List Advantages and Disadvantages of Dionysus Culture Describe the Uses of the Charles Handy Model Explain How to Understand the Organization’s Culture

3 Introduction Jennifer Smith has joined Oswald Software Inc. as a Senior Software Tester. She has about three years of experience working as a Software Tester in her previous organization, Leonard Inc.

4 Introduction The people at Oswald followed very orthodox methods for working. There were very strict protocols for completing every task. The decision making power was vested in only a select few and the others had to just follow orders.

5 Introduction Jennifer found that only the people at the top of the hierarchical order had the power to make decisions and only they were authorized to take decisions. These powerful people also enjoyed special privileges at the workplace. They were the most important people at the workplace and were also the major decision makers.

6 Introduction Jennifer was finding it increasingly difficult to adjust to Oswald’s culture. At Leonard, her previous organization, the culture was much more open and friendly. Leonard’s culture was such that every employee was delegated roles and responsibilities according to his specialization, educational qualification and interest to extract the best out of him.

7 Introduction Jennifer tried her best to adjust to Oswald’s culture but she just could not adjust in a culture where she had to just follow orders. She was used to a more open culture where she could freely express her ideas and opinions to her superiors.

8 Introduction Finally, Jennifer gave up after trying for a year.
She decided that Oswald’s culture was just not something she could ever get used to and decided to quit her job at Oswald. For her next interview, she made sure that she found out about the organization’s culture from its current employees, the HR and the company website.

9 Introduction The Charles Handy Model is one such model which helps you to understand the various kinds of organization cultures followed in organizations. Let us learn about ‘Charles Handy Model’ in detail.

10 Bet Your Company Culture
Types of Organization Culture There are various types of organization culture such as follows: Normative Culture Pragmatic Culture Academy Culture Baseball Team Culture Club Culture Fortress Culture Tough Guy Culture Bet Your Company Culture Process Culture Let us look at each in detail.

11 What is the Charles Handy Model?
According to Charles Handy’s model, there are four types of culture which the organizations follow: Power Culture Task Culture Person Culture Role Culture Let us look at each in detail.

12 Importance of Organization Culture
The following are some of the key points which show the importance of organization culture in an organization: The culture of the workplace also goes a long way in promoting healthy competition at the workplace. Employees try their level best to perform better than their fellow workers and earn recognition and appreciation of the superiors. It is the culture of the workplace which actually motivates the employees to perform. The organization culture decides the way employees interact at their workplace. A healthy culture encourages the employees to stay motivated and loyal towards the management.

13 What is ‘The Gods of Management’?
Charles Handy wrote his first book Understanding Organizations in 1976. This first book of Charles Handy was translated in five different languages and has been released in four different editions. It sold more than 600,000 copies and has become a classic for students of Management studies.

14 The Fours Gods of Management
Four Gods of Management, their associated culture and picture is as follows: Greek God: Zeus Culture: Club Culture Picture: Spider Web Greek God: Apollo Culture: Role Culture Picture: Greek Temple

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