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Metropolia Library Introduction to Library Services.

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1 Metropolia Library Introduction to Library Services

2 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Metropolia Library 9 library units (on the library database MetCat) Vantaa: Myyrmäki and Tikkurila Helsinki: Bulevardi, Agricolankatu, Onnentie, Tukholmankatu, Sofianlehdonkatu and Vanha viertotie Espoo: Leppävaara Myyrmäki Unit Library collections focus on: Business and administration (and social sience) Automation engineering Bio and food technology Chemical engineering Environmental engineering Materials technology and surface engineering Electronics engineering

3 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Myyrmäki Unit Library Opening hours Mon, Wed 9 – Tue, Thu 9 – 17 Fri 10 – 15 Exceptions to opening hours etc., see the Myyrmäki library unit page on Metropolia library web-pages - and on the library door Twitter (test use, only in Finnish)

4 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio What does it cost to use the library? Nothing - using the library is free of charge as long as you follow the library rules Exceptions: The fees for overdue material Replacing lost library card (3 €)

5 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Additional services Copying cards Rechargeable card, see price list in the library and on the web Printers Use is free of charge, bring your own papers 1 black & white laser 2 scanners

6 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Where can I find information on books? Metropolia library collections and web-pages MetCat, database of collections, Books and periodicals Libraries’ web pages and online-catalogues

7 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio What is MetCat? Metropolia Library database What can you do with it? Search for book and periodicals (some links to e- materials) Check you patron (=customer) information Renew your loans (max. 10 times, no counter) Make reservations to books that are out on loan

8 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio How/where can I get a library card At the library service desk ID card (with picture) required

9 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio How long can I keep the books? - Loan periods Books in general collection – 4 weeks Books in short loan collection – 2 weeks Books in reference collection – not loaned Theses – 2 weeks Periodicals – 1 week (latest issue not loaned) Returnings at the library desk or the return box (when library is closed)

10 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio What if the books are all out? Reservations On MetCat At the library desk Via (add library card number info!) Only books that are out If copies available, contact the library Item available notice by

11 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio What if I don’t return on time? Please do! Notices by courtesy notice, overdue notice Borrowing ban Regaining borrowing priviledges, cost 10 € For more details see the rules on the net Daily fines coming in March ,20 € / day / book Short loans 2 € / day / book Loans can be renewed if no reservations At the library, on the web (MetCat), by , by telephone

12 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Time to practice! Simple search

13 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio

14 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio AND: (A and B) marketing AND ethics Boolean search: AND AB

15 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Boolean search: OR OR: (A OR B) marketing OR promotion A B

16 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio NOT: (A NOT B) marketing NOT advertising Boolean search: NOT AB

17 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Boolean operators within the search field A between the search fields B A B

18 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Where can I find e-material Nelli portal List of databases: Databases A – Z Electronic articles and books Reference databases Remote access from home Electronic theses Theseus Doria

19 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Selection of search terms Look for search terms on Reference books Articles Databases Dictionaries Subject term lists, thesauri Look for broader and/or narrower terms, related terms, synonyms

20 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio  Database structure: fields  e.g. author search in author field, subject terms in subject field  Truncation  e.g. behavio*, wom%n  Phrases or sentences  e.g. ”corporate governance”, ”principles of marketing”  Limiters: publication date or type, language  Synonyms  Subject terms Tips for searching the databases

21 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio List of most useful databases Ebrary Ebsco BSE (Business Source Elite) ABI (ProQuest) PressDisplay Emerald Source OECD MOT Theseus Helecon MIX Linnea databases … and many others, see the list Databases A-Z

22 Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Let’s visit the library! Library card Locate books

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