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Metropolia Library Introduction to Library Services.

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1 Metropolia Library Introduction to Library Services

2 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Metropolia Library 9 library units (on the library database MetCat) Vantaa: Myyrmäki and Tikkurila Helsinki: Bulevardi, Agricolankatu, Onnentie, Tukholmankatu, Sofianlehdonkatu and Vanha viertotie Espoo: Leppävaara Myyrmäki Unit Library collections focus on: Business and administration (and social sience) Automation engineering Bio and food technology Chemical engineering Environmental engineering Materials technology and surface engineering Electronics engineering

3 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Myyrmäki Unit Library Opening hours Mon, Wed 9 – 18.30 Tue, Thu 9 – 17 Fri 10 – 15 Exceptions to opening hours etc., see the Myyrmäki library unit page on Metropolia library web-pages - and on the library door Twitter (test use, only in Finnish)

4 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio What does it cost to use the library? Nothing - using the library is free of charge as long as you follow the library rules Exceptions: The fees for overdue material Replacing lost library card (3 €)

5 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Additional services Copying cards Rechargeable card, see price list in the library and on the web Printers Use is free of charge, bring your own papers 1 black & white laser 2 scanners

6 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Where can I find information on books? Metropolia library collections and web-pages MetCat, database of collections, http://metcat.amkit.fi Books and periodicals Libraries’ web pages and online-catalogues

7 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio What is MetCat? Metropolia Library database What can you do with it? Search for book and periodicals (some links to e- materials) Check you patron (=customer) information Renew your loans (max. 10 times, no counter) Make reservations to books that are out on loan

8 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio How/where can I get a library card At the library service desk ID card (with picture) required

9 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio How long can I keep the books? - Loan periods Books in general collection – 4 weeks Books in short loan collection – 2 weeks Books in reference collection – not loaned Theses – 2 weeks Periodicals – 1 week (latest issue not loaned) Returnings at the library desk or the return box (when library is closed)

10 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio What if the books are all out? Reservations On MetCat At the library desk Via e-mail (add library card number info!) Only books that are out If copies available, contact the library Item available notice by e-mail

11 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio What if I don’t return on time? Please do! Notices by e-mail: courtesy notice, overdue notice Borrowing ban Regaining borrowing priviledges, cost 10 € For more details see the rules on the net Daily fines coming in March 2010 0,20 € / day / book Short loans 2 € / day / book Loans can be renewed if no reservations At the library, on the web (MetCat), by e-mail, by telephone

12 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Time to practice! Simple search

13 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio

14 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio AND: (A and B) marketing AND ethics Boolean search: AND AB

15 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Boolean search: OR OR: (A OR B) marketing OR promotion A B

16 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio NOT: (A NOT B) marketing NOT advertising Boolean search: NOT AB

17 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Boolean operators within the search field A between the search fields B A B

18 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Where can I find e-material Nelli portal http://www.nelliportaali.fi List of databases: Databases A – Z Electronic articles and books Reference databases Remote access from home Electronic theses Theseus Doria http://oa.doria.fi

19 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Selection of search terms Look for search terms on Reference books Articles Databases Dictionaries Subject term lists, thesauri Look for broader and/or narrower terms, related terms, synonyms

20 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio  Database structure: fields  e.g. author search in author field, subject terms in subject field  Truncation  e.g. behavio*, wom%n  Phrases or sentences  e.g. ”corporate governance”, ”principles of marketing”  Limiters: publication date or type, language  Synonyms  Subject terms Tips for searching the databases

21 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio List of most useful databases Ebrary Ebsco BSE (Business Source Elite) ABI (ProQuest) PressDisplay Emerald Source OECD MOT Theseus Helecon MIX Linnea databases … and many others, see the list Databases A-Z

22 18.1.2010Päivi Ylitalo-Kallio Let’s visit the library! Library card Locate books

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