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Parts of the plant and animal cell

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1 Parts of the plant and animal cell
Organelles – Who am I? Parts of the plant and animal cell

2 Organelles Cilia I look like hairs that trap anything trying to come into the cell? Who am i?

3 organelles I am a framework for the cell. I have many functions one of which is intracellular Cytoskeleton

4 organelles I am thick as syrup and I am in close contact with all my friends. Who am i? Cytoplasm

5 organelles I look like pasta and I am always paired with a partner. My partner and I will replicate only when a cell is ready to divide. Who am i? Centrioles

6 organelles I look like a balloon and act like the human stomach. Who am i? Vacuole

7 organelles I am found next to the boss in a company. My role is to package and export proteins. Who am i? Golgi apparatus Golgi bodies

8 organelles I am like a whip that is ready to move a cell around its environment. Who am i? Flagella

9 organelles I am like dark moles on a boss’s face. I store and synthesize special proteins necessary to keep the cell alive. Who am i? Ribosomes

10 organelles Plasma membrane
I am flexible and permeable to certain substances. I act as a guard between my internal being and my exterior. Who am i? Plasma membrane

11 organelles I am small and round. I look like little freckles on a cell. I am responsible for producing proteins. Who am i? Ribosomes

12 organelles Rough endoplasmic reticulum
I am a system of tubules studded with freckles. I store and deliver proteins from one part of the cell to the other or to the exterior. Who am i? Rough endoplasmic reticulum

13 organelles I am like a large pond filled with a vital source of life, and some times I am very small and can store many substances necessary for the cell. Who am i? Vacuole

14 organelles I am very strong, I direct everything that occurs around me. With me nothing would be functional. Who am i? Nucleus

15 organelles I look like a tiny kidney bean and I act like CP&L by providing energy to myself. Who am i? Mitochondria

16 organelles I am similar to a balloon but destroy harmful chemicals that come into my environment. Who am i? Lysosome

17 organelles I am like fine threads that thicken when a cell is about to divide. I have all the genetic material necessary for life. Who am I? Chromatin

18 organelles Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
I am a system of smooth tubules. I am a site of lipid metabolism and lipid and hormone production. Who am i? Smooth endoplasmic reticulum

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