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Accessing Assessment Results Copyright © 2012 Schoolnet, Inc. All rights reserved.

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1 Accessing Assessment Results Copyright © 2012 Schoolnet, Inc. All rights reserved.

2 Workshop Objectives Learning Objectives: Access reports available to you and your teachers by classroom: Classroom Assessment Monitor Standards Mastery Reports to track and group students for differentiated instruction Benchmark Item Analysis Report to analyze question level results in order to focus instruction both at school and classroom level Other assessment reports Access school level reports 2


4 Classroom Assessment Monitor 4 Web part on CIITS home page for teachers Displays results for three recent assessments Provides quick visual indicator of student performance

5 What is Classrooms? Classrooms is a module of Schoolnet that: Provides teachers with standards-based instructional tools, lessons and best practices Delivers class and student level data to the teacher’s desktop Provides teachers the information they need anytime and anywhere 24/7 Teachers automatically see their sections; principals can view by each teacher in their school 5

6 Classrooms Home Page: Analyze Sections The ‘Teacher Dashboard’ 6

7 Classroom & Benchmark Test Dashboards Shortcut to reports 7

8 Standards Mastery Benchmark Test Report On what standards did most students struggle? 8

9 Student Mastery Groupings For any standard, can see results by score group 9

10 Item Analysis Report Refer to the Item Analysis Annotated Report document 10

11 Student Profiles: View All Results for One Student 11


13 Key Performance Indicators 13 Default to your institution View by district, school, teacher, section, grade, student group, etc. Drill into KPIs to view related reports

14 Interim Assessment School Level Reports 14

15 Published Reports 15

16 Preformatted Reports 16 Easiest to use Select desired filters Choose between table or graph format

17 Wrap Up Session Summary Q&A Download materials (if not completed earlier) Workshop Evaluation 17

18 Wrap Up Application Activity –Explore the data available for your school or district. –Contact your district IC support team if you have not been given appropriate permissions to use this function within CIITS. Help desk: 1-855-435-7459 or 18

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