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Behaviour for Learning and Initial Teacher Training and Education. Martyn Oliver Principal.

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1 Behaviour for Learning and Initial Teacher Training and Education. Martyn Oliver Principal Outwood Grange Academy

2 What comes first? Outstanding Teaching & Learning or Outstanding Behaviour? Behaviour Forum

3 Over two-fifths (41%) of teachers rated the training in managing pupil behaviour they had received during initial teacher training (ITT) as ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’; 36 per cent felt it was ‘acceptable’, while around one fifth were positive in their response, stating that the training had been ‘good’ or ‘very good’. NFER Teacher Voice Omnibus February 2012 survey: pupil behaviour

4 Charlie Taylor, the Government’s expert adviser on behaviour, developed ‘Improving teacher training for behaviour’ to complement the new Teachers’ Standards that all teachers have to demonstrate from September The Behaviour Forum

5 Improving teacher training for behaviour Is a description of the knowledge, skills and understanding that trainees will need in order to be able to manage their pupils’ behaviour. Effective teacher training incorporates activities and teaching that leads to these outcomes and prepares trainees to manage behaviour confidently and with authority. It is important to note that good teaching is the most effective way to get good behaviour. Teachers who plan and teach dynamic, stimulating lessons based on sound assessment and excellent subject knowledge are likely to experience fewer difficulties with behaviour.

6 Improving teacher training for behaviour Personal Style Self-management Reflection School Systems Relationships Classroom Management More Challenging Behaviour Theoretical Knowledge

7 Behaviour management forum Outwood Grange Academy Teaching School in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University coordinates, annually, a behaviour management forum that places 146 trainees in over 10 partner schools. It involves over thirty colleagues and numerous teachers and is followed up in general professional studies in the university. The forum takes place between trainees’ first and second school placements. Trainees observe outstanding teaching, ask questions of student panels and learn how different schools develop and implement school policies. The Behaviour Forum

8 HUB SCHOOL - Outwood Grange Academy Teaching School PARTNERSHIP SCHOOLS – Outwood Academy Adwick, Doncaster Outwood Academy Portland, Worksop Outwood Academy Valley, Worksop Osset Academy, Wakefield Kettlethrope Academy, Wakefield Airedale Academy, Wakefield Armthorpe Academy, Doncaster Balby Carr Community Sports and Science College, Doncaster Hayfield School, Doncaster Behaviour Forum

9 The School-Based day Outwood Grange Academy, Wakefield: Teaching School; School Direct Lead School; and Leadership School with Sheffield Hallam University The Behaviour Forum in action

10 Before SchoolGate duty and Observation protocols Lesson OnePaired Observations (system focused) Lesson TwoReflection & Input Lesson ThreeObservation (T&L focused) Lesson FourReflection & Input Lesson Four/FiveObservation (Lesson transition focused) End of Lesson FiveGate Duty Post Lesson FiveNQT Experience Panel End of DayReflection & Evaluation Behaviour Forum School Based Day

11 Lessons learnt

12 1.Voice Projection 2.Movement around the room and positioning within the room 3.Use of Praise 4.Constructing a Collaborative Atmosphere 5.Effective and Inclusive Questioning Five Effective Teacher Behaviours

13 1.Getting the simple things right: Charlie Taylor’s behaviour checklist, DfE, Improving teacher training for behaviour, Teaching Agency, Effective Teaching – evidence and practice - 3 rd edition, D. Muijis & D. Reynolds, SAGE publications ltd., London, 2011 Key Reading

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