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SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM 2013 Presented by: Nia Septinawati.

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1 SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM 2013 Presented by: Nia Septinawati

2 Objective To provide scholarships through Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bali (STP Bali) to individuals who will be selected from the children and direct relatives of BHA member hotel’s employees.

3 About The Scholarship Funding will be provided by two means:
100% funded by Annika Linden Foundation & Yayasan Casa Grande on behalf of the late Ketut Tantri; coordinated by BHA’s Education & Training Committee 50% funded by the above foundations and 50% offered to be funded by hotel sponsor should there be potential candidates who did not make the initial selection & means test process; also will be coordinated by BHA’s Education a& Training Committee Scholarships for school year beginning Mid July 2012 will only apply to 1st year students, at maximum 16 best students who pass selection and means test (8 with full scholarship and 8 with 50% scholarship). The Scholarship will include: All School Fees Books Uniforms Direct Incidental Costs

4 Selection Process Promotion to all employees of BHA members
March 2013 – 25 May 2013 (1) Registration Process at STP Nusa Dua Bali (25 April – 25 June 2013) (2) Employee submits Application Form for Respective GMs and HR Dept review (Latest by 21 May 2013) (3) Selected Application Forms submitted to BHA Secretariat (Latest by 25 May 2013) (4) Application Forms reviewed, employee and students interviewed by Human Resources Association Team (27 – 31 May 2013) (5) Successful Applicants reviewed, interviewed and final approval by BHA Board (12 June 2013) (6) Selection Process by STP Nusa Dua Bali Written and Interview Test (7) (25 – 27 June 2013) Test Passing Announcement by STP Nusa Dua Bali (09 July 2013) (8) Successful Scholars for Administration process at STP Nusa Dua - Assisted by BHA (09 – 12 July 2013) (9)

5 Selection Criteria Parents to submit Application Form with the following documents: Surat Keterangan Tidak Mampu from Banjar (Letter from Banjar explains family’s inability to provide higher education level) Kartu Keluarga that shows direct family relationship between candidate and BHA hotel member employees Kartu Tanda Penduduk 6 months Salary Slip Monthly Family Expenses - Means Test to justify parent’s average earnings that could not cover education required for their child.

6 Selection Criteria Children will fill in form and submit the followings: High School report card year 1 - 3 Health Certificate from hotel’s appointed doctor Photo, colored, postcard size, standing position Curriculum vitae Certificates if any Children will handwrite application form last page that indicates her interest and future objectives Hotel Sponsor will complete all required documents with the Memorandum of Understanding approved and submit to BHA secretariat

7 Interview Process Interview process will cover the following aspects:
Academic History / Achievements Grooming Communication Skills Life Objective Attitude (discipline, responsibility, passion, social skills, honesty, leadership, teamwork, attention to detail)

8 Conditions for Ongoing Funding
The Scholarship will cover all subsequent years related to the course, and will be based upon and subject to: Reports by Mentors –every 6 months Reports by STP – every 6 months BHA review and approval on annual basis

9 Mentoring Program Each successful student will be assigned to a Mentor from one of BHA’s General Managers Mentors will provide additional non financial support to students Mentors and students are expected to meet at least 4 times per school year to assess performance progress

10 Mentoring Program Each student will have an address to provide smoother communication with Mentors Students may call upon their Mentor for support & advice

11 Successful Scholarship Recipients
Ni Ketut Januari – Finance Department Conrad Bali Resort & Spa Agus Setiawan – Housekeeping Department Conrad Bali Resort & Spa

12 2009 Graduation Day - I Gede Budiman, Hotel Management (Alila Manggis) - Ni Wayan Putri Astini, Hotel Accounting Management ( Le Meridien Nirwana) - Putu Cintya Purnama Sari, Rooms Division Management (Novotel Coralia Benoa) - Ni Putu Cici Arsini, Travel Agent Management (Le Meridien Nirwana)

13 2010 Graduation Day - I Kadek Sunu Mulyawan, Hotel Administration (Bali Hyatt) - A.A Ketut Ajeng Ambarawati, Hotel Administration (Conrad Bali Resort & Spa) - Ni Wayan Budi Purnama Dewi, FB Service Management (The Patra Bali) - Luh Ari Padmayani, Hotel Accounting Management (Four Seasons Resort) - Ni Luh Putu Ika Kutari, Hotel Accounting Management (Amanusa Resort) - Dewa Made Tirta Yadnya, Hotel Accounting Management (Alila Manggis) - I Gusti Agung Puspita Pringga, Hotel Management (Grand Hyatt Bali) - I.B Dwi Budiartha, Hotel Management (Melia Bali) - Ni Kadek Alviyanti, Spa Management (Ayana Resort)

14 2011 Graduation Day - Putu Wahyuningsih, Tourism Management (Bali Hyatt) - I.B Jelantik Subawa, Hotel Administration (The Legian) - Gst. Ayu Manik Sri Mahadewi, Hotel Accounting Management (Amankila) - Ni Putu Meriawati, Hotel Accounting Management, ( Conrad Bali Resort & Spa) - Eva Dwi Cahyani, Food and Beverage Product Management ( The Oberoi) - Pande Gde Septiadi, Food and Beverage Service Management ( Amanusa Resort) - I Wayan Budi Indrajaya, Food and Beverage Product Management ( The Ayana) - Ni Putu Helda Silpia Apriyani, Hotel Administration - I G A Puspita Pringga Dewi, Hotel Management (Grand Hyatt Bali)

15 2012 Graduation Day - I Dewa Ayu Sri Ekayuni, Hotel Administration (Bali Hyatt) - Pande Ketut Nuraeni , Hotel Administration (The Ayana Resort & Spa Bali) - AA. Gede Satrya Wibawa , Hotel Administration (Grand Hyatt Bali) - I Wayan Kutayasa, Hotel Administration (Grand Hyatt Bali) - I Gede Putu Sastrawan, Food and Beverage Product Management ( Hard Rock Hotel Bali)

16 2002 Recipients 1 Ni Made Januari Ningsih Hotel Management - MPH
Diploma 3-Reguler Conrad Bali 2 I Komang Agus Setiawan Hotel Administration - ADH

17 2005 Recipients 1 I Gede Budiman Hotel Management - MPH
Diploma 3-Extension Alila Manggis 2 Ida Ayu Nindi Widya Shanti Hotel Administration - ADH Diploma 4-Reguler Grand Hyatt Bali 3 Sunu Mulyawan I Kadek Bali Hyatt 4 A.A. Ketut Ajeng Ambarawati Conrad Bali Resort & Spa 5 Ni Wayan Putri Astini Hotel Accounting Management - MAP Diploma 3-Reguler Le Meridien / Pan Pacific Nirwana 6 Putu Cintya Purnama Sari Rooms Division Management - MDK Novotel Coralia Benoa 7 Ni Putu Cici Arsini Travel Agent Management - MUP

18 2006 Recipients 1 IA Putu Ita Fernita Sari 2006,17586
Hotel Administration - ADH Diploma 4-Reguler 2 Ida Nyoman Jelantik Subawa 2006,17633 3 Ni Putu Helda Silpia Apriyani 2006,17634 4 Ni Putu Wahyuningsih 2006,17669 Tourism Management - MKP 5 Ni Wayan Budi Purnama Dewi 2006,17797 FB Service Management - MTH Diploma 3-Reguler 6 Luh Ari Padmayani 2006,17827 Hotel Accounting Management - MAP 7 Ni Luh Putu Ika Kutari 2006,17831 8 Dewa Made Tirta Yadnya 2006,17835 9 I Gusti Agung Puspita Pringga 2006.E.2425 Hotel Management - MPH Diploma 3-Extension 10 IB Dwi Budiartha 2006.G.2442

19 2007 Recipients 1 Ni Nengah Wismantari FB Product Management
Diploma 3-Reguler The Legian 2 I Dewa Ayu Sri Ekayuni Hotel Administration - ADH Diploma 4-Reguler Bali Hyatt 3 Gusti Ayu Manik Sri Mahadewi Hotel Accounting Management - MAP Amankila 4 Eva Dwi Cahyani The Oberoi 5 Pande Gede Septiadi FB Service Management - MTH Amanusa Resort 6 Pande Ketut Nuraeni (Hani) The Ayana 7 Ni Luh Emi Wiryanti Rooms Division Management - MDK Grand Hyatt Bali 8 AA. Gede Satrya Wibawa 9 I Wayan Budi Indrajaya (Albet) 10 Ni Wayan Heni Haryati FB Service Management - TH Diploma 3-Extension Le Meridien Nirwana 11 Ni Kadek Alviyanti Spa Management - Extension Diploma 2-Extension 12 Ni Putu Meriawati Conrad Bali Resort & Spa 13 I Wayan Kutayasa

20 2008 Recipients 1 Pipit Widayanti Administrasi Perhotelan (ADH)
Diploma 4-Reguler Club Med 2 Dewa Ayu Putu Erdisoviantini Manajemen Perjalanan Bisnis (MBP) Bali Hyatt 3 Ni Wayan Restika Paramita Amandari 4 Ni Putu Sri Antari Pratiwi 5 Lukman Prastowo Manajemen Akuntansi Perhotelan (MAH) Novotel Benoa 6 Ni Luh Putu Wulan Purnamasari Tata Hidangan (TH) Diploma 2-Extension 7 I Putu Subiantara Saputra Bisnis Hospitaliti (BHP) S1-Reguler The Legian 8 I Gede Putu Sastrawan Manajemen Tata Boga (MTB) Diploma 3-Reguler Hard Rock

21 2009 Recipients 1 Putu Ayu Dynastini Administrasi Perhotelan (ADH)
Diploma 4-Reguler Amanusa 2 Putu Poppy Mastari  Four Seasons Resort Bali 3 I Gede Yudhi Arsana  Manajemen Konvensi dan Perhelatan (MKH) Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali 4 Ni Putu Nita Kristini  Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali 5 Ni Made Susila Purwani Sari  Grand Hyatt Bali 6 I Kadek Alga Aditya  FB Service Management - MTH Diploma 3-Ekstensi 7 I Gusti Ngurah Agus Kartika P The Laguna 8 Ni Made Nanik Oktaviyanti The Ayana

22 2010 Recipients 1 Putu Adi Gunawan Hotel Administration - ADH
Diploma 4-Reguler The Westin 2 Putu Ayu Prita Devi Bisnis Hospitaliti (BHP) S1-Reguler InterContinental 3 Made Rai Puspita Dewi Manajemen Akuntansi Hospitality (MAH) The Oberoi 4 Kadek Diah Pitaloka Grand Hyatt 5 Wayan Puput Putri Ayuningsih Sanur Beach Hotel 6 I Gusti Ayu Yuliastuti Bali Hyatt 7 Ni Wayan Septriawati Amankila 8 Adelyne Dewanti Putri 9 Ni Luh Putu Kristiantari The Laguna 10 Ni Putu Novi Widya Lestari Manajemen Tata Boga (MTB) Diploma 3-Reguler The Legian Bali 11 Dewa Gede Agung Ananta Wijaya Hotel Management - MPH Diploma 3-Extension 12 I Gede Khana Erik Marcheno FB Service Management - MTH Diploma 3-Extencion 13 Kadek Novi Swastawa Amanusa 14 Gede Bagus Yoga Rasmadi Amandari 15 Putu Ayu Trisnadewi Destinasi Pariwisata - DPW Bali Dynasty Resort 16 Ni Wayan Wita Handayani

23 2011 Recipients 1 Anastasia Fransisca Phanasta
Hotel Administration - ADH Diploma 4-Reguler Alila Soori 2 I Gede Dasarasa The Westin Resort 3 I Wayan Wintara Kesuma Sanur Beach Hotel 4 I Gede Bendesa Adnyana Grand Hyatt 5 I Made Yoga Palguna The Laguna Resort & Spa Nusa Dua 6 A.A Kompiang Dewi Purwanti Tourism Management - MKP Hotel Padma Bali Resort 7 I Gst. Ngr Bagus Surya Aditya J. Ayodya Resort Bali 8 Ni Made Juliani Hotel Management - MPH Diploma 3 - Extension The Ayana Resort & Spa Bali 9 Ni Luh Devi Rosiana Putri Manajemen Akuntansi Hospitality - MAH Alila Manggis 10 Wayan Riza Irnanda 11 Ayu Tifani Narita Putri 12 Luh Putu Puspitasari 13 Ni Putu Yeni Damayanti Amankila 14 Ni Luh Putu Devi Yuliasari Diploma 3-Extension Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort 15 I Putu Sentana Sukma Putra Manajemen Tata Boga - MTB Diploma 3-Reguler Bali Hyatt

24 2012 Recipients 1 I Kadek Wahyu Candra Gunawan
Hotel Administration - ADH Diploma 3 - Reguler Ayodya 2 Kadek Ayu Sumariani Nikko Bali Resort & Spa 3 I Made Rai Wiguna Diploma 4 - Reguler Pan Pasific Nirwana 4 Ni Luh Cleary Wahyu Putri The Laguna Resort & Spa Nusa Dua 5 I Wayan Ari Wijaya Putra Diploma 3 - Extension Alila Villa Uluwatu 6 Ni Kadek Desy Lestari Tourism Management - MKP Padma Resort Bali 7 Putu Wisnu Adi Saputra 8 Putu Ika Kusuma Wardhani Hotel Management - MPH Hard Rock Hotel Bali 9 Ni Luh Lina Suryani Manajemen Akuntansi Hospitality - MAH 10 I Wayan Endra Pradipta Alila Villa Soori Tabanan 11 Gusti Ayu Ketut Rai Puspayeni Diploma 4-Reguler 12 Ni Wayan Elly Septiari S1-Reguler The Oberoi


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