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Draft proposal for socializing Prison Fellowship Norge.

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1 Draft proposal for socializing Prison Fellowship Norge

2 While released or after the rehabilitation program the main question is not W HAT ? it is

3 TThe Garage program is practical and spiritual development program for socialization of released prisoners and after rehabilitation program. It could be used on other cases (orphan, severe trauma…) TThe program is tightly connected to other socialization programs from the government and other NGO’s TThe program is supposed to be the last step before entering independent life in society and being fully responsible as a community member TThe program unites theoretical, spiritual and practical experience of PFN through many years leading prisoners back to society and helping them to establish better life for themselves and for their families

4 The program is supporting multisided personal development that is focused on socializing and ability to function fully without future and further help in socializing after imprisonment or | and rehabilitation. It prepares an offender for the better life with a partner, family and society. Through the program we:  Teach the meaning of responsibility  Encourage motivation to take the effort  Teach skills and habits  Keep social support and influence of Christian lifestyle  Create new associates and friends for the released  Help to create new talents and teach to learn more

5 The program should be distinctly for aftercare, not rehabilitation or something else. This means that: TThe program preparation for all participants starts not less than 3-4 month before release TThe person in program is aware and prepared TThe staff in program is trained and has contact to the arriving person and all partners TThe program is measurable, evaluable, so are the participants on both sides (the program and its effect gets evaluated each time as well) TThe program is accepted by …… (nav? Social service?) TThe program is flexible, yet has certain criteria for being passed or not being passed, to be repeated, for forwarding etc.


7  Each member of the program has a fixed supervisor or sponsor ♠ to whom the others report and who collects information, fills the program chart and keeps contact with the church and authorities  Prayer group or spiritual fellowship   Youth programs - movies & books, discussion groups  Hobby – biking, hiking, music, constructing…  Church   Schooling   Professional contact - tutor, master, teacher   Family counseling   Others… (agreed with the sponsor and support group)

8 10 minutes from the center by footFully equipped kitchenAll for dinners and meetings in groupsDeveloping hobbies, equipped for leisure time Help with studies, training and spiritual growth Personal steamer, shower, washing machine etc

9  Has been so far done mostly by personal initiative  Focus on spiritual support  Donation of resources from Prison Fellowship members ♠ unscheduled, not endless ♠ Needs more coordination and structure What else do we need?  More contacts for hobbies  Professional help on behavioral or medical problems  Skills from community members  Part time job or volunteering offers  Job offers  Plan B – in case of the person falling out of the program Let us think again. Let us think together.

10 Contact us  wwww wwww wwww.... pppp ffff nnnn.... nnnn oooo or 47 45 49 00

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