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Adoption Guide Overview An outline for creating a brighter future.

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1 Adoption Guide Overview An outline for creating a brighter future.

2 First Step: Contact Contact Us: In addition to learning more about your desire to provide an orphan with a brighter future, you can learn more on how to begin taking steps towards Ukrainian adoption. You can send us an email at: You can send us an email

3 Next Step: Connect We Connect: you with our adoption agency partner, A Family for Every Orphan. This organization has helped place many Ukrainian orphans from Otchiy Dim (Father’s House) into healthy, loving homes over the years. For more information on the agency visit:

4 Then: Apply Your application to adopt will be administered by A Family for Every Orphan where upon submission a series of meetings will be arranged for the home study part of this process. You will also be assigned a social worker, which will help facilitate this process. 2-3 Months : May vary depending on family situations and circumstances.

5 After: Begin to Collect Collection of Documents: Along with our partner we will provide you with an outline listing all of the documents that are necessary for the adoption process. Some require notarization. This will take approximately 3-6 months. Also, a translation agency is necessary for your documents to be translated and for the legalization of your dossier to the Ukrainian legislature.

6 Next: Verification Your documentation will then have to be authenticated by the Adoption of Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. Upon approval your invitation to Ukraine will be extended to you and your spouse. Arrangements for your visit may commence. In addition, you will seek a referral and arrangement for acquaintance with your child.

7 Your Visit: To Ukraine Consists of: An extensive interview Acquaintance with child Preparation and submission of documents to the courts Judicial hearing of adoption case. Note: You will need a certified interpreter for this event.

8 Your Visit: To Ukraine (Continued) Upon Approval: You will apply for child’s birth certificate. -Approximately 3 weeks Apply for their international passport and visa. -Approximately 10 days -Approximately 10 days Arrange child’s medical examination for approval. -Approximately 2 days

9 Additional Notes Your visit to Ukraine may take several visits depending on your availability to be away from your home and place of employment. The time frames of the following events determine how extensive your trip may be. This includes the initial interview, hearing, process of approval, etc. Your decision to make single or multiple visits is up to your discretion and will not effect adoption approval. In the event of a single trip: Approximately 2-6 months. During this time you can volunteer, get to know the history of Ukraine, or best of all begin to build a relationship with your family’s newest member.

10 Additional Notes (Continued) After the adoption is finalized there is a post placement period. Duration of this period depends on place of residence and individual needs. This period requires A Family for Every Orphan to evaluate and assist in the adjustment of your new family. Ambassadors of Father’s House will provide an outline on ways to help nurture and build positive memories throughout the transition.

11 Who We Are Ambassadors of Father’s House is an Otchiy Dim initiative. We are an organization that supports our local community and countries abroad through mentorship and social action projects. We also provide support for orphans and their families throughout the pre- and post-adoption process in order to ensure that their opportunity to experience a brighter future is fulfilled. Mission: To globally unite, motivate, and initiate social action projects that develop leadership skills within orphaned youth. Site:

12 Otchiy Dim ( Father’s House) Is our parent organization that was founded in 1996 in response to an increasing problem of homeless street children. “Father’s House provides care and services to help rehabilitate these youth from their once dangerous living conditions. When reunion with their biological families is no longer possible their aim focuses on preparing them for adoption, or integration into society as they go on to independent living” (About Us). Mission: To help children in difficult life situations, thereby changing the generation, building their future, and creating their history. Site:

13 A Family For Every Orphan “We are a team that believes that the best way to care for orphans is by placing them in permanent, loving families. Many orphanages provide for the physical needs of children, yet they are unequipped emotionally, spiritually, socially and mentally to survive and thrive in life outside the orphanage. For this reason, we have focused our efforts on supporting programs in developing nations that are making the possibility of adoption a reality within those nations” (About). Mission: To help orphans find loving Christian families in their home countries. Site:

14 References About - A Family for Every Orphan. Retrieved May 1, 2014, from http:// About Us - Otchiy Dim. Retrieved May 1, 2014, from

15 We are excited and looking forward to hearing from you! Visit and share: For further inquiry please contact us at:

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