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Welcome to Cherryville A Web Quest to learn about some of the Important jobs in our community Designed by Mike Raven IntroductionIntroduction,

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1 Welcome to Cherryville A Web Quest to learn about some of the Important jobs in our community Designed by Mike Raven IntroductionIntroduction, Task, Process, Evaluation, Conclusion, Credits, ResourcesTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionCreditsResources

2 Introduction The citizens of Cherryville have decided to form a new town. This town has some important jobs to fill to ensure that Cherryville runs smoothly and is a safe place to be. Each job may only be filled by one person. You and your group will learn about the jobs available and then each of you will apply for one of the jobs. HomeHome, Task, Process, Evaluation, Conclusion, CreditsTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits

3 Tasks Your group should look at all of the jobs to begin. Then each student will choose one job to learn about and will then apply for that job. When you are “working” at your new job, you will need to submit an article about your duties and responsibilities to the local newspaper, The Cherryville Daily Mayor Sheriff City Council Fire Fighter Newspaper Editor City Works Manager HomeHome, Introduction, Process, Evaluation, Conclusion, CreditsIntroductionProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits Job Application Rubric.doc

4 Mayor 26_96/documents/About_the_Mayor____Info_on_Mayors_Around_the _Country_100396.html Return to Task Page

5 Sheriff Return to Task Page

6 City council government Return to Task Page

7 Fire Fighter bin/gwincty/egov/ep/ 536881926&pageTypeId=536880236 Return to Task Page

8 City Works Manager 520Mgr%2520- %2520TranspOps%2520Streets.pdf+city+works+manager&hl=en&gl=us&ct =clnk&cd=2 Return to Task Page

9 Newspaper Editor http://www.connexions- cfm?id=1429 advice/int_newseditor.htm Return to Task Page

10 Process Below you will find the application for your chosen job. Print the form and complete all areas. Before submitting your application, make sure you have edited your work and attached your letters of recommendation. IntroductionIntroduction, Task, Home, Evaluation, Conclusion, CreditsTaskHomeEvaluationConclusionCredits WebQuest Application

11 Congratulations on your new job Evaluation Now as an important person in Cherryville, the citizens will want to know what your job really is, and what you are doing for the community. Your first order of business will be to submit an article for the local newspaper, The Cherryville Daily. IntroductionIntroduction, Task, Process, Home, Conclusion, CreditsTaskProcessHomeConclusionCredits WebQuest Article Rubric.doc The Cherryville Daily is the source for local news for the citizens of Cherryville. Our newspaper maintains a high level of quality, because we require that all articles submitted are carefully edited by the author. Your article should be a five paragraph essay, and should include at least one picture. When everyone’s article is written and has been edited by a peer, you will come together as a group to “publish” it on a poster to hang on the wall either in the classroom or on the hall. Finally, your group will present your Finished Web Quest to the class.

12 Conclusion How does it feel to be a VIP in Cherryville? You should have learned a lot about being a Mayor, Sheriff, City Council Person, a Fire Fighter, a City Works Manager, and a Newspaper Editor. You should have a good feel for how to search the Web to learn what you need to know. Also, you made a job choice based on what you learned, and on your own experiences as well. You have shown what you learned with your newspaper article published in The Cherryville Daily and with Your classroom Web Quest presentation. If you would like to learn more about these jobs, or maybe some other ones you find interesting, here are a few sites to help you get started. IntroductionIntroduction, Task, Process, Evaluation, Home, CreditsTaskProcessEvaluationHomeCredits

13 The original Power Point for this Web Quest was created by Ellen Snyder, Julie Boyland, and Mike Raven, all of whom were students of Education at Kennesaw State University. This project was an assignment for EDUC 3302: Curriculum and Assessment, During Summer Semester 2006. We received assistance from our instructor Cherry O. Steffen. This Web Quest is not being maintained at this time. IntroductionIntroduction, Task, Process, Evaluation, Conclusion, HomeTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionHome

14 Resources To complete this Web Quest, you will need: Internet access Access to Microsoft Word Access to Microsoft PowerPoint 6 large poster boards (regular not foam or tri-board) Glue, markers and lots of imagination HomeHome, Introduction, Process, Conclusion, Tasks,Credits, EvaluationIntroductionProcessConclusionTasksCreditsEvaluation

15 Students will be evaluated individually and as a group. The individual work will carry more weight since the majority of the project focuses on individual research and writing the essay for the newspaper article. Use a rubric to evaluate this project and keep the following questions in mind as well: How long did this project take? How balanced was this project for your students? Did everyone complete an application and secure two letters of recommendation? Did everyone complete their essay, including editing and publishing? Did the groups work cooperatively, both with the computer at the beginning, and with the construction of the poster at the end? Remember that although the results of student research may seem to you quite simplistic, you should evaluate their research skills and organizational skills, and know that in depth content will come with additional practice. HomeHome, Introduction, Process, Tasks, Resources, CreditsIntroductionProcessTasksResourcesCredits EXIT


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