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The Life of an Insect A WebQuest for 2 nd Graders By Jodi Sharpe and Chris Payton.

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2 The Life of an Insect A WebQuest for 2 nd Graders By Jodi Sharpe and Chris Payton

3 The Life of an Insect Introduction Task Process Evaluation Conclusion Teacher Page Credits and References Student Section

4 Introduction Do you like bugs? Have you ever thought about how your life would change if you were a bug? What would you look like? Where would you live? What would your job be? What would you need to survive? What would your life be like? Student Section

5 Click on the pictures of the insects to see them in motion.

6 Task You will be divided into groups of 5. You will need to decide on an insect to study. Choose 1 of the following: Student Section grasshopper ant bee ladybug butterfly

7 Student Section Each person in your group will need to pick a job from the following list: 1.Housing Expert- will explore the housing needs and habitat of your insect. 2.Survival Expert- will explore the everyday needs of your insect. 3.Life Coach- will explore the life cycle that your insect goes through. 4.Style Expert- will describe in detail your insects appearance. 5.Employment Agency- will describe the jobs that your insect does and how it plays a part in the community.

8 Process: Student Section Task 1 Each student will read Insects- Foss Science Stories Task 2Each student will research their chosen insect. Print out the worksheet for your job and complete it as you research. (Click on the bee) Task 3As a group create a poster that explains what you have learned about your insect. Task 4Click on the butterfly and complete the activity for your selected jobs. Task 5Share what your group has learned about your insect. Click here and print out your project rubric and then get started!

9 Student Section Draw a picture of your insects home. Create a grocery list that includes items that your insect would need to survive. Create a journal entry based on a day in your insects life. Create a portrait of your insect. You are trying to hire a worker for your community. Write an ad describing the position you have available.

10 Student Section Click on your insect to get your worksheets and to view interesting web sites.

11 Student Section Grasshopper Click on your job Click on grasshopper for links to websites

12 Student Section Bee Click on your job Click on bee for links to websites

13 Student Section Butterfly Click on your job Click on butterfly for links to websites

14 Student Section Ant Click on your job Click on ant for links to websites

15 Student Section Ladybug Click on your job Click on ladybug for links to websites

16 Student Section Grasshopper Links:

17 Student Section Bee Links

18 Student Section Butterfly Links

19 Student Section Ant Links

20 Student Section Ladybug Links

21 Evaluation: Student Section Make sure that you have completed The Life of an Insect Checklist. When you have completed all activities please turn your work in to the teacher. (Make sure you have put your name on all your work)

22 Conclusion You have worked hard and learned a lot about your insects through this project. The next time that you encounter your insect keep this information in mind. You can now print a certificate to prove that you are an Insect Expert. Student Section Click here to print award

23 Teacher Page Teacher Section This WebQuest was created by Jodi Sharpe and Chris Payton of Upchurch Elementary School. It was designed for students in 2 nd grade who are studying the life of insects. Fair Use Policy This multimedia presentation has been prepared under the fair use exemption of the U.S. Copyright Law and is restricted from further use.

24 Curriculum Standards North Carolina Standards: Competency Goal 1: The learner will conduct investigations and build an understanding of animal life cycles. Objectives: 1.01- Describe the life cycle of animals including: birth, developing into an adult, reproducing, aging &death 1.02- Observe that insects need food, air, and space to grow 1.03- Observe the different stages of an insect life cycle 1.04- Compare and contrast life cycles of other animals such as mealworms, ladybugs, crickets, guppies, or frogs Teacher Section Teacher Menu

25 Credits and References Thanks for the movie clips! This template was created by Rachel Harrington and Katy Wolfrom at Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

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