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Introduction Working with and Understanding Government Business Drivers ICT Drivers Microsoft solution priority areas Government Procurement Start the.

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2 Introduction Working with and Understanding Government Business Drivers ICT Drivers Microsoft solution priority areas Government Procurement Start the Value Discussion with Government Microsoft Government Team Better Together Microsoft Government Eligibility Definition

3 Jobs – creating, retaining Immigration, asylum seekers etc Ballooning health costs, increasing pressure on the health system, hospital beds, doctors & nurses, growing waiting lists Ageing Population (and its impact on current & future infrastructure, services etc) Education system, falling literacy & numeracy rates Crime rates, Police on streets, emergency management Transport infrastructure (trains, roads, ports etc) Cost of housing, first home buyers, foreign ownership Sustainability, water resource mgt, reducing carbon footprint (yet ETS now delayed till at least 2013) Government Business Drivers…

4 Gov 2.0, collaboration, productivity Efficiencies, standardisation, economies of scale, driving costs down, doing more with less Citizen services, portals, accessibility, open government Innovation, agility, R&D, govt/industry alignment Smarter decision-making, information from data, insight from information Spatial information systems, map based solutions Better search capabilities – desktop, dept, web Data centres, consolidation, best practice Cloud computing, public vs private, “G Cloud” Government ICT Drivers…

5 Collaboration, unified comms, productivity, Gov2.0 Search – intra dept, inter dept, inter govt, internet Business intelligence, reporting, scorecards, analysis, insight from information Dynamics – CRM, Financials (AX, GP, NAV, SOL) Maps, location-based decision-making, spatial solutions, Data centre services – best practice, lowest cost, green Cloud services – proven, low-cost, software, infrastructure and platform as a service offerings Innovation – Surface, Azure, Photosynth, Looking Glass/TownHall, OGDI/Dallas Microsoft Federal & State Priority Solution Areas…

6 Government Procurement Understand & Navigate

7 Start the value discussion with Government 7 What do they already own - Deployment Gaining full advantage of the current platform Use the tools at your disposal : SA Benefits, Support, Training, HUP

8 Start the value discussion with Government 8 Support – Online 24x7 Training – Vouchers, elearning Home Use Programme DPS for Desktop, SharePoint, Exchange

9 We can show you how to start using what you already own… –Windows Server includes a robust, virtualisation platform called Hyper- V…included in the price –SQL Server contains a feature-rich reporting platform called Reporting Services, as well as ETL tools, powerful Analysis engine…included in the price –Excel includes comprehensive analysis and conditional formatting tools…included in the price –SharePoint includes a collaborative, records & document management capability…included in the price –Office Pro Plus includes InfoPath, a simple to use electronic forms solution…included in the price Start the value discussion with Government

10 What are you entitled to?

11 If you have Office Pro on your EA, you are now entitled to even more with the Office 2010 wave… We can show you how to unlock what you already own Office Pro Plus Office Standard = New Word Excel PowerPoint Outlook OneNote Publisher Access InfoPath Communicator SharePoint Workspace ( formerly Groove) Office web applications Business Contact Mngr Integrated ECM Integrated Electronic Forms Advanced IRM and policy capabilities

12 Long history of Innovation Familiarity, lower training costs Strong Corporate Citizenship programme Any device, any time, any place Integration out of the box Biggest partner ecosystem More “off the shelf” solutions Faster time to implementation Government’s chose to run their business on the Microsoft platform for good reasons..…

13 Health Public Safety Local and State Government Microsoft Public Sector Alignment Federal Government Defence Education dedicated industry experts, sales, marketing, services, partner and customer support teams in each of those segments

14 14 NameRole Pip MarlowAustralian Public Sector Director Hala BatainahFederal Director Terry MoloneyVictoria and NSW State Director Dean Swan, Patrick Pathinathan, Steve McNallyWA, QLD, SA State Directors Michael GrationHealth Industry Director Craig FosterEducation Industry Director Brad CoughlanGovernment Industry Specialist Erin JenkinsGovernment licensing Sharon SchoenbornDirector – Enterprise Partner Sales Denise HolehouseIndustry Market Development Manager -Government Related Alliance PAMs and IMDM rolesAcross key partners and territories Account Managers and Account Technology Specialists Federal and State Microsoft Public Sector and Partners

15 With Partners we have a raft of solutions and capabilities that address the business and ICT drivers of Government Innovation pipeline of solutions and capabilities that will assist Government with the problems you will face today and tomorrow Environmental Sustainability solutions and best practices We have an end to end Cloud strategy that is mindful of unique Gov’t requirements and available now Work through partners to deploy the software owned and gain even greater value from the investment with Microsoft Sara – no action Artitudes: please split this slide in two – can you fade bullet points after previous so the speaker can clear each one in sequence?

16 Microsoft Government Eligibility Definition 31/8/10 Erin Jenkins

17 Microsoft wants to extend Government licensing to those Government Entities that provide government services to the community. Microsoft does not want to extend Government licensing to Government Owned Businesses that charge customers for what they supply. Philosophy behind the Definition

18 An “eligible entity” means any organization that does not operate for profit and that falls into one of the following categories; Government Eligibility Definition Examples; A. EU B. Federal Government C. State/Territory Government D. Local Government Councils E. Government Hospitals (DoH) F. Medical Board

19 If an organization fits into one of the categories above and operates for a profit, the following additional criteria will be applied to determine whether an organization qualifies as an eligible entity; 1.Do the revenue/profits go solely to the state (or do they also go to private shareholders)? 2.Is the organization in question exempt from corporation tax? 3.Is the organization financed more than 50% by the state (i.e. does it derive less than 50% of its funding from commercial activities)? If the answer to all of these questions is “yes”, then the organization qualifies as an eligible entity. If the answer to any of the questions above is “no”, then the organization does not qualify as an eligible entity. Generally, government owned corporations, state-owned enterprises and government organizations (whether incorporated or not) undertaking commercial activities (e.g. telecommunications, banking, transportation, etc) do not qualify as an eligible entity. If the Government of a country publishes a list of public sector organizations; those organizations must meet the criteria set forth in this definition to qualify as an eligible entity. Government Eligibility Definition

20 Where to find…

21 Learn and really know the eligibility definition. Do your homework on the Customer prior to meeting with them. Engage with the Customer. Look at it as an opportunity to build relationships and show your value in the account. Call to action…

22 Thank-you! Enjoy your time at the 2010 Australian Partner Conference

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