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Installing e-Sword and Exploring e-Sword’s Possibilities

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1 Installing e-Sword and Exploring e-Sword’s Possibilities
Stocking Your Library Exploring e-Sword’s Possibilities

2 Website URL’s for e-Sword
Download basic e-Sword program from this website Rick Meyers, Webmaster, Author/Creator of e-Sword Free user-created e-Sword modules available here Josh Bond, Webmaster Seventh-day Adventist content modules available here Shirley Babienco, Webmistress

3 Know Your Modules BRPX - Bible Reading Plan JNLX - Journal Notes
*Located in C:/Program Folders (x86)/e-Sword Folder *Located in (My) Documents/e-Sword Folder BBLX - Bibles CMTX - Commentaries DCTX - Dictionaries DEVX - Devotionals HARX - Bible Harmony MAPX - Graphics REFX - Reference BRPX - Bible Reading Plan JNLX - Journal Notes LSTX - Verse Lists MEMX - Memorization NOTX - Study Notes OVLX - Markup Bibles TOPX - Topic Notes *Non-editable/can copy-paste text into editors *Editable and/or user-created The next few slides name a few basic modules to download into your e-Sword to get started. After you learn how to use the downloader with e-Sword, you can add additional modules to your e-Sword library from within e-Sword or download modules outside of e-Sword from the other websites sited in the previous slide.

4 Bible Modules - BBLX FREE: PREMIUM:
KJV- King James Version along with (KJV+) installed with main e-Sword program ASV – American Standard Version BBE – Bible in Basic English CEV – Contemporary English Version ERV – Easy to Read Version MKJV – Modern King James Version RV – Revised Version Foreign Language Bibles AMP – Amplified Bible NASB – New American Standard Bible NIV – New International Version NKJV – New King James Version RSV – Revised Standard Version MSG – The Message

5 Commentaries - CMTX FREE: PREMIUM:
Clarke – Adam Clarke’s commentary on the Bible JFB – Jamieson, Fausset and Brown commentary Henry – Matthew Henry’s complete and concise commentaries TSK – Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (installed with initial e-Sword program) Additional free commentaries are available at LANTC - Life Application NT Commentary LASB – Life Application Study Bible Notes Preacher – Preacher’s Commentary

6 Dictionaries - DCTX FREE: PREMIUM:
ISBE – International Standard Bible Encyclopedia KJC – King James Concordance NAVE – Nave’s Topical Bible Strong – Strong’s Bible Concordance – installed at initial e-Sword setup Thayer – Thayer’s Greek Definitions Torrey – Torrey’s New Topical Textbook Webster – Webster’s Dictionary of American English Word Study – Complete Word Study Dictionary NNBD – Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary Vine NT – Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary

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