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1 KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE CABI database training CAB Abstracts Introductory demonstration

2 Today’s schedule ● 11:00 - 12:15 CAB Direct platform (Basic and Advanced) ● 12:15 – 12.35 Refreshments break ● 12.35 – 13.00eBooks ● 13.00 – 14.00CABI compendium

3 CAB Abstracts Updates ● Key resource for applied life sciences – agriculture, forestry, animal and vet sciences, soil science, AND nutrition, environment and leisure and tourism ● Over 7.3 million records ● 363k records added in 2012 (vs 353k in 2011) ● 8,124 serials indexed, from 119 countries in over 50 languages, including 486 new serials in 2012 ● Over 188,000 Full Text Records (43k added in 2012) from over 680 journals plus conferences – over 70% non-open access

4 Agricultural engineering Applied economics and sociology Animal production Animal health Animal nutrition Aquaculture Biofuels Biosafety and Bioterrorism Biotechnology Breeding Chemistry Climate change Crop science and grasslands Ecotourism Entomology Environmental science Food science and technology Forestry Genetics Helminthology Horticultural science Human nutrition Invasive species Leisure and tourism Medicinal plants and pharmacology Microbiology Mycology Natural resources, land/water management Nematology Organic and sustainable agriculture Parasitology Plant pathology Plant protection Postharvest Protozoology Soil science Veterinary medicine Virology Waste management CAB Abstracts Subject Coverage

5 CAB Abstracts Geographic Coverage from 119 countries

6 CAB Abstracts Full Text – headline Facts ● Full Text for over 188,000 records ● 62% Journal articles, 36% Conference papers ● Small, but growing number of reports ● 77% English ● Over 680 current journals from 81 countries ● Over 700 total FT journals in database

7 Training agenda ● Simple searching and navigating the interface ● Refining results through facets ● MyCABDirect features ● Q&A

8 What is a bibliographic database? A bibliographic database can be compared to a printed journal It contains: Record articles with bibliographic data Indexes

9 Homepage

10 Boolean searching AND e.g. “Silver fir” AND Czech Retrieves only records that contain all the terms chosen OR e.g. “silver fir”OR “Abies alba” Retrieves only records that contain any of the terms chosen NOT e.g. “silver fir”NOT Germany Retrieves only records that include keyword terms and exclude certain terms

11 We have covered…. ● Conducting simple site searches and navigate your way through the site ● Refine searches using facets ● Creating email and RSS alerts for new content ● Permanently save searches and records

12 KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE CABI database training CAB Abstracts Advanced features

13 Training agenda ● Advanced searching ● Manual field searching using field tags ● CAB Thesaurus ● Q&A

14 Advanced searching Independent field searching for search terms Language, document and full text filters Date refining options

15 Manual field searching Description Field Tag Additional Authors ad Author Affiliation aa CAS Registry Numbers ry Conference Dates cd Conference Titlect Corporate Authorca Country of Publicationcp Descriptorsde Digital Object Identifieroi Document Editorsed Document Titledo Emailem English Item Titleet Non English Item Titleft Geographic Locationgl Identifiersid Description Field Tag ISBNbn ISSNsn Item Typeit Language(s) of Summaryls Language(s) of Textla Location of Publisherlp Main Abstractab Organism Descriptorsod Pan Numberpa Personal Authorau Personal Author Variantsav Publisherpb CABI Product Codesc Up-posted Descriptorsup Web URLur Year of Publicationyr

16 Super indexes Super index nameSuper index field tagFields searchedExample Titletitle: English title Foreign title Authorauthor: Personal author Author variant Additional author Document editor Corporate author Subjectsubject: Geographic location Organism descriptor Descriptor Identifier

17 CAB Thesaurus Controlled vocabulary for indexing terms Hierarchical structure Searchable database for easy referencing Multilingual resource covering 11 languages

18 Hemileia vastatrix Hemileia Pucciniales Pucciniomycetes Pucciniomycotina Basidiomycotina Fungi Eukaryotes Animals Plants AscomycotaPhycomycetesZygomycotaAscomycota Agaricomycotina Ustilaginomycotina Wallemiomycetes ClassiculomycetesMicrobotryomycetes HelicobasidialesPachnocybales SeptobasidialesPlatygloeales AecidiumUropyxidaceaeCronartiaceaeRaveneliaceae Hemileia coffeicola Hemileia wrightiae




22 We have covered…. ● Advanced search screen for simple field searching and date refine options ● Manual field searching using field tags and ACBI specific indexing codes ● Building complex searches with CAB Thesaurus

23 KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE Děkuji Any Questions? For more information on CABI training and to access training materials visit

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