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ProQuest Confidential1 ProQuest Agricultural Journals Marika Janouskova Area Sales Manager.

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1 ProQuest Confidential1 ProQuest Agricultural Journals Marika Janouskova Area Sales Manager

2 ProQuest Confidential2 Agenda  Introduction w AGRICOLA w AGRICOLA + Full text w ProQuest Agricultural Journals  Interface/demo w Top 10

3 ProQuest Confidential3 AGRICOLA  AGRICultural OnLine Access: Definitive bibliographic database  Created by the US National Agricultural Library  Abstracts and Indexing for 800+ sources (books audiovisual materials, serial publications, journal articles, reports and reprints)

4 ProQuest Confidential4 AGRICOLA  Coverage begins 1970 w Animal and Veterinary Sciences w Entomology w Plant Sciences w Forestry w Aquaculture and Fisheries w Agricultural Economics

5 ProQuest Confidential5 AGRICOLA plus text  Professional Research Interface  Searches the AGRICOLA A&I and retrieves full-text from ProQuest Agriculture Journals  Detailed search building with 31 indexed fields  Includes Agricultural classification codes

6 ProQuest Confidential6 ProQuest Agriculture Journals  200 journals and specialist trade publications in full-text  Journals include: Agricultural Research, Forest Products Journal, Journal of Animal Science, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, and Plant Physiology

7 ProQuest Confidential7 Key subject areas:  Agricultural Economics  Animal sciences  Aquaculture and Fisheries  Botany  Crop Production  Dairy Farming  Earth and Environmental Science  Entomology  Environmental Studies  Extension and Education  Farming and Farming Systems  Food and Human Nutrition  Forestry  Horticulture  Nutrition  Organic farming  Plant Sciences  Poultry and Livestock  Public Health and Safety  Sustainability  Veterinary Sciences

8 ProQuest Confidential8 Key titles  Science ISI 29.62  Plant Cell ISI 10.679  Annual Review of Nutrition ISI 9.326  Annual Review of Phytopathology ISI 8.257  Annual Review of Entomology ISI 6.887  Plant Physiology ISI 5.634

9 ProQuest Confidential9 ProQuest Advantages  Content w High-quality full-text content w Leading publishers in all fields w Fewer embargos  Formats w Text & Graphics w View graphs, charts and illustrations, diagrams w Full text, full image etc

10 ProQuest Confidential10 ProQuest Advantages  Linking power w OpenURL compliancy means easy linking to full- text, no matter where its stored w We set up the links so you don’t have to  PQNext Interface w More features, better usability, more common sense w “Refine as you go” intuitive searching w Unique features!

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