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The History of Garwolin. Town in 1934. Garwolin is a town on the Wilga river in eastern Poland. It is situated in the southeast part of the Garwolin plateau.

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1 The History of Garwolin

2 Town in Garwolin is a town on the Wilga river in eastern Poland. It is situated in the southeast part of the Garwolin plateau in Masovian Voivodeship 62 km southeast of Warsaw, 100 km northwest of Lublin. There are about 16,700 inhabitants in the town.

3 September of 1939 During WWII and the Nazi occupation of Poland, about 70% of the city was destroyed. The town and the region were administered by Kreishauptmann Karl Freudenthal, who was responsible for the killing of more than 1000 civilians, the deportation of several thousand local Poles to concentration camps and slave labor in Nazi Germany, as well as the transfer of the local Jews to various ghettos in the region.

4 Town’s neobaroqe church ’s At present

5 Small enterprises in Garwolin




9 Main street in Garwolin

10 Wednesday’s market.





15 Green market

16 Green market is a place in the middle of Garwolin where you can buy all kinds of products, from food to clothes. Quality of clothes is not the best, but prices there are extremely low. Vegetables and fruits there are always fresh, because farmers bring them direct from their patches. In this place a music video for the song famous rock band Happysad was shot. The most important thing you must taste is a warmed sandwich with cheese, mashrooms and a lot of other extra ingredients.


18 Large companies in our region

19 Avon Operations Poland is currently one of the largest and most advanced cosmetic factories in Europe. The distribution Center is located in Garwolin. The company employs 2300 people. It runs the manufacturing operations, the operational section of the line picking, transportation departments, inventory, warehousing and customs.Many smaller businesses cooperate with AVON.

20 The factory was also supported by sections: materials planning, analysis, manufacturing, Europe, and strategic purchasing department associated with the development of new packaging. Using the latest technology and constant quality control allow you to maintain world standards. Caring about the quality of health products and business customers very carefully selects contractors, uses only the highest quality ingredients and components. Avon Operations Poland attaches great importance to environmental protection, has its own sewage treatment plant, take care to minimize waste and sewage.



23 The company is a market leader in food beneficial to health. It has first place in the market muesli and soy products. The company's products are present in almost all major retail chains and local supermarkets. Dynamic growth is also confirmed by a wide and constantly expanded range of products.

24 Currently, Sante brand includes more than 100 product items, and each year brings a few to several new products that quickly gain solid klientów.Obecnie, in order to increase production capacity, the plant is extended by a further warehouse and production acreages.

25 Ochnik Company has been operating since It is leader on the Polish market in the design and sale of leather clothing. Products are stylish and elegant as well as of good quality. It has over 50 Brand Stores in Poland. Collections are created by young, ambitious designers. Clothing is promoted by famous models and celebrities. The company is highly regarded among customers, both in Poland and abroad.


27 Garwolin OSM was founded in 1946, the Cooperative is a manufacturer of high- quality cottage cheese, butter and dairy gallantry, for which from the beginning of the company it has been gaining numerous awards for quality and taste. Long- standing tradition in the dairy industry, the use of modern technology, the current implementation of technological advances and skills professional staff allow you to protect consumers' needs.

28 Location of plant in the central part of Poland allows for an excellent opportunity for distribution of good s throughout the country. Dairy provides daily milk carton for each primary school pupil in t he Garwolin district to ensure adequate intake of calcium for children.

29 Unemployment in Garwolin The level of jobless citizens in town is about 4,98%. 448 men and 384 women are unemployed. 259 men and 203 women are out-of-works for a long time. 242 men and 118 women are jobless without secondary education. 131 men and 119 wonem are jobless and without job experience. 108 men and 108 wonem are jobless and without job qualifications. 134 men and 82 wonem are jobless over 50 years old. 14 men and 6 wonem are jobless and disabled. 76 men and 82 wonem are jobless and no more than 25 years old. 1 man and 19 wonem are jobless and bringing up a child alone. 51 men and 59 wonem are jobless and with the right to benefit.

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