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ir. Richard Bijlard Technogation - Invenios

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1 ir. Richard Bijlard Technogation - Invenios
True Room Temperature Bonding a novel process for the creation of health tech consumables ATB© ir. Richard Bijlard Technogation - Invenios © Technogation – Invenios Dec 2014

2 Presentation Overview
Invenios Group From Lab to POC Challenges at creating advanced consumables ATB (True Room Temperature Bonding) Applications

3 Invenios Worldwide Langen (Hessen) Germany Eindhoven Netherlands
Santa Barbara, California, USA

4 Health Tech Trends: from Lab to POC
Laboratory: Large degree of freedom, versatile, high-end… Stationary, expensive, specialist-use..

5 Lab-On-a-Chip… Select necessary functionalities for test
Shrink…in size …and in price! possible to scale down? absolutely necessary? combination possible? controllable -> pre-programmed! inputs and outputs? unambiguous interpretation of results! reproducible? mass-producible? low cost?

6 Some necessary L-O-C functions
sample intake: capillary, active pump, … process sequence control: valves,.. reagent availability: pre-loaded / externally connected Heating/cooling electrodes? fluid? Measurement / readout sample processing: separation? chemical / electical / optical on-chip, external display,…

7 And if you do it right, you get a solution that is:
Very portable! (true ‘Point-of-care’ solution) Cheap (uses less reagents, sample..) Fast Easy-to-use Safe

8 Design & Construction of Consumables
Base material: Paper: very cheap! Plastic: cheap, easy to process Glass: transparancy, low autofluorescence, thermally stable, resistant against solvents Silicon: very mature semiconductor processes and tools available Construction: depends on material(s) ideal situation: combine materials! application dictates formfactor…. the smaller, the better ! (cheaper, portable,..!) FOTURAN ® PSGC

9 Pre-loaded Consumables / Sensors
Problem Need to have locally coated/functionalised structures…but chip needs to be hermetically closed Glueing introduces toxicity Anodic Bonding and Diffusion Bonding are NOT options:

10 Ambient (Room) Temperature Bonding (patented)
(->2) True Room temperature < 30o C (->1) Two or more substrates (different CTEs possible!) Thin film blocking layer on interface No glue or high temperatures Appropriate wavelength laser Very locally created plasma, so bulk of the material stays at room temperature

11 Room Temperature Bonding - Characteristics
High bond strength > strength of the base material Low temperatures, heat impacted zone < 1 µm of bond joint Possible to create electrical leads in the same process step Embed fluids or biomaterial/-coatings (Fibronectin, Poly-acrylamide gel, PFTE / Teflon,…) Seals hermetically and in a vacuum, inert gas or even under water, if required Scalable process, designed for operating in clean room production lines

12 What can you bond? The following substrates can be bonded together in any combination: Several types of Glasses Quartz/Fuzed Silica Sapphire Silicon Silicon Nitride Silicon Oxide Metals (Gold, Titanium,…) Several plastics

13 Ambient Temperature (ATB©)
Properties Comparison DIFFUSION ANODIC ADHESIVE Ambient Temperature (ATB©) High bond stability X Simple, low-cost process ? Surface Prep Applicable for materials with mismatched CTE’s Chemically resistant Hermetically seals High transparency Temperature stable Proprietary Bonds in a vacuum

14 DNA sequencing Chips, Lab-on-a-chip
Dispensing Cancer Research Chip Electrofluidic lens

15 Application: Pressure Control Valve
Made of glass Opening controlled by reference pressure Wavefront guides prevent bubbles Passive, implantable Very durable

16 Pressure Control Valve

17 Conclusions Trend towards Point Of Care requires small, smart and dedicated solutions All materials have pros and cons…. advanced consumables combine best properties ATB© enables connection of multiple materials on room temperature and does not harm biocoatings or – materials

18 Thank you for your attention!
Richard Bijlard Business Development Europe Technogation (an Invenios company) phone: © Technogation – Invenios Dec 2014

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