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Arshad Law Associates Income Tax & Sales Tax Consultant Company Profile.

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1 Arshad Law Associates Income Tax & Sales Tax Consultant Company Profile

2 Who we are ? Arshad Law Associate is an Income Tax and Sales Tax consulting firm founded in 1984 and the over the passage of time we have made a prominent name in this field.. The firm is having vast experience in the handling of taxation matters of public and private limited companies, NGO’s, Firms and other non-corporate clients. Mr.Arshad Ali is social and currently associated to Karachi Tax Bar as Member Executive Committee. The firms is having well experienced staff in all professional fields and infrastructure equipped with modern technology to meet the business needs and expectations of our valued clients in timely and qualitative manner.

3 Our Mission Our mission is to provide quality service of taxation with upto date knowledge of relevant field at an affordable cost. We help our client to conduct their daily business activities smoothly by providing latest Tax information and making timely compliance to the tax authorities to avoid financial loses. To provide best services we have a strong focus on: -Business needs and interests of client; -Client confidentiality; -Ethical business practices; and -Honesty and integrity.

4 Services we provide We are committed to provide highest standard of professional counsel and direction in all of its diverse practice areas to our clients. Income tax Consultancy -Filing of income tax return - Finalization of Audit proceedings -Compliance of Show cause notices -Representation of cases upto tribunal level Sales Tax Consultancy -Filing of Monthly Sales Tax return -Maintenance of sales tax record -Compliance of show cause notices - Filling of appeals before the Commissioner and Tribunal -Filing of Appeals before FTO and High Court.

5 Contd. Corporate Law Consultancy -Formation of limited companies -Filing of Annual Returns - Other Secretarial Work Accounting Consultancy Internal Audit Payroll services

6 Our Clients Some of our renowned clients whom we are serving in different capacity are listed below National Asset Management Company Ltd. Asset Management CompanyTaxation Services NAMCO Bal Fund Mutual FundTaxation Services Lakhra Coal Development Company Ltd. Coal Mining Exemption of provident fund Fahad Chemical Industries Chemicals Accounting &Taxation Services First National Equities Ltd Brokerage houseTaxation Services F.P. Plastic Works Plastic Accounting & Taxation Services Siprion petrotools Private Ltd Oil ServicesSales Tax Consultancy Good Samaritan hospital NGO Accounting & Taxation Services Nuricon pertro services Private Ltd. Oil & PetroSales Tax Consultancy Nasa International Event ManagementTaxation Services Green Mount CNG Station Gas StationSales Tax Consultancy Vesta International Private Ltd. Importer Accounting,Taxation & Secretarial Services Javed & Akber Enterprises Private Ltd. Labor supply Accounting, Taxation & Secretarial Service International Impex Clearing & ForwardingTaxation Services

7 Contact Us Office Address: 2 nd Floor Mubarak Manzil, 39 Garden Road, Saddar, Karachi Telephone: Mobile: Feel free to contact us, if you have any query. Looking forward to hear from you

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