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JITHENDRA KUMAR & CO COST ACCOUNTANTS JITHENDRA & CO is a Cost Audit firm comprising over TWO qualified Cost Accountants and consultants including partners.

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1 JITHENDRA KUMAR & CO COST ACCOUNTANTS JITHENDRA & CO is a Cost Audit firm comprising over TWO qualified Cost Accountants and consultants including partners based in Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, and Vijayawada. our mission is to provide outstanding services in our chosen practice areas with a strong emphasis on ethics. Our clients benefit from our expertise and experience enjoying the privilege of personal attention and responsiveness of a small firm. Our service is delivered by well-informed, partner-led teams, which strive to provide the highest quality of service to our clients, by listening, understanding their needs, responding promptly and living up to the commitments that we make.


3 Design and Maintenance of Cost Records As per Companies (Cost Accounting Records) Rules, 2011 every company engaged in Production, Processing, manufacturing or mining activities shall maintain Cost Records in such manner to enable us to calculate per Unit cost of production or Cost of Operation, Cost of Sales and margin for each of its products during relevant Financial year. Even The Companies Act, 1956 has stipulated to maintain the Cost Records under Sec 209(1)(d) of Companies Act, 1956. Apart from the Statutory Compliance, one of the core advantage and objective of Cost Accounting is to assist the management in decision making. Thus management require an effective Cost Accounting System that gives timely information required for efficient decision making process. JITHENDRA KUMAR &CO COST ACCOUNTANTS

4 A good Costing System consists of analysing how the various resources (i.e. Men, Money and Material) are being utilised in the Organisation and up to what extent these resources were used effectively in case of restricted availability or non- availability. E.g. A simple Stock Turnover Ratio gives us a clear picture of how much funds were blocked in a particular raw material, by analysing whether the same is slow-moving item or fast-moving item. Similarly, with the help of other Costing tools we can identify the means to improvement in various stages of production cycle, which ultimately results in improving the profitability of the organisation. JITHENDRA KUMAR &CO COST ACCOUNTANTS

5 We have well qualified and experienced Cost Accountants who will assist the Industry to design and maintain the Cost Records, reports on Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly and Annual basis. We have local office situated near to your office premises for close interaction with your employees. We will conduct quarterly review meetings with the Management for detailed analysis on cost reports. We take care of all your costing related issues from designing of cost records to filing of cost audit reports. JITHENDRA KUMAR &CO COST ACCOUNTANTS

6 The following are the list of records prescribed under Companies (Cost Accounting Records) Rules, 2011. The list is not exhaustive in nature and hence organisations are allowed to choose the list of records applicable to them depending on the industry to which it pertains. DETAILS OF COST RECORDS 1. Production 1.1. Raw Material consumption register/report; 1.2. Production report; 1.3. Rejections/wastages/scrap report; 1.4. Report on stoppage of machines with reasons; 1.5. Idle time report with reasons; 1.6. Machine utilization report; 1.7. By-Product & Joint Products. JITHENDRA KUMAR &CO COST ACCOUNTANTS

7 A DETAILS OF COST RECORDS 2. Work-in-Progress and Finished Goods 2.1 Process stock register- cost centre-wise and product wise; 2.2 Finished goods stock register- product-wise. 2.3 Daily Stock Accounts (DSA) maintained under Central Excise Law 3. Raw Materials and Stores Accounting 3.1 Goods received register; 3.2 Bin cards; 3.3 Materials/stores ledgers. 3.4 Packing Materials 4. Employee Cost 4.1 Attendance registers/ sheets; 4.2 Wages/salary sheets; 4.3 Leave and gratuity payments JITHENDRA KUMAR&CO COST ACCOUNTANTS

8 DETAILS OF COST RECORDS 5. Repairs and Maintenance 5.1 Works order register / card showing material and spares consumed and labour utilized; 5.2 Procedure followed for routine maintenance; 5.3 Details major breakdowns & Repairs; 5.4 Details of Abnormal Repairs & Reconditioning activities. 6. Utilities (Water, Steam, Power, DM Water, Air, Effluent Treatment etc.) 6.1 Records of input and output; 6.2 Record of cost centre-wise allocation of outputs JITHENDRA KUMAR&CO COST ACCOUNTANTS

9 DETAILS OF COST RECORDS 7. Overheads 7.1 Details such as production hours, labour hours, machine hours to facilitate distribution of overheads; 7.2 Overheads Keys. 8. Cost Accounts 8.1 Overheads analysis register; 8.2 Cost centre-wise assets register; 8.3 Product ledger; 8.4 Annexures and Performa as per rules, if any; 8.5 Reconciliation of profit/loss as per cost records and financial records. JITHENDRA KUMAR &CO COST ACCOUNTANTS

10 DETAILS OF COST RECORDS 9. Sales 9.1 Product-wise Sales analysis 9.2 Stock Transfer 9.3 Marketing/ Market Research Cost JITHENDRA KUMAR &CO COST ACCOUNTANTS

11 Contacts Head office : Vijayawada: 389, near iron yard, Opp. RELIANCE Fresh, Bhavanipuram, Vijayawada - 520012 Contact Person: CMA JITHENDRA Email: Mobile No:9494609191 BRANCH OFFICES : Visakhapatnam: 36 – 92-198/3, Burma camp, kancharapalem, Vizag - 530008. Contact Person: CMA RAVISANKAR Email: Bangalore: #34,2 nd floor, 9 th D main, 100 ft ring road, BTM 1 st stage, Bangalore – 560029 Contract Person : CMA JITHENDRA Email: JITHENDRA KUMAR &CO COST ACCOUNTANTS


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