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VanTan Company World Leading Manufacturer of Extracts Based on Natural Minerals Ukraine, Yuzhny.

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1 VanTan Company World Leading Manufacturer of Extracts Based on Natural Minerals Ukraine, Yuzhny

2 Dear Partners, Our Company is one of the most reliable and stable manufacturers of raw materials for food and cosmetic industries. Our accrued experience and developments in this sphere will enable you to acquire a reliable partner with good technical support and handy logistics. We are looking forward to mutually beneficial co- operation. We would appreciate your permanent partnership!!!

3 About our company Stages of Development: The VanTan Company was organized in 1997. 1998 – beginning of production of PELOBISHOFIT, a preparation of curing and preventive design. 2000 – issuing a series of balneal preparations for sanatoriums, resorts, treatment-and-prevention institutions and sports clubs. 2002 – a series of balneal preparations produced by VanTan is acknowledged by leading sanatoriums and sports clubs of this country as the most efficient treatment and prevention remedy for consequences of heavy traumas of musculoskeletal system during recovery period. 2005 – beginning of production and marketing of raw materials for food and cosmetic industries (plant extracts, mineralised and pectin containing materials, cosmetic clays and scrubs). 2007-2009 – development of drinks and balsams based on mineralised extracts and intended for special purposes.

4 Specialisation PELOBISHOFIT Balneal medications Raw materials for food and cosmetic industries Drinks and balsams of special destinations VanTan

5 Equipment and Technologies Van Tan Company manufactures extracts based on medical herbs collected in environmentally safe districts. The production involves a unique technology of raw materials processing that permits obtaining extracts containing a whole spectrum of biologically active substances, i.e. due to the unique technology of deep extraction all useful substances are extracted from plants without being destructed.

6 The Company’s Advantages in Comparison with its Competitors Special orders Wide assortment Wide assortment Output quality Output quality Technologies VanTan Convenient logistics Convenient logistics Individual variants of packaging Individual variants of packaging


8 Cosmetics Consumption Tendencies At present consumers values in choosing cosmetics is being reoriented. Today cosmetics is required to have not only external but also curing effect being both a remedy for prevention and curing of various skin diseases and a remedy for skin and beauty care. In modern cosmetology active components are divided into: Microcosmetology (active components of micro organisms). Petrocosmetology (active components of minerals and elementary substances). Marine cosmetology (active components of sea products) Enthocosmetology (active components of insects). Phytocosmetology (active components of plants). Such active components are undoubtedly the leaders of the cosmetics market having centuries-old traditions. All these active components are a part of VanTan extracts. Their peculiarity is that they are extracted from natural objects by means of a natural mineral. The extractive agent contains a rich complex of micro and macro elements unlike oil or propylene glycol ones.


10 The principal advantage of VanTan produced extracts is their extract reactant, the patented PELOBISHOFIT formula that in addition to function of an extract agent contains a rich complex of micro and macro elements of 21 types and provides for preservation of the extracted components and their 90-percent extraction as against initial content. PELOBISHOFIT (Cl-81 SO42-19) / (Mg2+69(Na+ +K+) 31) is a high-concentrated low-acid iodine, bromine, chloride, sodium-to- magnesium brine with a high content of organic substances. Initial natural components of PELOBISHOFIT are: sulphide silt therapeutic mud of estuary KUYALNIK high-concentrated solution of mineral BISHOFIT

11 The micro components contained by PELOBISHOFIT for a long time have been known for their treatment-and-preventive, regenerative and restorative properties. Magnesium: is contained by oxidative enzymes. It precludes allergic reactions from development and is required for the organism to uptake other mineral substances and vitamins. Sodium: is responsible for acid-base balance and promotes nutritive substances penetration into the cell. Sodium and chlorine maintain a proper water balance in the cells. Potassium: regulates the moisture level in the cells, improves metabolism in the cells, improves metabolism and promotes growth of new cells. Zinc: is a very important element for hair as it takes part in the synthesis of hair cuticle proteins. If zinc is lacking, children grow slower and their hair begin to fall. At mature age zinc prevents hair falling and baldness. Zinc increases efficiency of group-B vitamins. Selenium: is one of the most important elements required by our organism. Together with vitamins A and E it possesses pronounced antioxidant properties. Selenium is required for protein formation in the organism, so it directly influences the condition of hair and nails and promotes elimination of heavy metals from the organism. Iodine: increases fat metabolism. Copper: has an antiphlogistic effect. P E L O BI S H O F I T

12 List of extracts: 1.Aloe 2.Birch 3.Vineceous 4.St. John’s Wort 5.Golden Whisker 6.Calendula 7.Buckeye 8.Burdock Root 9.Red Pepper 10.Magnolia Vine 11.Seaweeds 12.Mint 13.Sea Buck-Thorn 14.Plantain 15.Bee Extract 16.Agrimony 17.Camomile 18.Lilac 19.Horsetail 20.Acerose Leaf 21.Celandine 22.Meadow Clary 23.Brier 24.Eucalyptus

13 1. Aloe (Aloe) This extract possesses anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. It improves regeneration and oxidation-reduction processes in the tissues and stimulates cellular metabolism, possesses softening and solar-control properties. Contains: anthraglycosides, gum substance, volatile oils, ferments, vitamins, volatile production.

14 Servicing Abilities: Samples: 100 to 500 ml; Produced lot: from 50 l.; Pilot lot: from 10 l.; Bottling: 10-l canisters (possible bottling according to customer’s order); Delivery to the manufacturer’s warehouse; Individual orders are accepted; Mutually beneficial conditions of co-operation.


16 One of the priority directions of “Van Tan” company in the production of cosmetic stuff is the production of mineralized clay. The important advantage of the stuff is that the clay of “Van Tan” company is a product ready for usage, which only needs to be packed up. Originality of clay is in its qualitative mixture. The clay is enriched by mineralized extracts produced by “Van Tan” company that possess medicinal and preventive properties. The assortment width is reached not only by the usage of different types of clay but mostly due to the enclosure of different types of extracts to the clay.

17 Assortments of clays for face and body skin care packs

18 “Nourishing and regenerating” face pack. Face pack made of red clay with extract of mint, chamomile and aloe. Intended for oily skin. Effect: nourishes deep layers of skin, removes irritation, improves blood circulation, clarifies, absorbs skin oil excess and removes shine, regulates oil gland secretion, gives freshness and haze. “Anti-acne” face pack Soft, delicate face pack based on white clay. The clay mixture is additionally enriched by the extracts of aloe and burdock root. The face pack is effective for youth acne eruption. Effect: soothes and heals inflamed parts of skin, regulates the work of oil glands, gives anti-inflammatory effect and purifies skin pores deeply. “Anti-wrinkle” face pack for deep wrinkles Face pack based on white clay. The clay mixture is enriched of wine extract and the extract of Chinese magnolia- vine. Effect: smoothes existing wrinkles, counteracts new wrinkles appearance, softens mimic lines. This face pack effectively clarifies, nourishes and restores skin.

19 “Relaxing” face pack The face pack made of white clay with high minerals concentration. Contains mint and sea-buckthorn extracts. Intended for dry and normal skin. Effect: possesses soothing, nourishing, regenerating and bio-stimulating properties. Softens skin, increases its elasticity and protects from free radicals. “Multi-vitaminous” face pack The face pack containing extracts of seaweeds and dog-rose. Effect: enriches by the complex of vitamins, amino acids, proteins and minerals that supply with normal nourishment and energizes cells process. Intensifies skin stress factors resistibility, prevents premature skin ageing. “Clarifying” face pack The face pack made of white clay with high minerals concentration. Contains calendula and lilac extracts. Effect: clarifies skin pores deeply and effectively. Improves skin cells microcirculation. Possesses tone up and moistening effect for the skin. Protects skin from inflammation.

20 “Anti-cellulitis” pack White or green clay plus the extract of seaweeds and red pepper. Due to the minerals and colloid structure clay possesses exceptional properties for struggling against cellulitis. Effect: restores mineral balance and active toxins eduction, helps to fasten “lazy” metabolism. Due to silicon the clay helps to improve connective tissue flexibility and restore natural water-oil skin balance. It improves blood circulation and helps fat nubbins liquidation, removes skin roughness, stimulates the process of skin regeneration and renovation and improves elasticity. “Belly modelling” pack Mineral green clay plus wine extract plus seaweeds extract. Effect: possesses tightening properties, strengthens connective tissues and makes them more flexible, maintains water-oil balance, activates metabolism and blood microcirculation, assists fast fat nubbins liquidation, educts toxins, strengthens skin, gives elasticity, lessens skin stretching results.

21 Competitive advantages Basic competitive advantages of “Van Tan” company in clay production are: 1.Clay is a product ready for usage 2.Unique high-quality composition that does not have any analogue 3.“Van Tan” company clay face pack does not get dried out due to mineralized extract that helps keeping moisture along the whole period of keeping time. 4.Price proposition. The price of the clay depending on the composition varies from 14,5 till 18 hr per kilo 5.Packaging suitable for customer 6.Order delivery in the shortest possible time 7.Loyal credit policy 8.Sample availability 9.Practical recommendations 10.Possibility of clay production by request

22 Criteria essential for successful product creation product quality (visible effect) rational package volume (sachet for I procedure is 15 grams, if also for neck skin usage than 20 grams) low price available for most part of the customers (the price of the face pack ready for usage in retail is from 4 hr) convenient and simple in usage simplicity of putting on and washing off (it is better to take light clay as dark clay is difficult to wash off from the skin pores) short duration of the procedure (active composition) no unpleasant sensation and no contra-indication clearly stated application competently considered dace pack assortment

23 Contact Information Manufacturer: Private Enterprise VanTan Ivan Vasiljevich Prischak, Director Lenina Str. 22, apt.17, Yuzhny, 65481, Odessa Region, Ukraine Tel.\Fax: 8 048 750 79 85 8 04842 2 49 01 Mobile: 8 093 543 68 95 E-mail:

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