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Supplies needed Water bucket Feed pan Feed Proper Facilities.

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2 Supplies needed Water bucket Feed pan Feed Proper Facilities

3 The 5 basic Nutrition It’s not the brand name that is important, but the protein, fat, fiber content of the feed, as well as palatability. Five basic nutrients are required for feeding show lambs as well as all livestock. They are water, protein, carbohydrates and fats or energy, minerals and vitamins.

4 Which nutrient is the most important

5 Water the most important nutrient essential to keep the body functioning properly Keep plenty of clean fresh water available at all times

6 Protein Protein requirements for lambs vary depending on their stage of development. Young, fast-growing lambs need rations with protein levels of 16 to 18 percent When lambs are getting fat and close to market, protein levels can be 11 to 12 percent.

7 Carbohydrates and Fats (or energy) body needs energy for necessary bodily functions Grain and protein supplements are high in energy Be sure to have the proper energy for your lambs development

8 Minerals Salt (sodium chloride), calcium and phosphorus are important minerals Have free choice loose salt, and loose trace minerals available at all times Calcium and phosphorus are essential for proper growth and development Be cautious of the copper level in sheep rations

9 Vitamins Lambs require very small amounts of vitamins lambs are receiving alfalfa hay or pellets in their diet, vitamin A should not be a problem


11 CARE OF NEW LAMBS When preparing to bring a lamb home be sure to check the pen for any sharp corners or obstacles. Feeding two or more lambs together has several advantages: They will settle down better in their new home. They will eat better due to competition.

12 STARTING YOUR LAMBS ON FEED first few days allow the lambs to get used to their new home. Start the feeding routine slowly Start feeding grain in small amounts and allow the lambs digestive system to get used to the concentrated grain This should be about 1/4 to ½ pound of grain per day

13 STARTING YOUR LAMBS ON FEED If they don’t clean up their grain in 15 minutes, remove the uneaten feed and reduce their next feeding by that amount Increase feed gradually to approximately two pounds of grain and two pounds of hay per day After two weeks your lamb should be on full feed

14 The different feeds Lamb DeveloperTextured Lamb (Grower)

15 Showlamb Grower DX Crude Protein, % (min) 18.0 This includes not more than 1.00% equivalent crude protein from non-protein nitrogen Crude Fat, % (min) 3.50 Crude Fiber, % (max) 9.00 Calcium, % (Ca) (min) 0.70 Calcium, % (Ca) (max) 1.20 Phosphorus, % (P) (min) 0.300 Salt, % (Na Cl) (min) 0.10 Salt, % (Na Cl) (max) 0.60 Selenium, ppm (Se) (min) 0.30 Zinc, ppm (Zn) (min) 115 Vitamin A, IU/lb (min) 4,500 Vitamin D3, IU/lb (min) 1,200 Vitamin E, IU/lb (min) 20 MoorMan's ShowTec 15.5 Lamb Provides 15.5% crude protein, 2.5% fat, and 10% fiber Properly fortified with vitamins and trace minerals for show lambs Medicated with decoquinate (Deccox ® *), 7.6 grams/ton Premium texturized quality for more efficient feeding Highly palatable with optimal levels of protein that delivers proper growth in show lambs

16 SUCCESS IN FEEDING Contact with your lambs twice a day is critical to monitor their progress Feed on time, within 15 to 30 minutes of a regular schedule Hand feeding is the best way to do this. This allows you to regulate the feed intake. For max growth good rule to go by is a lamb needs to consume 3% of his body weight EX. (A 100 lbs lamb needs to eat 3lbs of feed a day for max growth)

17 SUCCESS IN FEEDING Know when to increase or decrease feed by feeling your lambs finish. Know when to put the lamb on a holding ration to prevent him from getting to fat Weigh your lamb regularly to help you determine how he is growing. This will help you decide how much to feed him to reach your weight goal for the show.

18 EXERCISE Development of muscle Condition Stimulation of appetite Proper finish or fat cover

19 Ways to Exercise Circular runs w/ a track dog Walkers Tread mills Large open area for movement

20 Fitting for shows Washing- a lamb should be was very well before clipped or show Shearing- they should be shorn less the a quarter of a inch short


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