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B I B L E U N I V E R S I T Y DESIGNED BY: BISHOP CECIL REID, N. WILKESBORO, NC. 286597, (336) 667-1963, (336) 772-2922.

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1 B I B L E U N I V E R S I T Y DESIGNED BY: BISHOP CECIL REID, N. WILKESBORO, NC. 286597, (336) 667-1963, (336) 772-2922

2 B I B L E U N I V E R S I T Y University Slogan Promoting Lifelong Learning and Discipleship

3 Motto: “Students Taught By The Holy Spirit Studying Scripture ”

4 Christ Jesus Chancellor: President: Dr. Rosia Knighton

5 Mission Statement Smith Chapel Bible University (SCBU), a post-secondary academic education and faith- based institution, offer students training based on biblical faith illuminated in the Holy Bible (Authorized King James Version). This faith develops their intellectual maturity, wisdom, and Christian faith for the purpose of serving the family, community, church, and world through a personal relationship with our CHANCELLOR, Saviour and Lord Christ, Jesus.

6 Mission Statement

7 INTRODUCTION: The partnership is governed by a MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MOU) establishing a formal working relationship between SMITH CHAPEL BIBLE UNIVERSITY (SCBU) and EBCAmerica LLC and linked together as Nonprofit Organizations within the definition of IRC 501 (c) (3) beginning on 12/11/2014. STUDENT BENEFITS: A.All 2015/2016 students’ registrations are automatically enrolled in EBCAmerica BUDGET PAYMENT PROCESS (A Type of Financial Aid) B.Students admitted to SCBU and accepted as an EBCA beneficiary are eligible for Smith Chapel Bible University tuition, fees and all required textbooks paid in full by EBCA. C.The Spiritual component of EBCA & University Partnership consist of a course of study that earns University credits for required participation in sponsored revivals, workshops, seminars and Sabbath worship and community outreach.

8 Accreditation Certification United States Government Approval State of Florida Seal We are recognized by the Government of the United States of America, as a 501 (c) (3) Religious Organization with all rights and privileges as provided by law. The State of Florida Commission For Independent Education (CIE) State of Florida Department of Education Religious institutions that meet the requirements found in Section 1005.06(1) (f), Florida Statutes and Rule 6E-5.001

9 University Board of Trustees Vice President of Finance & Operations Dr. TAB Bush, Tallahassee, Florida Support Staff Dr. Mittie P. Johnson, Tallahassee, FL., Office of Registrar Mrs. Carey Jenkins, Miami, FL., Office of Admissions Evangelist Laura Adams, Tallahassee, FL., Office of Student Records Mr. Ernest Johnson, Facility Maintenance Vice President of Academic Affairs (Dr. Anthony Webster, Tallahassee, Florida

10 University Board of Trustees Bishop Dr. Abe Johnson, Ph.D., (Chair) Tallahassee, FL Bishop Dr. Anthony Webster., Ph.D., (Vice Chair) Tallahassee, FL Dr. Adrienne Beach-Duncan, Ed.D., Director of Curriculum & Staff Development South Georgia Technical College Mother Joyce Rolle University Deans (Max 4 of 7 seated)

11 University Board of Trustees De Facto University Trustees Dr. Rosia Knighton, D. Min., Interim Vice Chancellor, President Emeritus President (TBA) Trustees At Large (Max 7 seated)

12 Elder Coleman Glover Pastor Thad Boyle Prophet David Lawson Deacon Locksley Thomas Evangelist Marjorie Hall Señora Lucille Torres Pastor G. Aundre' Smith Reverend Waverly Palmore Elder Isaac Mayes Instructors Professors Dr Frank McDonald, Tallahassee Dr. Abe Johnson, Tallahassee Dr. Anthony Webster, Tallahassee Dr. Felisa McQueen-Lawson, Sneads Dr. Melvin Crawford Sr.

13 Form Faith Promote Discipleship Equip Leaders Schools of Excellence Education Goals SLICE THROUGH DARKNESS! EPHESIANS 5:17 “And take…the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.”

14 Consider ways to pave lifelong journeys of Faith as God's Word and Spirit work through people, programs and experiences. Romans 10:17 Form Faith

15 Nurture key faith practices as people of all ages grow in their desire and commitment to follow Jesus. "You can do more than pray, after you have prayed, But you cannot do more than pray, until you have prayed." --John Bunyan Promote Spirituality

16 Equip Leaders University: Utilize affiliate church-based training centers, distance learning technologies, symposiums, workshops and seminars for degree and non-degree programs Church: Convert current equivalent training offered by local churches, associations, unions or conventions to college credits Note: 15 clock hours equals 1 semester credit Records: Maintain secure web based student records & transcripts

17 UNDERGRADUATE Admission Requirements: A.Associate Degree Required B.Students candidates without an associate degree must be ordained, license or members of the ministry team., E.g., Church School Teachers, Ushers, etc., and admission requires dean approval. C.Pastoral Recommendation D.Required Score of Student Assessment GRADUATE Admission Requirements: Bachelor Degree and a Minimum of thirty semester credits beyond the bachelor to enrolled in a doctoral degree program Required Score of Entrance Exam

18 UNDERGRADUATE College of Biblical Studies - Bachelor of Biblical Studies (B.B.S.) College of Languages Arts - Bachelor of Science (BS) College of Chaplaincy - Bachelor of Arts (BA) College of Family & Consumer Science (BA/BS) Bishop Delmer Robinson College of Ministry, Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) College of Nouthetic Counselling Master of Sacred Theology (M.S.T.) College of Graduate Studies, Dual Master/Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) GRADUATE Seven Colleges of Excellence

19 Non-Degree Programs Registration: $180 plus books This program encourages you to enroll in an under-graduate course as a * non-degree student for a maximum of (1) semester - self-improvement - increase Bible knowledge - continuing education

20 Certifications Language: Español I & II Format: Classroom, Internet & CD-ROM Duration: 2 semesters Cost: $180.00 each Spanish (CD-ROM) additional Counselling: Faith Based Format: Degree Program only. Duration: Based on degree Cost: See catalogue

21 Certifications Leadership: A Resource Manual for Local Church Growth Pastor Leadership Manual. What every pastor needs to know Format: Workshop Duration: 4 hours Cost: $180.00

22 Degree Completion Transfer college credits Evaluation of documentations from local churches, unions, associations or conventions Attend on-line campus Attend church-based training center

23 Biblical Studies Degrees Associate: SCBU does not offer the (AS-or-AA) degree. Bachelor: 120 credits = $12,635 or monthly flex pay Master (Arts): 30 credits = $7,975 or monthly flex pay Master (Divinity): 45 credits = $10,605 or monthly flex pay

24 Biblical Studies Degrees Dual Master/Doctoral (D. Min): 96 credits = $18,540 or monthly flex pay Doctoral (Ph.D.): 45 credits = $22,740 or monthly flex pay

25 Summary and Conclusion USA Training Centers

26 Summary and Conclusion USA Training Centers

27 Summary and Conclusion USA Training Centers

28 Summary and Conclusion USA Training Centers

29 Summary and Conclusion USA Training Centers

30 Summary and Conclusion Lima Peru Training Center

31 Summary and Conclusion A typical credit-granting program of study delivered to remote (off-campus) location (s) via audio, video, or computer technologies, such as the Internet. Some distance education programs may include on-campus courses, lab work, on-campus exams or occasional campus visits.

32 THE NEXT STEP - APPLY Trimester System Spring Semester begins January 2015/16 Summer Semester begins May 2015/16 Fall Semester begins August 2015/16 Click: https://www.scbu.edu Telephone... 850-656-5950

33 B I B L E U N I V E R S I T Y DESIGNED BY: BISHOP CECIL REID, N. WILKESBORO, NC. 286597, (336) 667-1963, (336) 772-2922

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