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Introduction Calvary Academics Dynamic Ministry Curriculum

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1 Introduction Calvary Academics Dynamic Ministry Curriculum
A Ministry Academics Curriculum Calvary Academics Dynamic Ministry Curriculum Introduction Mentoring through Advanced e-Learning Technology

2 Co-operating with … The Tuition Centre facilitates training of students in a Local Bible School. TC obtaining materials, offering classes and evaluating quality of learning. Calvary Academics is the brand name of the course material, and is accepted by Calvary University. Calvary Life Tutors distributes the material. Calvary University requires CQA standards and recognizes credits. Calvary Academics © 2012

3 Growing since 1984 Training material developed for Bible Schools
Used in 250 Churches training 7200 students Qualifications from Certificates to Doctorate, PhD Accredited by CQA, South Africa, Swaziland, UK Student mentored to qualify from Calvary University Calvary Academics © 2012

4 Ministry Training (basics)
A Diploma is offered in 3 phases: Phase 1 — Christian Discipleship Phase 2 — Church Worker, Leader Phase 3 — Practical Ministry Calvary Academics © 2012

5 Ministry Mentoring (advanced)
A Bachelor is offered in 3 phases: Phase 4 — Advanced Diploma Phase 5 — Vocational Degree Phase 6 — Honours Specializing Calvary Academics © 2012

6 5-Fold Ministry Focus Programmes are offered for 5 different functions
Strategic Leader — (Apostle: Moses, Paul) …… BBL, BBA Spiritual Advisor — (Prophet: Aaron, Barnabas) … B.Min Doctrinal Teacher — (John, Aquilla, Priscilla) ….. B.Ed Church Relations — (Peter, Phillip, Timothy) …... B.Coms Shepherd, Pastoral Counsellor — (James) . B.Cns Calvary Academics © 2012

7 Post-Graduate Leadership
Postgraduate offered in 3 phases: Phase 7 — Masters (expert) Phase 8 — Doctoral (contribution) Phase 9 — PhD (new theory) Calvary Academics © 2012

8 Purpose Statement Calvary Academics has set out to:
Assist the local church in training believers Develop members as workers and leaders Be obedient to the Great Commission Calvary Academics © 2012

9 Mission Statement Being a tutor platform for Ministry Training
Providing e-learning technology to tuition centres Offering quality education to tuition centres Adhering to a Christian Value System Developing knowledge of the Word of God Enabling Christians to communicate and defend it Preparing disciples for their continual study in it Calvary Academics © 2012

10 Mission Statement continued
Offering sound professional training Equipping members of the local church for ministry Promoting duplication through leadership training Managing leaders to encourage maturity Based on a uniquely balanced five-fold ministry Objective Directed Learning (ODL) outcomes Locally accessible and technically supported Church Life training is financially affordable Calvary Academics © 2012

11 Mission Objectives Promote personal spiritual growth
Establish understanding of church life Provide training for ministry of student’s calling On-the-job leadership skills ministry training Provide a programme for disciple making Establish strategically situated Tuition Centres Provide affordable material to develop potential Calvary Academics © 2012

12 Calvary Advantages Reasons to use the curriculum:
The priority is Ministry (academics & practical) Contact tuition for interaction (discipleship making) Real-life practical experience (in own church context) Local Study in home-town (can still do secular work) Calvary Academics © 2012

13 Credit Recognition Credits endorsed by Calvary University
UK, RSA provides accreditation status Churches accept our high standards The Education Law (Act 101 of 1997) requires RPL to be applied. Ample work skills — transfer credits Take note: Universities offer a pure theology programme, not practical Church ministry. Little correlation for true RPL Calvary Academics © 2012

14 More Web Info:
Pray, Take Action Consider the Great Commission task of disciple making Ask for God’s wisdom Consider your calling to serve Plan to do leadership training At a Bible School you may find restoration and new life as you discover what you have in Christ Now, register and start! More Web Info: Calvary Academics © 2012

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