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Our Obligations to God Objectives:

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1 Our Obligations to God Objectives:
Indentify the meaning of the 1st commandment List and define the Theological virtues List and define the sins against the 1st commandment

2 1st Commandment I am the Lord, your God; you shall not have strange gods before Me

3 Meaning Acknowledge the existence of God Worship Him
We must know Him; trust Him; love Him This ability is given freely by God at Baptism and the gifts are know as Theological Virtues Faith, Hope, and Charity

4 Faith Supernatural gift from God allowing us to believe
Grace opens the eyes of our mind We believe the truths that God has revealed because He is TRUTH It (Faith) is a gift which calls for our response Prayer, study, practice of my faith

5 Sins against Faith Voluntary doubt: intentionally calling a belief into doubt because we don’t want to believe Schism: refusal to submit to the pope and bishops authority Heresy: doubt or denial by a baptized person regarding doctrine Apostasy: leaving the faith Atheism: Believing God does not exist

6 Hope Trust that God will gives us all we need to reach full union with Jesus Knowing our desire for eternal happiness can be achieved Work as if all depends on you; pray as if it all depends on God

7 Sins against Hope Presumption: counting on God’s mercy without any effort on my part to try I can attain salvation through my efforts alone Despair: belief that I am too wicked for God to forgive

8 Charity We love God above all things for His own sake, and our neighbor as ourselves for the love of God Love as Jesus loves the Father and each one of us To lay down one’s life for friends Love of God 1st which leads to love of neighbor

9 Sins against Charity Indifference: not working at my faith
Ingratitude: not acknowledging God’s goodness to me Spiritual Sloth: dejection, fleeing God for worldly distractions (acedia) Lukewarmness: going through the motions Hatred of God: obstinate in sin, suffering some tragedy

10 Virtue of Religion Justice requires that we give God what is His due
Worship, belief, action Prayer Adoration Thanksgiving Contrition Petition

11 Sins against Religion Idolatry: treating the finite as if it is God
Superstition: belief that things have secret power Divination: use of the occult to obtain knowledge Magic: belief that we can control the supernatural by spells, practices, actions Irreligion: mocking Religion or God or holy things Satanic Worship: self-destructive worship of the one who contradicts the Gospel of Jesus

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