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Friendship With GOD Name Lay Person.

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1 Friendship With GOD Name Lay Person

2 Friendship With GOD A Friend Is…
Someone who wants the very best for your life Someone who is willing to give up something of himself to help you become your best without asking for something in return. Someone who gives you space when you need it, and, can let you make your own decisions; even when he knows your decision may be a mistake! Someone who doesn’t run away when you make a mess of everything and still accepts you for who you are. 2

3 Where do you find a friend like that?
Friendship With GOD Where do you find a friend like that? In God God created us for companionship, to live in community with other people of God. God is love – he created us to love and be loved. 3

4 Friendship With GOD God is Not Our Enemy!
God is not trying to catch us in sinful disobedience. But, what is sin? The meaning of "sin" is "missing the mark or the target." God’s “target” is for us, His children, to live with Him in a loving relationship. Sin separates us from God. The Good News Is, God does not want us separated from Him! 4

Friendship With GOD GOD WANTS TO BE OUR FRIEND!! God called the Hebrews out of Egypt and offered them a covenant; a partnership. God sent these men and used their friendship with Him to spread His word. He finally sent His son, Jesus, the Christ 5

Friendship With GOD YOU ARE WORTHY TO BE GOD’S FRIEND! Jesus is God. He and the Father are one and they work through the Holy Spirit to spread His message of friendship. Jesus is the Christ, meaning “the anointed one”, the liberator setting men free from their bondage Jesus announces the Kingdom of God is available to all. Jesus offers us eternal life. In Jesus, God offers us His unconditional love and friendship. 6

7 The Most Rewarding Choice is Living in Friendship with God
It is the only choice that is worthy of us. It is totally satisfying. It is true! We are children of God, loved, and created by God to be loved by Him. We are brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ, loved and restored by Him We are temples of the Holy Spirit 7

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