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God and Creation Lesson Two.

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1 God and Creation Lesson Two

2 Apostles’ Creed Creed = A statement of faith or belief.

3 The God of The Bible He is one God
He has made Himself known to us as three persons. The God of the Bible is TRIUNE Tri = 3 Une = 1

4 The God of The Bible The Father is my CREATOR
The Son is my REDEEMER (one who buys back) The Holy Spirit is my SANCTIFIER (one who makes holy)

5 Believing in God god = that in which you trust

6 Believing in God To believe in God means: To know about God.
To accept what He says is true. To trust in Him as MY God When I believe in Jesus Christ, then I believe in God. Faith in Jesus Christ comes from hearing the Word of God

7 One who does not believe in Jesus is an unbeliever (who may believe in a god, but not the true God):
Heathen = one who worships false gods (idols) Athiest = one who says there is no god Agnostic = one who doesn’t know if there is a god Superstitious = one who trusts in something other than God.

8 God, The Creator God created (made out of nothing) all things, visible and invisible. God created the world in six days. God created the world by the power of His Word. Everything God created was perfect

9 God, The Creator By faith we believe that God is the world’s creator.
God created humanity in His own image (holy and perfect, like God) Man is the highest of God’s creation, created to be ruler over all of God’s creation.

10 Evolution The theory of evolution is not consistent with Genesis 1 and 2 or the rest of the Bible and therefore must by considered by the Christian to be a false religion.

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