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AZ Translational Science Karolinska Institutet

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0 Hugh Salter
AstraZeneca Translational Science Centre AZ-Karolinska Institutet Joint Research Program in Translational Science Hugh Salter

1 AZ Translational Science Centre @ Karolinska Institutet
Hugh Salter Head TSC Carina Jägenstedt Bismut Administrator KS PET Centre Ina Schuppe Koistinen Biochemical Biom. Lab Head Magnus Ivarsson Neurophysiology Lab Head Lars Farde PET Lab Head & Clinical Director Anna Bogstedt Biomarker Assays Eva Lindström Böö PET Project Manager Elin Åberg EEG Scientist Susanna Eketjäll Biomarker Assays Aurelija Jucaite PET Clinical Scientist Vacant AZ Postdoc Kina Höglund Biomarker Discovery Zsolt Cselenyi PET Clinical Scientist Maria Bhat Biomarker Discovery Magnus Schou PET Radiochemist Ying Sun AZ Postdoc Peter Johnström PET Radiochemist Anna Mattsson AZ Postdoc SciLifeLab

2 Finding the right patients – prodromal AD
Alzheimers disease Hint of subgroup in mild AD with Solenuzemab Finding the right patients – prodromal AD Selection of patients at appropriate disease stage Identifcation of prognostic markers + using these appropriately Enabling simple/peripheral measurement of central effects

3 AZ TSC, joint research and the Neuroscience iMED
AZ Neuroscience Innovative Medicines Cambridge US Cambridge UK Internal / external partners CRO, Consultancies. Biotech, Academia AZ Translational Science Centre, KI KI/AZ Joint Research Program in Translational Science 11 joint research programs, in place Q [4 MUSD/yr] Centrumbildning – CNS JRC – Jan Hillert, Anna Wedell, Lars Klareskog, Hugh Salter, Lars Farde, Ina Schuppe, Magnus Ivarsson Steering group Jan Andersson, Gunnar von Heijne, Sofia Hober, Britt Skogseid, Anders Ekblom KI/AZ/UU/SU/KTH – SciLifeLab Research Program 10 research programs, inititating Q [10 MUSD/yr]

4 AZ-KI Translational Science Centre
Joint Research Committee KI : Profs. Anna Wedell, Lars Klareskog, Jan Hillert AZ : Hugh Salter, Ina Schuppe Koistinen, Lars Farde, Magnus Ivarsson JRC is quorate when cochairs or their representatives are present Budget approval Approval of scientific reports / agreement on achievements Conflict resolution (publications, IP) Scope and mechanism for next funding call (2015) Project governance Scientific report once per year Financial report once per year, yearly payment of budget to host institution – see instructions in information folder. Program co-ordinator – Ina Schuppe Koistinen Administration – Carina Jägenstedt Bismut

5 KI-AZ Translational Science Centre
Centre budget Fixed component (6 MSEK / yr) – infrastructure Rent, animal facilities Workshops Attendance of postdocs/students to AZ postdoc conferences Central analysis staff???? Research component (24 MSEK / yr) – staff + consumables Only 80% pre-allocated (4 yr projects, 5 yr funding) Grants to PIs What happens in 2015? Competitive renewal of current programs New grant call for additional 2 year programs

6 Platforms at the Science for Life Laboratories, Stockholm
A national resource centre for technology-driven bioscience Genomics / 2nd generation sequencing Proteomics siRNA screening Biosample immunoscreening (histo + biofluids) High-resolution microscopy Chemical biology Bioinformatics High content biology from 2013 Drug discovery Protein production Structural biology Genetic models

7 AZ-KI Joint Research Program in TS : 2013 Projects
Per-Johan Jakobsson Medicine Identification of sub-phenotypes and biomarkers in systemic autoimmune diseases Sven-Erik Dahlén IMM, CfA New biomarker patterns for phenotyping of asthma, allergies and COPD Mauro D'Amato BioNut Post-genomic applications in IBD: exploitation of genetic information toward improved diagnosis and therapy Johan Björkegren MBB DNA-on/DNA-off—towards biomarkers predicting molecular disease states driving coronary artery disease in subgroups of patients Ulf Andersson CMM Development of assays to quantify HMGB1 isoform levels as biomarkers for mode of cell death and clinical prognosis in drug-induced liver injury (DILI) Henrik Grönberg MEB Circulating tumor DNA as a personalized biomarker for treatment prediction and disease monitoring in prostate and breast cancer Jonas Bergh Onc-Pat Search and identification of therapy predictive markers in primary and metastatic breast cancer with focus on TORC1/2 inhibition and AZD8931 with long-term goals of individual prognostication and tailored therapy selections Janne Lehtiö OncPat Immediate adaptation analysis for prediction of efficient combination therapy with Gefitinib Roman Zubarev, Agneta Nordberg, Dag Aarsland Discovery of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers of preclinical Alzheimer’s disease by combining advanced proteomics, metabolomics and lipidomics analyses of blood plasma and cerebrospinal fluid Sophie Erhardt PhyPha The pursuit of immune biomarkers in schizophrenia– tracking down pathophysiological mechanisms Per Svenningsson CNS Biomarkers of early Parkinson´s disease R&I CVGI Safety Onco NS

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