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1 The Materials are Reading Comprehension Non-Continuous Text Comparison Language Function Expressing Asking for and Giving OpinionLeave Taking.

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1 1 The Materials are Reading Comprehension Non-Continuous Text Comparison Language Function Expressing Asking for and Giving OpinionLeave Taking

2 2 Reading Text: The students of class 3b are doing a survey. In their school, SMPN 6 Makasar, there are 600 students. Their survey is about favorite leisure activities among the students. The result is as follow

3 3 1.Which are the three most popular leisure activities among the students? a.Reading, Watching TV, and Sport b.Listening to the radio, Watching TV, and Visiting Shopping complex c.Sightseeing, Camping, Listening to the radio d.Visiting Shopping complex, Sports, and Reading

4 4 2.From the diagram we know that …. a.There are fewer students doing sport than camping b.The most favorite leisure activity for the students is visiting shopping complex c.There are about 12 students like camping as their leisure activity d.Watching TV is students’ favorite leisure activity

5 5 3.How many students spend their spare time on reading? a.6 students b.66 students c.36 students d.42 students

6 6 4.The students who like camping are … than those who like sightseeing. a.less b.fewer c.more d.equal

7 7 5.Based on the survey above, which ones belong to outdoor activities? a.Shopping, reading, and sports b.Watching TV, reading, and camping c.Listening to the radio, and watching TV d.Camping and sightseeing

8 8 DEGREE OF COMPARISON Menggunakan “adjective” dalam kalimat sehingga disebut “Qualitative Adjective” Ada tiga tingkatan “Qualitative Adjective”, yaitu: 1.Positive degree (as + adj + ) The book is as expensive as my new bike. 2.Comparative degree (adj + er + than) Tari is nicer than her brother. 3.Superlative degree (the + adj + est) Adi is the most handsome students in the class.

9 9 Comparative Degree Formula a.Adj dengan satu suku kata adj + er … than My mother is older than your mother. b.Adj dengan dua suku kata adj + er … than Abi is lazier than Imad. (lazy – ier) c.Adj dengan lebih dari dua suku kata adj + more … than Firly is more diligent than Dita.

10 10 Superlative Degree Formula a.Adjective (adj) dengan satu suku kata “the + adj + est” Umar is the strongest in the class. b.Adj dengan dua suku kata “the + adj + est / the + most + adj” Ina is the prettiest girl among the students. Or Ina is the most pretty girl among the students. c.Adj dengan lebih dari dua suku kata “the + most + adj “ Shirley is the most diligent girl at home.

11 11 Quantitative Comparison CountableComparativeUncountableComparative manyfew more than fewer than muchlittle more than less than

12 12 Irregular Adjective PositiveComparativeSuperlative goodfarmany/muchlittle better than further than more than Less than the best the furthest the most The least

13 13 Contoh Kalimat : 1.Mr. Ali has less furniture than Mr. Usman. 2.I have fewer novels than you do. 3.The teacher gives more homework than yesterday.

14 14 1.Zulham is 16 years old and so is Nanda. We can say that ….. a.Zulham is as old as Nanda b.Zulham is the same old as Nanda c.Zulham is the different age from Nanda d.Zulham is the same age as Nanda

15 15 2.Today is … than yesterday. b.hotter c.hottest d.the hottest

16 16 3.Look at this table ! a.Trousers is the cheapest of all. b.Shirt is more expensive than shoes. c.Tie is the most expensive of all. d.Tie is cheaper than shirt. ThingsPrice ShirtShoesTieTrousers Rp Rp Rp Rp

17 m 1 m A B from the picture we know that : A is as... as B. a.big b.meter c.width d.length

18 18 5.Erna: Which one is better, traveling by a taxi or a bus Nina: Of course by taxi, but travelingn by bus is … than by taxi. a.more expensive b.cheaper d.expensive

19 19 6.Mount Jaya Wijaya is the … mountain in Indonesia. a.widest b.largest c.highest d.longest

20 20 Language Function Leave Taking I think I should be going I’d better go now I really have to go now Good bye Bye See you Take care Respond Well, It’s been nice seeing you I’ll see you soon I’ll see you later Let’s get together soon I’ll call you Bye

21 21 1.Tia: Will you have some more tea, please? Ina: No, thanks. It’s nearly 10pm. … Good night. a.We have to get some more. b.You have to drink now. c.It’s time for me to go now. d.I don’t think l have to go now.

22 22 2.Teacher: Is there anything else you want to know. Students: That’s all l want to know. Teacher: Alright, then see you tomorrow then. The underline utterance expresses … a.greeting b.apologizing c.congratulating d.leave taking

23 23 3.Siti: I’m afraid it’s already late at night. Your mom’s waiting, I’m afraid. Cici: Oh, yes. I … now. a.must go b.don’t have to leave c.will keep staying d.return here

24 24 4.Before Sari goes to bed, she says … to her mother. a.thank you b.good night c.good bye long

25 25 5.Adi: It’s nine o’clock now. I can’t stay here any longer. Ila: What a pity! See you tomorrow then. The underlined words mean …. a.Adi wants to live with Ila b.Ila wants Adi to stay with her c.Adi wants to leave Ila d.Ila wants to leave fro school

26 26 Language Function Asking for Opinion What do you think about/of What’s your opinion of … What do you feel about … What’s your comment on … What can you say about … How do you feel about … Would you mind telling me what you think of … Giving Opinion In my opinion …. In my view …. I think …. I feel …. I believe …. I guess …. To my mind …. As far as I’m concern ….

27 27 1.A: What can you say about our new teacher? B: … she is okay. a.She says b.To my mind c.I see d.Don’t say

28 28 2.Ami:... our new principal? Ima: In my opinion, he is nice and wise. a.What do you think about b.Do you think c.Think about d.What does

29 29 3.Nur: …. Lies: I guess Indonesia will be the champion. a.Do you know Indonesian Open? b.What can you say about Indonesian Open? c.Do you watch Indonesian Open? d.Have you heard about Indonesian Open?

30 30 4.Rita: What do you feel about the disaster in Aceh? Rati: I feel it a human race tragedy. The underlined sentence expresses … a.Asking for opinion b.Giving opinion c.Request d.An offer

31 31 5.Romy: …. Indonesia, Mike? Mike: It’s a beautiful country with friendly people. I like it very much. a.How do you know b.What’s your comment on c.Would you like me to tell d.Could I leave

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