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Dr. J’s Honey Wellness Eat Smart Healthy Body, Mind and Lifestyle

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1 Dr. J’s Honey Wellness Eat Smart Healthy Body, Mind and Lifestyle

2 Who’s Behind the Program? Dr. Joyce has served the St. Louis community as a pediatrician for more than 25 years. She’s a Clinical Instructor of Pediatrics for Cardinal Glennon Memorial Hospital and St. Louis Children’s Hospital. She is an advocate in the areas of asthma/ allergies, as well as having an effective weight management program. Her current community involvement includes:  Physician Board of Counsel, Cardinal Glennon Hospital (since 2003)  Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, St Louis Chapter (since 2007)

3 As a pediatrician, Dr. Joyce realized that an alarming number of her patients (and their families) suffered from asthma and allergy symptoms. In fact, St. Louis is among the highest regions in the country for allergies and allergy-related illnesses. She discovered that significant numbers of children and parents had allergies and asthma as a direct result of having a reduced ability to exercise. Many children required steroids to control their asthma and allergy symptoms, which can lead to weight gain and, through that, another critical childhood problem – obesity – which is also negatively impacted by asthma. An Urgent Need

4 A Plan Began In 2001, Dr. Joyce began educating parents with easy-to-follow lifestyle changes to help reduce asthma and allergy symptoms. These included both dietary and environmental changes. And her advocacy led her to a surprisingly effective (and delicious) solution…

5 Local Honey! Dr. Joyce saw remarkable results using local honey. It truly was making a difference in her patients health. She also found  Lay literature supports the theory that incorporation of local honey into one’s diet can be beneficial in reducing asthma/allergy symptoms because the bees that produce the honey feed of the local pollen.  She also found that regional honey is not available everywhere. It’s difficult to access without transportation.  Parents want to incorporate a healthier lifestyle for their entire family. Not everyone likes the taste of pure honey, but almost everyone likes honey as an ingredient in bread, granola and cookies. Schools, childcare facilities and parents are desperate for nutritious foods that children can enjoy.

6 A Tasty Solution: Dr. Joyce’s Honey Wellness Program  Delicious products that work!  Honey Wellness Cookies  Honey Wellness Granola  Honey Wellness Cookie Crumbs  Honey Wellness Rolls  Pediatrician-Designed Plans  Dr. Joyce’s Family Weight Loss Program ©  Dr. Joyce’s Honey Wellness Program

7 Proven Results!  Students say:  “This tastes like restaurant bread.”  “Hard to find healthy things that taste this good.”  Parents say:  “I usually see allergy/asthma symptoms in my son around now, but I haven’t seen anything.”  Administrators say:  “We’re ecstatic about Dr. Joyce’s products. We saw a decline in the amount of allergy/asthma symptoms that the children display since we’ve been adding [the products] to the children’s diet.” (Tamura Binion, Tamura’s Family Child Care)

8 Dr. Joyce’s Products Deliver Big Benefits  Local honey may help build immunity to allergens.  All Dr. Joyce’s whole grain products meet Missouri Eat Smart guidelines for healthy grains.  Dr. Joyce’s Honey Wellness products may reduce asthma and allergy symptoms because the local honey is incorporated into her products.

9 A True (and wonderful) Story “Recently, a family traveled to Washington, D.C. for spring break, taking the child out of our care for one week. When the family returned, the grandmother approached me about buying the products to serve to the child while at home. She stated that while they were out of town, the child experienced his first asthma flare-up of the year. She immediately noticed that the products that we serve have a significant effect on the child’s health. The grandmother stated that typically, the child would have started to develop asthma symptoms in early January, but noticed nothing until March, and they were very minor.” Ellicia Qualls Executive Director Urban Sprouts Child Development Center University City, MO

10 The Vision  Make Wellness Simple  Create Easy Access to Products:  To fill demand coming from parents  To bring benefits of local honey to the masses.  Building a Lifestyle:  Offering a proven program for total health  Becoming a resource for achieving goals, plans, progress and tips.  Creating a forum for parents to share their successes and challenges.

11 Questions and Discussion How can we work together? What would you like from us? What kind of timeline would you like us to create?

12 Thank You!

13 Our Contact Information: Dr. Joyce Johnson Phone: 314.535.1197 Email:

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