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Year 9 Raising Achievement Evening

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1 Year 9 Raising Achievement Evening
To explain target grades and progress Stretch & Challenge – what can parents do? DODDLE: an online resource The Process of Learning An introduction to Careers Guidance Pastoral Support

2 What to expect from GCSEs
Pupils are all doing different combinations of courses They will all have varying numbers of exams Very clear target grades and assessments of current attainment Fine gradings eg: C1, C2, C3 Red, amber and green

3 Target grades Year 9: Interim target grade
For the end of Year 9 Year 10/11: GCSE target grade For the end of Year 11

4 Progress from KS2 to Year 11
Level 5 – Grade A/A* A*/A B C D E 5 4 3 Level 4 – Grade B Level 3 – Grade C KS2 Yr Yr Yr Yr Yr11 Targets also take into account a range of other factors. Targets are NOT just based on KS2 prior attainment.

5 What is Stretch & Challenge and how can you help?
Stretch and Challenge What is Stretch & Challenge and how can you help?

6 What does stretch and challenge mean?
Challenging the mind to its capacity and potential Moving out of comfort zones and taking risks Challenging work consistently at their end of Key Stage grade and beyond

7 What do the pupils want their parents to do?
Be supportive and encouraging; be there for us; be on our side. Don’t expect too much of us; don’t expect perfection. Don’t pressure us, be too demanding, or push too hard. Help us with our schoolwork/homework. Help us to develop our talents. Be understanding. Allow us some independence; give us space; trust us, because chances are we know what we are doing! Talk to us; listen to us.

8 What is available for pupils?
Watch and Listen weekly listings Inspiring Futures Programme for careers How to get an A* at GCSE resources Extra Curricular clubs/School council GCSE POD Oxford university interview questions



11 An introduction to our online
DODDLE An introduction to our online learning resource

12 Wouldn’t you love it if…
…you could do your homework wherever, whenever – even if you haven’t got your textbooks with you? …your homework was packed with animations and interactive activities, not just text? …you could do your homework on the computer instead of on paper? Wouldn’t you love it if… …your homework explained questions you got wrong? …you knew how well you did as soon as you finished your homework and could improve your score? …you always knew what homework to do, and when?

13 Well, you can do all this with Doddle!
Doddle is an online homework and revision resource that makes it easier for you to understand what you’re covering in class. Your teachers can assign you homework quizzes and use Doddle in lessons. Or, you can use Doddle on your own to revise and find extra help with other homework.

14 To log in to Doddle, go to www. doddlelearn. co
To log in to Doddle, go to and click on the login button at the top. Teacher’s note: Why not replace our site screenshot with your school website here if you’ve added a link to Doddle? Enter your school name, username and password. Your teacher will give you your username and password at the end of this assembly.

15 Doing your homework On the home screen, you’ll see your ‘To Do’ list. This lists your homework across all subjects, in order of how soon it’s due. To complete a homework, click on an assignment in your To Do list. You can then see all the quizzes your teacher has assigned, as well as any comments they’ve made.

16 Revision You don’t have to wait for your teacher to assign work. With Doddle, you’ve got access to loads of revision materials, so you can use Doddle whenever you need to: revise for an exam or end-of-unit test find out more about a topic. Click on ‘Browse’ to see all your revision materials for that subject.

17 In Browse, you’ll find: Presentations – in-depth introductions to whatever you’re studying. Worksheets – use these during exam preparation to vary your revision. Revision – quickly recap a topic when you’re revising for exams. Interactives – animations and activities that let you see ideas in action.

18 Take control of your learning:
…do your homework wherever, whenever – even if you haven’t got your textbooks with you! …do homework that is packed with exciting animations and interactive activities! …do your homework on the computer instead of on paper! With Doddle you can… …access homework that will explain any question you miss! …know how well you did as soon as you finish your homework and have a way to improve your score! …know what homework to do and when!

19 Go to www. doddlelearn. co
Go to or use the link via the Swakeleys School website Institution Swakeleys School for Girls Username firstnamesurnameyearstarted Password swakeleysschool Doddle usernames examples: Hayleywalsh13 if I started in 2013 Hayleywalsh12 if I started in 2012

20 Styles of Learning Visual: Learn through seeing
Auditory: Learn through listening Kinaesthetic: Learn through moving and doing Most distracted by: untidiness Most distracted by: noises Most distracted by: physical/moving disturbances

21 The Process of Learning!
Getting information from the short term memory store into the long term memory bank! SHORT TERM MEMORY LONG TERM MEMORY Relevant Repeat Recall



24 G O L D GET it! You need have all the work and understand EVERYTHING.
Going for GOLD! G GET it! You need have all the work and understand EVERYTHING. O ORGANISE it! Sort out your work, make revision notes, cue cards, diagrams... L LEARN it! Repeat the notes over and over, re-write it, GET IT IN YOUR HEAD! D DO it! You’re ready – practice papers, DODDLE, Bitesize, self test

25 An introduction to careers
Becky Howells Tuesday –9am – 12.30pm Thursday – 9am – 3.30pm In the 6th Form Library

26 How can Careers Advice help you?
Help you look at your options Career planning Further Education UCAS Applications Search for courses and training schemes Choose training routes that fit your lifestyle Apprenticeships

27 What help can my daughter get at Swakeleys?
Updated Library resources Careers Advisor in 6th form library One to One interviews Group Sessions regarding specific career paths Assistance with CV preparation

28 What does the future hold?
Computer Technology Healthcare/ Elderly Care Specialist Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Energy Technology /Forensic science technician Hairdressing and Cosmetology Paralegal and legal assistant Complementary Therapies, Counselling ,Physical Training Instructors and Coaches. Financial Advisor Legal sector, Police, Teachers, Training & Development

29 Pastoral support: Mrs Miles
Attendance is KEY Continual effort from the girls & assessment by us Parents and school working together to support achievement Achievement is different for everyone! We are all here to support your daughter

30 Year 9 Raising Achievement Evening
Thank you and have a safe journey! Please let us know what you think of the evening!

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