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SchoolHome Student. Study leave no longer exists Targeted revision is run in school for all students and is organised by the departments Students have.

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1 SchoolHome Student

2 Study leave no longer exists Targeted revision is run in school for all students and is organised by the departments Students have found these sessions very useful Departments organise the sessions

3 Parents always want to know how they can help with exam preparation. Ensure that everyone in the family knows the importance of the external examinations and that study rooms are kept free from disturbances Take an interest and encourage them without pressurising too much. Offer support and advice e.g. testing, listening, timing Equip them - provide pens, paper, highlighters, folders, index cards, A3 paper, post it notes etc. If son or daughter is very worried talk to them and suggest they talk to teacher/tutor

4 Plan periods of time for revision well in advance If they have part time jobs make sure its a sensible amount Help them to think about the best times of the day to study and the most appropriate revision periods during the day, when distractions are least likely Help son or daughter to find the right place to study, where they are comfortable-this may be bedroom but might be another room or place. The right environment is very important-at home, the library, computer access, space to spread out, working with a friend Reduce distractions in the revision room (e.g. TV, radio, mobile phones etc.) Negotiate e.g. switching off mobile for 1 hour revision but on for 10 minute break Some students like to listen to music whilst they study-revision doesn’t have to be in silence

5 Assist with timetable preparation so that you are aware of the weekly programme Make sure they take regular breaks - short bursts of revision ( 1 hour maximum) followed by short breaks of 5 -10 minutes is the best way to work Make sure there is variety in the revision techniques and subjects e.g. some websites e.g. My Maths, mind maps, revision cards etc. Help them to keep things in perspective and keep things calm Give encouragement

6 Organisation is half the battle It is important to create an effective, working revision timetable and review this regularly – it will change and evolve Students should be actively following a revision timetable from now, not just prior to examinations Keep the balance right Suggest at least 2 sessions a day during term time Discuss the best times to study Allow time for social activities, sport, doing nothing! There are many websites that will help you with this process, one example is Study more than 1 subject each day (e.g. Science first, Language next)

7 Here are some “tips” to designing an effective revision timetable Keep the sessions short Interrupt sessions with regular breaks Ensure to allocate time for:  Repetition and recall  Frequent testing and feedback  Set targets to be met for each session  Different levels of difficulty  Re-tests SchoolHome Student


9 Weekly Study Planner – Week Beginning _______________________ SubjectsRevisionCompleted/Notes English Maths Science R.E Option

10 Some students say why bother with planning a revision timetable It avoids wasting time It breaks down tasks into manageable sections It ensures the time is focused time and not just reading through notes Students can tick off tasks when complete-tracking progress, giving a sense of satisfaction


12 It is certainly not just reading. If you suspect that your son and daughter is just silently staring at a page you might ask them to do some of the following … E.g. Select the five most important sentences from their reading and justify to you why they chose them. Select the top eight key words and justify why they chose them.

13 Create a mind map of what they have read.

14 Ask your son/daughter to construct flash cards. Each card will have a large key word on one side with the definition on the reverse. As a parent you can hold the keyword up, and ask your son/daughter to define the words.


16 Be the stop watch for timed practice

17 Past exam papers are all available for free on the exam board websites – AQA, Edexcel and OCR. Get them to highlight information which would help them answer the question from their exercise book or alternatively photocopy their work and DELETE information which is not helpful. Answer a past exam question.

18 Using the internet does not mean that they are wasting time… Interactive revision sites My Maths BBC Bite size Pod casts

19 Manage time effectively and cover as many topics as they can and select key information Use spare moments e.g. travelling to the exam Plan the day in advance of the exam - use the time well, make practical preparations e.g. packing of bags, allow some ‘down time’ Get a good nights sleep Avoid too much coffee/caffeine drinks/energy drinks Leave plenty of time to get to the exam Make sure they have all the necessary equipment e.g. black pen, calculator, pencil, colours all in a clear pencil case/bag (can be bought for £3 from Finance Dept.)

20 Know the start time of the exam Bring all the necessary equipment Have breakfast before the exam, bring a drink and eat sensibly

21 We all want your son/daughter to be successful in the exams If you have any concerns please contact Mrs Martin at the school

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