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Environment can cause incarceration Locked Up Video 1.

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1 Environment can cause incarceration Locked Up Video 1

2 Chad Briscoe Sasha Brown Lisa Di Maggio Da Monte’ Hollman Lena Olaya Dante’ Owens John Shuman 1

3 Research Questions Does environment impact a person’s probability of being incarcerated? Who is being incarcerated? What is being done to change the cycle? 1

4 The Research Surveyed 93 people who were previously incarcerated Survey Locations Concord, Oakland, SF Bart, Pittsburg, Antioch, Rio Vista, Brentwood, Bay Point Most in person, some over the phone 2

5 Introductory Comments Environment has an impact on whether one is likely to be incarcerated Now that we know this, it is important to detour at an early age. 1

6 Does environment impact a person’s probability of being incarcerated? 43% had parents who were incarcerated 66% reported drug activity in their area 34% didn’t feel safe 35% saw 5 or more cops per day 65% believe police are racist 3

7 Does environment impact a person’s probability of being incarcerated? By the time one realizes that environment leads to incarceration, it’s too late 3

8 Friends affect the number of times incarcerated 0 The more friends you know that have been incarcerated= more times incarcerated 3

9 If in a gang, 100% had violent offences 1 100% !!

10 Who is being incarcerated? 50% of those surveyed were abused as children 41% were between 20-30 years old 44% African American, 24% Latino, 16% White 21% Some HS, 35% HS Diploma, 33% Some College Typical income, $9,000 to $44,000 6

11 Who get’s locked up? 5

12 Time spent incarcerated in months 1,5

13 How many times locked up 1,5

14 Trouble in school 5

15 What is being done to change the cycle? Male role models reduces the amount of pressure felt to due crime 6

16 Especially for people with incarcerated parents 6

17 Male Role Models 6 71%

18 Community Needs More Male Role Models  Especially for children with incarcerated parent Earlier awareness of how environment can lead to incarceration Friends who haven’t been incarcerated and aren’t in gangs Reach people while they’re still in school 2

19 To focus on the needs of at risk kids and give them the tools they need to make good choices as they grow into adulthood.

20 Strategy 1 Midnight Basketball  Hosted by churches, police departments, and/or non profit organizations  To get youths off of the streets and keep them occupied doing something healthy and productive  Good opportunity to be exposed to good male role models.  Life skills workshop  Successful in U.S. cities 4

21 Strategy 2 College bound males tutor high risk elementary students Helps youngsters learn, expose them to good male role models, and hopefully they will copy their behavior This would work well if the tutors earned high school credits while participating Cost effective-can even be done during school hours 6

22 Strategy 3 Summer Camp For young children Sponsored by wealthy business owners who may have had a criminal history Fun along with education that teach children life skills Far from their neighborhood Bring in older, successful students who come from similar backgrounds 2

23 Chosen Strategy MidnightTutorsCamp Easy to implementxx Affordable, sustainablexx Quick implementationx Reach lots of peoplex x Reaches the right people xx 346

24 Midnight Basketball

25 In Closing…. When analyzing the data and working with tinker plots the charts that stood out the most were how environment does effect crime Lack of male role models Importance in reaching at risk kids 15

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