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There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings. ~Hodding Carter, Jr.

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1 There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings. ~Hodding Carter, Jr.

2  To teach right from wrong  To instill values  To teach respect  To teach discipline  To encourage confidence  To help them feel secure and loved

3  To prepare my child to live without me

4  Ensures that students with disabilities have access to special education and related services designed to prepare them for employment and independent living  Includes identifying long-range goals and services and strategies that will help students make the shift from school to adult life


6  Early 20’s, low average IQ, moderate to severe deficits in adaptive behavior  Mom wakes her up in the morning, makes her breakfast, lunch and dinner (she can get her own snacks)  She can bathe, groom and dress herself  Home all day  She spends most of her day watching videos and playing on the computer  Parents work but have to arrange their schedules so that their daughter is not alone for more than an hour or 2 at a time  She goes to bed about 8 and gets up and does this again tomorrow


8 “Begin with the end in mind” --Steven Covey

9 As an adult,  My child will be able to live independently.  My child will have at least 2 or 3 close friendships.  My child will be able to let others know what his needs are.  My child will lead a spiritual life.  My child will live a healthy lifestyle.  My child will enjoy a safe and happy sexual life.  My child will contribute to the community.  My child will find satisfaction in several of his daily activities.  My child will have coping strategies to help him manage stress, change and loss.

10  The 3 R’s  Communication skills  Hygiene  Domestic Skills  Safety Skills  Basic Social Skills  Basic Work Skills

11 FUNCTIONALITYINDEPENDENCE  Are these goals functional for my child? Do they relate to real—life situations ?  How are we preparing my child to use this skill independently?

12  Provide a schedule of activities and tasks  Provide physical supports your child needs  Provide visual instructions and organization  May have to provide tangible reinforcement to ensure motivation













25 Interviewer: When you were learning job skills, what were some of the skills that were really useful, or that made you feel that work was really meaningful? Temple Grandin: Well, the first thing I was taught was being on time, and that was at a much younger age. I had an alarm clock ever since first grade, and I had to learn how to set it and how to get up in the morning. When I was thirteen my mom got me a little job with a dress maker, hand sewing dresses. I'm seeing kids right now getting out of college and they haven't had any jobs. They haven't walked a dog, they haven't delivered a paper, they haven't mowed a lawn. They haven't done any job thing for anyone else, and they have to work on job skills. YouTube video by mindgate media

26  To Self  To Family and Community Benefits  Skills  Safety  Self-efficacy  Awareness of Others  Respect from Others “If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.” ~Abigail Van Buren



29  Social thinking – Michelle Garcia Winner – what we say and do affects other people and their feelings about us.  Character education - the teaching of children in a manner that will help them develop as moral, civic, good, mannered, behaved, non- bullying, healthy, critical, successful, traditional, compliant and/ or socially acceptable beings.

30 Trustworthiness Be honest Don’t deceive, cheat, or steal Be reliable — do what you say you’ll do Have the courage to do the right thing Build a good reputation Be loyal — stand by your family, friends, and country Respect Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule Be tolerant and accepting of differences Use good manners, not bad language Be considerate of the feelings of others Don’t threaten, hit or hurt anyone Deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements Responsibility Do what you are supposed to do Plan ahead Persevere: keep on trying! Always do your best Use self-control Be self-disciplined Think before you act — consider the consequences Be accountable for your words, actions, and attitudes Set a good example for others Fairness Play by the rules Take turns and share Be open-minded; listen to others Don’t take advantage of others Don’t blame others carelessly Treat all people fairly Caring Be kind Be compassionate and show you care Express gratitude Forgive others Help people in need Citizenship Do your share to make your school and community better Cooperate Get involved in community affairs Stay informed; vote Be a good neighbor Obey laws and rules Respect authority Protect the environment Volunteer

31  Self awareness  Self monitoring  Self-control

32  Check in frequently, visually  Discuss yours and others’ feelings  News articles, What Would You Do?, Table Topics  Practice setting daily goals and making plans to achieve them

33 Katy’s Journal 1. Today I felt: 2. One thing that made me happy was: 3. One thing that upset me was: 4. When I got upset today, I: 5. I feel that I managed my upset responsibly yes or no 6. I feel that I could have behaved more responsibly if I had: 7. Tomorrow if I get upset, I will try to: 8. Something I’ve been thinking about that would make me happy:

34 “I had always known I was different from others but I didn't know in what way.” “When I found made my life make sense. Finally I was not damaged beyond repair...” “…well crap....all these years being a pariah with no explanation. still a pariah but at least i know why now. i actually cried while reading literature about a. s. why hadn't any doctor said something in the past? “ “First, I felt a sense of relief knowing there is a reason for me being how I was and there were other people just like myself. I also felt sadness that I hadn't found out earlier and I had spent so many wasted years spinning my wheels.”

35  “(A friend) posted the results of an Aspie quiz on her FB, I took it and got 155 out of 200, Most Likely an I looked it up and went "WOW, I am not crazy/insane/should be locked up forever" and went to a therapist who diagnosed me. What a difference knowing made. I told my boss (who is so totally cool with it because his nephew is autistic) and 2 friends at work. Now when I am feeling like a melt down, I just tell one of the 3 that I feel bad and why, and they help get me back to a better place. 1 friend even has code words for when I start to spaz and don't realize it I also now force myself to take an hour after work to not be around people, so I can recharge, it helps with the stress and fatigue of performing all day at work. I also have my ipod at work with charger so when I am overwhelmed (too much noise, light, smell, work, combo of the above), I can hyper focus (does that make sense, it does to me)”

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