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Animal Noises in Latin Practice with the six different verb endings.

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2 Animal Noises in Latin Practice with the six different verb endings

3 These slides were made by Year 5 pupils at Moreton Hall in Suffolk. The children drew and painted all the animals themselves using the program Painter 5.5 and wrote the verbs out using the help sheet on the Minimus web site Minimus web site The children have been learning Latin with Minimus.

4 elephant: elephantus  barrio: I trumpet.  barris: You (s) trumpet.  barrit: He/she/it trumpets.  barrimus: We croak.  barritis: You (pl) trumpet.  barriunt: They trumpet.

5 mouse:mus  murrio: I squeak  murris: You squeak (s)  murrit: He/she/it squeaks.  murrimus: We squeak.  murritis: You squeak (pl).  murriunt: They squeak.

6 owl: noctua  tutubo: I hoot.  tutubas: You hoot (s).  tutubat: He/she/it hoots.  tutubamus: We hoot.  tutubatis: You hoot (pl)  tutubant: They croak.

7 duck - anaticula tetrinnio-I quack tetrinnis-You quack[s] tetrinnit-She/He/It quacks tetrinnimus-We quack tetrinnitis-You quack[pl] tetrinniunt-They quack Picture by Eleanor

8 equus-horse hinnio-I neigh hinnis-you(s) neigh hinnit-she/he/it neigh hinnimus-we neigh hinnitis-you(pl)neigh hinniunt-they neigh

9 rana-frog coaxo-I croak coaxas-you(s)croak coaxat-he/she/it croaks coaxamus-we croak coaxatis-you(pl)croak coaxant-they croak

10 vespa – wasp bombito: I buzz bombitas: you buzz bombitat: he/she/it buzzes bombitamus : we buzz bombitatis :you buzz bombitant: they buzz

11 sciurus- squirrel murrio: I squeak murris: you squeak murrit: he/she/it squeaks murrimus: we squeak murritis: you squeak murriunt: they squeak.

12 gallina – a hen singultio – i cluck singultis( s) – you cluck singultit – she/he/it clucks singultimus – we cluck singultitis (pl) – you cluck singultiunt – they cluck

13 grillus-a grasshopper strideo-I chirp strides-you chirp stridet-he chirps stridemus-we chirp stridetis-you chirp strident-they chirp



16 vacca - cow mugio I moo mugisyou (s) moo mugithe/she/it moos mugimuswe moo mugitisyou (pl) moo mugiuntthey moo

17 lupus - wolf ululo - I howl ululas - you[s] howl ululat - he she it howl ululamus – we howl ululatis - you[pl] howl ululant – they howl

18 Remember the endings! -oI -syou singular -the/she/it -muswe -tisyou plural -ntthey

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