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Mrs. Gausepohls Class 2008 - 2009.

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1 Mrs. Gausepohls Class

2 Jim Thorpe Born: May 28,1888 Died: March 29,1953 He played baseball He scored 25 touch downs in football. He played the giants in baseball. Sydney Elizabeth Bird

3 Thomas Edison Born February 11,1847 Died October 18,1931 At age 8 he set up a laboratory in his basement. Edison saved the life of a station official’s child. He invented the light bulb. Hayden Boggess

4 Henry Ford Born July 30,1863 Died April17,1947 Ford fell in love with Clara Bryant.     In 1926 Ford began losing sales.       He was the son of Irish immigrants. Alec Conrad

5 Young Orville and Wilbur Wright Born Wilbur—April 16, 1867 Orville August 19,1871 Died Orville January 19,1948 Wilbur May 30, The Wright brothers spent a great deal of time observing birds in flight. Kitty Hawk North Carolina was chosen for their early flight experiments because its consistent high winds off the ocean are perfect for a kite flying. They tested over two hundred different wings and airfoil models to improve the performance of the gliders. Wilbur Wright (left) and his brother Orville Kaelen Friesner

6 Helen Keller Born June 27,1880 Died June 1, 1968 A severe fever at Age 19 months left Keller blind And deaf and barely able to communicate The tutor who taught Keller the alphabet And thereby opened up the world to her Haley Diana Guthery

7 Susan B. Anthony Born February 15,1820 Died in 1906 Susan was a Quaker
Susan B. Anthony Born February 15,1820 Died in Susan was a Quaker. She was born in a farm house. Susan tried to outlaw liquor. Colton J. Hartman

8 Alexander Born March 3,1847 Graham Bell Died August 2,1922 Thomas Watson became an associate of Bell. He made parts and built models of Bell’s inventions. One day while they were working Bell accidently heard the sound of a plucked reed over the telegraph wire. Terry Stobart

9 Frederick Douglass Born around 1818 Died in 1895 Frederick Douglass was the leading spokesman of American negroes. In the 1800’s born a slave Douglass became a noted author and speaker. He devoted his life to the abolition of slavery. Emily Hines

10 Clara Barton Born Decembe25,182r 1 Died April 12, Her father was a soldier. She was the youngest child of Stephen Barton. teaching At the age of 15 Clara Barton in began a nearby school. Morgan Lynne Keyser

11 Hedy Lamarr Born November 9, Died January 9, Hedy Lamarr moved to Hollywood to sign a contract and become a film star. She quit school at the age16; and got a job working for director Max. Lamarr was recently given the Electronic Frontier Foundation award for their invention. Halley Nelson

12 Cody Odum Henry Ford Born July 30, 1863 Died April 17,1947
Ford disliked both school and farm life. He had a stubborn management style. He married Clara Bryant. Cody Odum

13 Dakota Lynn Richardson
Margaret Wise Brown Born: May 23,1910 Died: November 12, She wrote songs. Even now, over forty years after her sudden and unexpected death, those who comprised her inner circle still speak of her enormous creative powers as true genius She wrote about 100 books before she died. Dakota Lynn Richardson

14 Jim Thorpe Born March 28,1888 Died March 29,1953 King Gustav of Sweden handed him the gold medals saying, sir you are the greatest athlete of them all. In 1912 Stockholm Olympics Jim Thorpe who was of mixed American Indian, French and Irish descent gave one of the most brilliant all-round performances in the history of athletics. He won both the pentathlon and the decathlon. kody .p. Rushin

15 Jackie Robinson Born January 31,1919 Died October31,1972 There were five children in the Robinson family His youngest brother was his greatest fan. Robinson won letters in football, baseball, basketball and track. Ethan Saffell

16 Ben Franklin born on January 17, 1706. died April 17, 1790
Ben Franklin born on January 17, died April 17, He invented a glass harmonica One stormy night my son William and I were experimenting with lightning. He travelled to Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and England. Zack Tipple

17 Ben Franklin Born January 17,1706 Died April 17,1790 He printed newspapers. had a poor family He. Did you know that he died at age 84? Jordan Ash

18 Arthur Ashe Born January Died February 6,1993 In 1988 Arthur discovered he had AIDS. He was the first black person to win the US Open in tennis. Arthur was a tennis star in the 60’s and the 70’s and an African American. Brandon Lenart

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