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2 C ONTENTS O VERVIEW Overview of Rare Earths and the market Introduction to CEC Rare Earth Corp The building of Rare Earth Refineries Supply of Rare Earth Products CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential2

3 K EY M ESSAGES A significant gap exists for supply of Critical Rare Earth products and there is a race to fill it – CEC Rare Earth has proven capabilities to build refineries for these products The supply of these critical resources within the Western hemisphere will be highly valued for re-establishing supply chains and industrial bases outside of China A secure source of these strategic resources enables regional investment in related industries and businesses Rare earths contribute more to global climate change than any other factor – by enabling clean technologies such as hybrid cars, alternative energies and cleaner gasoline and diesel. Contrary to typical commodities and metals (Gold, Silver, Copper) the largest value add activities in Rare Earth products is the refinery: – Ore – $1 – Concentrate - $5 – Refined Rare Earth Products - $20 -$100 A major Rare Earth facility for Critical Rare Earth products established within 3 years can be competitive with the largest RE companies globally in revenues & profits. CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential3

4 RARE EARTHS AND THE MARKET Sources, applications, uses, demand and supply CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential4

5 W HAT ARE R ARE E ARTH E LEMENTS ? 17 elements used for improved performance and quality Found combined together in mineral deposits Rare Earths are of little industrial value unless separated CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential5 Light Rare Earth Elements (LREE) Heavy Rare Earth Elements (HREE)

6 R ARE E ARTHS B ACKGROUND CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential6 Rare Earth mineral deposits are not rare Commercially viable Rare Earth mineral deposits are rare Rare Earths separation capability is extremely rare outside of China CEC Rare Earth delivers proven Critical Rare Earth separation capability outside China

7 Neodymium Praseodymium Dysprosium Terbium Yttrium Europium Terbium Neodymium Praseodymium Dysprosium Terbium G REEN T ECH A PPLICATIONS CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential7

8 F OCUS ON THE C RITICAL REE S CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential8 Heavies (HREEs) Dysprosium (Dy) Terbium (Tb) Europium (Eu) Yttrium (Y) Lutetium (Lu) Gadolinium (Gd) Holmium (Ho) Erbium (Er) Thulium (Tm) Ytterbium (Yb) Lights (LREEs) Neodymium (Nd) Praseodymium (Pr) Cerium (Ce) Lanthanum (La) Samarium (Sm) CEC Rare Earth plants and our partners will produce all of the Critical Rare Earth products.

9 G LOBAL S UPPLY S ITUATION CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential9 Source: IMCOA Surplus or Deficit of major Rare Earths 2010 2015

10 CEC RARE EARTH CORP An introduction and overview CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential10

11 W HO IS CEC R ARE E ARTH C ORPORATION ? CEC Rare Earth Corporation is based in Vancouver, Canada with a strong management team and key advisors from China’s Rare Earth industry CEC Rare Earth team has significant experience in processing and supplying Rare Earths – Team members has many years of collective experience and have design and built over 10 refineries inside and outside China CEC Rare Earth has two complementary business areas: 1.Designing, Building and operating of Rare Earth Refineries outside of China 2.Supply of Rare Earth Products to top level industries outside of China CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential11

12 CEC R ARE E ARTH ’ S K EY P EOPLE Rojer Li (Managing Director ) –10 years experience in RE industry, extensive contacts in refining and international trading. –Li family business owns and operates the premier rare earth engineering and design company in China as well they own, in whole or in part, four rare earth refineries inside and outside of China. Bill Purcell (President & COO) –Extensive experience in the downstream oil industry. –Strong background in environmental management Peter Shearing (SR VP – Sales & Business Development) –Broad international experience in the electronics and high-tech manufacturing industries. –25+ years of materials, electrical, and process engineering background Apolo Ohno (Director) Wide ranging international business experience with Fortune 500 companies; the most decorated US Winter Olympian Rod Jao (Director) Global venture capital experience with a variety of industries including technology, manufacturing and telecommunications. Tracy A Moore (Advisor) Extensive corporate finance experience in 20 countries, and CEO of REC’s strategic partner, Canada Rare Earth, a public Canadian rare earth exploration company. REC Confidential 12 Feb 2013

13 C HALLENGES & O PPORTUNITY Global Rare Earth Supply and Demand Situation Global industry depends on China’s refineries (>90%) for Rare Earth products Demand for Rare Earth materials in new clean technologies and advanced applications is growing and exceeding global output Prices reflect this supply gap and the lack of Western rare earth refining capability Non-China based companies demand new sources of Rare Earth supply outside of China to support their business and products Establishment of Rare Earth refineries requires very specialized and hard to obtain expertise and experience The CEC Rare Earth Opportunity Unique team with technical expertise in the design, build and operation of Rare Earth separation plants –experience not available from other engineering companies CEC Rare Earth’s advantage provides supply for its customers through highly valued off take agreements to deliver significant revenues and profits CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential13

14 BUILDING RARE EARTH REFINERIES CEC Rare Earth Corp unique capabilities and the advantages CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential14

15 “Finding rare earths are only a small part of the process of turning the ore into usable materials” Dr. Steven Leeb “Mining is the easy bit: Separating rare earth elements is where the complexity comes in” Kidela Capital presentation “Mining is — believe it or not — the absolute easiest thing we do. Once we pull it out of the ground, that’s when things get complicated,” Mark Smith, MolyCorp past CEO CEC R ARE E ARTH A DVANTAGE Turn Key Refinery Projects – Proven expertise, experience and IP in design, construction and operations – Lower project risks of design flaws, construction cost overruns, operating problems and delays getting to market. CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential15

16 V ERTICAL INTEGRATION CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential16 Buyers’ Rare Earth needs are matched to mine deposit Ingredients for a Joint Venture – mine, refiner, buyer Attractive to investors: pre-sold high value output, efficient refinery Buyers Refinery Mine Concentrate Separated oxides & metals Specific element and quality specs Need secure, reliable supply Want reasonable, predictable prices Efficient design: Reliable supply of consistent raw materials Known and pre-sold end product specs Extends the value chain beyond concentrate

17 V ALUE C OMPARISON CEC Rare Earth Turn-key Separation Plant Fixed Price contract delivers a complete and operating separation plant Guaranteed startup success based on numerous refinery startups Proven ability to separate all Critical Rare Earth Elements, production of specialty products, Integrated process design and build team of Rare Earth refinery experts Operations training and support Advantages with Turn-key Fixed Cost Proven ability to deliver quality Rare Earth products On time completion Typical Engineering Project Estimated costs only for individual elements (design, build, operate etc.), based on little to no experience in REO separation Little if any experience in the startup and optimization of a REO separation plant Individual process design, build, startup, and operation teams with varying levels of RE knowledge and experience 12-06-09Confidential: www.cecrareearthcorp.com17 Engineering Project Risks Late startup Quality issues Budget overruns

18 SUPPLY OF RARE EARTH PRODUCTS CEC Rare Earth Corp Supply Chain CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential18

19 CEC R ARE E ARTH ’ S C HINA E XPORT S OURCES CEC Rare Earth has 4 primary sources within China all who have been inspected and approved for the environmental requirements Access to all RE oxides, metals, and specialty compounds for domestic China requirements or exportation More than 2000 MT committed to CEC Rare Earth for export to its customers CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential19

20 P ARTNER R EFINERY Mechanically complete & in final permit approval process 2015 production start SE Asia: outside of China 3,000 MT Critical Rare Earth Products CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential20

21 L ONGER T ERM S UPPLY CEC Rare Earth is securing future supply from new projects; Currently in planning, design and permit stage for a full spectrum Rare Earth plant in SE Asia Additional projects agreement for a 2 nd SE Asia refinery; combined output exceeds 5000 MT Strategic alliance with Canada Rare Earth for two more major proposed refineries. Expect to build a total of 5 refineries with total capacity exceeding 15,000 MT CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential21

22 E XECUTIVE S UMMARY CEC Rare Earth Corporation’s business: – Building Turn-key Rare Earth refineries – Supply of all Rare Earth products Over 5000 MT of Rare Earth supply available for top tier customers including supply from non-China based refineries CEC Rare Earth has the proven capability for processing Critical Rare Earth products outside of China CEC Rare Earth is building a full spectrum Rare Earth refinery outside China and an opportunity to participate currently exists CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential22

23 THANK YOU CEC Rare Earth Corp. Confidential23


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