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Welcome First Grade Parents Runnymede Elementary School 2011-2012.

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1 Welcome First Grade Parents Runnymede Elementary School 2011-2012

2 Our First Grade Team Mrs. Dettinger Ms. Struss Ms. Warner Ms. Henninger Mrs. Graham

3 Our Mission Our mission in first grade is to learn more about reading, writing and math by practicing every day and always trying our best.

4 First Grade Team Action Plan We will be developing an action plan that will address student data that aligns with our Runnymede SIT plan. Strategies Include: - Data Binders - Parent/Student Conferences - Formal and Informal Assessments -Differentiated Small Group Math Instruction -Differentiated Small Group Reading Instruction - Monthly Newsletters - Departmentalization

5 Departmentalization Each student will have an ELA and Math teacher Math Teachers~ Mrs. Dettinger and Ms. Warner ELA Teachers~ Ms. Struss and Ms. Henninger

6 Daily Schedule 8:55-9:20 Students Arrive 9:20-11:20 Instructional Block #1 11:30-12:00 Lunch 12:05-12:20 Recess 12:20-12:30 Read Aloud 12:30-1:30 Specials 1:30-3:30 Instructional Block #2 3:35-3:45 SAGO 3:45 Dismissal

7 Units of Study Math Science Social Studies ELA

8 Math- Core Curriculum Numbers and Operations to 20 Operations and Algebra Numbers and Operations Base 10 Geometry Measurement and Data

9 Elementary Mathematics Curriculum Transition Plan Pre-KK12345 2011- 2012 2012- 2013 2013- 2014 2014- 2015 (MSA Administered) (MSA Likely To Be Administered) (Common Core Assessments Administered) Implement CCSS Continue Teaching Current CCPS Timelines D.Hicks 8-11 (MSA Administered) ←Implement Instruction That Develops The Standards For Mathematical Practice→ Continue Teaching Current CCPS Timelines

10 Science and Social Studies Seeds Patterns Best of Bugs Rules and Responsibilities Me and My Neighborhood Past and Present

11 ELA Leveled Trade Books Words Their Way- Secret Stories 6 + 1 Writing Traits Writing Workshop Literacy Stations Treasures Reading Assessments in September, January and May Fluency Assessments in September, January and May when needed

12 Runnymede Code of Conduct Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Ready to Learn

13 What is PBIS? Positive Behavior Intervention Support The application of evidence-based strategies and systems to assist schools to increase academic performance increase safety decrease problem behavior and establish positive school cultures

14 PBIS Big Ideas Positive Behavior Support is a process for teaching children appropriate behavior and providing the supports necessary to sustain that behavior. PBIS is not a curriculum - it is a framework for systems to identify needs, develop strategies, and evaluate practice toward success

15 RUE Hawk Heroes Soar to Success Positive Behaviors are Celebrated with: –Tickets –Public recognition –morning announcements –notification home –earned rewards –assemblies

16 Rewards 10Stickers 15Bring in a stuffed animal 20Wear a hat 25Guest Reader 25Show and Tell 30Use teacher chair 40Prize box 40Homework pass 50 Computer time 100Lunch with Teacher

17 Classroom Management If classroom rules are not followed, students have the following consequences: 1.Verbal warning 2.Move to Yellow: Warning Slow Down and think 3.Move to Red: 5-10 minute time out from activity or recess 4.Any more warnings result in Teacher’s Choice which could include a phone call or note home or a visit to the support room

18 Homework Policy Homework chart is in student’s take home folders with binder clip. Please keep it in all week. A new homework chart is provided every Monday for each student. Homework is Monday through Thursday –Reading- The students are expected to read at least one book at home each night and record the book on their homework chart. Students will earn a ticket each time they show their teacher they have read a book the night before. –Math- Math homework will come home weekly to reinforce skills that have been taught in class. Students will be bringing Math homework home on Tuesdays and Thursdays. –Sight Words- Students are expected to practice sight words on a weekly basis. This can be done with flashcards, using words in sentences, spelling the words, or spelling quizzes. Sight word folders will be sent home every Wednesday night.

19 Student Attendance Carroll County Public Schools recognizes the importance between attendance and academic success. Please contact the school every day your child will not be present for learning. Please make arrangements to obtain missed class work if applicable. Please contact the school nurse or school counselor, if your child’s absence will be more than three days due to illness or emotional concerns. There may be supports available for you and your child. Please provide written documentation (handwritten note sent in with your child, faxed note (fax # 410-751-3537), or email ( as to the reason for the absence upon your child’s return to We look forward to seeing your child every school day. For more information regarding attendance and attendance procedures please see the handout, student handbook, or the Student Services Manual located on the CCPS website – Thank You and have a wonderful 2011-2012 School Year!

20 Runnymede’s Birthday Policy We discourage the handing out of birthday invitations in the classroom. Please do not send in edible treats due to food allergies. Other ideas are pencils, stickers, goodies bags, etc.

21 Volunteers *Please remember to sign up for a Volunteer Training session. You must take the session 7 school days prior to volunteering on field trips or in the classroom. If you took the volunteer training last year, you need to take it again as of September 30 th. Home Volunteers Color, cut, and paste Create learning centers School Volunteers Work with individual students Work with small groups of students Clerical work

22 Data Binders The purpose of the data binder is to communicate information to the parents about reading, writing, spelling and math. Data Binders Include: -Reading Progress -Writing Progress -Math Progress -Parent/Teacher Communication

23 Information Scholastic Book Orders- Scholastic book orders will be sent home on a monthly basis. If you would like to order books for your child you must send in a check or a money order made out to the book club. Some teachers may have online ordering as well. Field Trips- You must send in money for field trips in a money order or check made out to Runnymede Elementary. We will be going to Bear Branch Nature Center in October and Rose Hill Manor Park in May. We will try to accommodate as many chaperones as we can for each trip.

24 Thank you for coming!! Please go and visit your child’s classroom. Any Questions??

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