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Welcome Freshman Parents

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1 Welcome Freshman Parents
Back to School Night Welcome Freshman Parents

2 High School Timeline Freshman Year Sophomore Year Junior Year
Orientation to high school/ Four-year planning/Explore Test Sophomore Year PLAN Test/ Career planning/Naviance Junior Year College planning and testing (PSAT, ACT/PSAE, SAT) Senior Year College applications and financial aid

3 Freshman Year Orientation to high school Academics School culture
Resources Introduction to The West Way Four-year planning sessions Small group sessions with counselor Introduction to curricular options


5 The West Way Created to foster a positive social culture that promotes both social and academic success (PBIS model). Research based system that teaches expectations and reinforces positive behaviors. September, November, and December Orientation dates will use The West Way framework to present topics related to social-emotional development.

6 West Way Themes 2013-2014 September Follow the West Way
October On-Time October November Show Gratitude December Electronic Etiquette January Academic Honesty February Live Life Well March Respect April Dress Appropriately May Exit With Pride

7 Freshman Orientation Dates PLC Mondays
September 16 – Introduction to High School/Getting Involved September 23 – Getting Involved/Introduction to High School November 4 – Respect December 2 – Successful February 3 – Sophomore Year Enrollment March – Social Emotional Learning (SEL) April – Summer Planning Freshmen are required to remain in school on these Mondays from 2:00 – 2:35

8 Four-Year Planning Sessions
Individual counselors meet with small groups of students during second quarter. Counselors discuss curricular options, course sequences, and elective opportunities. Students complete Tentative Four-Year Plans and prepare for February enrollment.


10 Extracurricular Involvement
Athletics 28 athletic teams (750 student athletes) Students must meet academic eligibility requirements Clubs/Activities Over 60 clubs Most meet after school – late buses available

11 Counselor Assignments Class of 2017
Direct Line Alphabet Rhiannon Sieck A-Ca Mike Neberz Ce-F Anthony Bergantino G-He Chris Lubiniecki Ho-Mag Jeremiah Wiencek Mah-Mil Natalie Rubino Mim-Raw Kate Culloton Rax-Si & ELL Norma Vega-Rodriguez Sk-Z & ELL

12 Resources PowerSchool: Web-based student information system
Lunch Intervention Resource schedule STRIVE: after school homework program Glenbard Parent Series (GPS)

13 (click on
Suggested Websites (click on eligibility center)

14 Thanks for coming!

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