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Sophomore Night JANUARY 14, 2015 6:30 PM. Welcome!

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1 Sophomore Night JANUARY 14, 2015 6:30 PM

2 Welcome!

3 Mrs. Mary Novak Administrative Assistant Mrs. Karen Parise Student Assistance Counselor The College Counseling Department: Additional Support

4 Introductory Remarks

5 An Extended Apology to High School Sophomores …. Jon Boeckenstedt, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management De Paul University

6 Introductory Remarks

7 College Application Overview Components:  Application & fee  Transcript  Standardized Tests  Extracurricular Record  Essays  Teacher and Counselor Recommendations

8 Scheduling Process Honors/AP Applications: Available onlineonline Social Studies &Science require applications from all students Due January 23 (or 1/16 for Science) Online Schedule Request/Electives Dates: February 12-19: Students enter elective preferences on Net Classroom Visit the Course Descriptions and be informed!Course Descriptions Counselor/Student Meetings: Feb 23-May 1

9 Standardized Tests  The Role of Standardized Tests  2014 PSAT Results

10 Changes to the SAT: March 2016 Score out of 1600 instead of 2400 ◦Writing will be optional and scored on a separate scale ◦Test will be shorter now ◦Score Report will include subscores and cross-test scores Wrong answers will no longer be penalized Questions based on real world context ◦Use published work and founding documents ◦No more obscure vocabulary words Preparation: Current sample questions are available onlineavailable online Students can practice with Khan Academy beginning in May 2015.Khan Academy

11 Changes to the PSAT – October 2015 Score out of 800 in each section, max score of 1600 ◦Evidence-Based Reading and Writing ◦Reading ◦Writing and Language ◦Math Wrong answers will no longer be penalized Longer test Knowledge tested will mirror that of SAT Preparation: ◦Sample questions are now available.Sample questions ◦A full practice test will be available in March 2015.

12 Standardized Tests: Timeline Junior Year: October: PSAT January – June: First SAT and/or ACT May or June: Subject Tests* Senior Year: September –December SAT or ACT *Subject Tests are only required by some highly selective universities. Sophomores currently in AP classes should consider AP tests this year.

13 How will you spend your summer?  College Visits?  Summer school?  Summer job?  Junior Justice Project?  Enrichment Programs?

14 This semester… Counselor meetings for Naviance Careers Roadtrip Nation Personality Test College Search Parents can use Naviance, too!

15 In the Future… JUNIOR YEAR ◦Group and Individual Student Meetings ◦College Rep Meetings @ Brophy: Juniors may attend 3 ◦Spring Essay Workshop ◦Spring parent meetings (optional) ◦Naviance navigation SENIOR YEAR ◦Naviance navigation ◦Nuts and Bolts Application Help ◦ Essay Review ◦ Application Workshops After School (Sept/Oct) ◦College Rep Meetings @ Brophy: Seniors may attend 5 ◦ Financial Aid Night

16 Upcoming Events… March 19: Coffee Chat, 7:45 AM, Great Hall August: Junior Parent Meeting at back to school night August: In-State University Night….Class of ‘16 is welcome! Fall College Fair @ Brophy

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