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5905 Grosvenor Avenue Memphis, Tennessee 38119

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1 5905 Grosvenor Avenue Memphis, Tennessee 38119
BALMORAL/RIDGEWAY ELEMENTARY School-wide PBIS Plan (Discipline Plan) Principal Sharonda Beard 5905 Grosvenor Avenue Memphis, Tennessee

2 BRE International Baccalaureate School
We are aligned with the mission of the International Baccalaureate Program. “The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect” Revised 9/14

3 Vision We will become a powerful learning community that develops caring, creative and curious citizens who are internationally minded. Revised 9/14

4 Mission We will provide a high performing learning culture in a nurturing environment with high expectations and instructional activities that are meaningful, relevant and inclusive. Revised 9/14

5 Guiding Principles We believe….
All students can learn, achieve and succeed. In using a variety of teaching strategies. In a safe learning environment. Parents, teachers and community help our school realize it’s mission. In cultural diversity and that our school will engage in international mindedness. Students will become independent thinkers, problem solvers and wise decision makers. Revised 9/14

6 Our Values Balmoral/Ridgeway Elementary is a small school with a big heart. With two schools merging into one, together we served the Balmoral and Ridgeway community for over 30 years. We are as dedicated to our mission as ever. Faculty members work to create a community that provides belongingness, significance, and fun. We value… Individuality Family Diversity Community Effort Learning Healthy Lifestyles Revised 9/14

7 BRE Code of Conduct Keep your hands and feet to yourself!
Always show respect to your teacher, other adults, and your classmates! Follow directions ! Keep to the right and always walk in the building! Hallways and restrooms are zero zones! If someone bothers you tell the teacher, and if things don’t change inform administration! Our school has zero tolerance for fighting and bullying! Revised 9/14

8 Goals or Objectives Our goal is to decrease office referrals for behavioral concerns, tardiness, and absenteeism by 5%. Our goal is to decrease suspensions by 5%. Revised 9/14

9 Balmoral Ridgeway Elementary School PBIS (Discipline) Team Members 2014-2015
Principal* Sharonda Beard Assistant Principal (recommended) Professional School Counselor* Marylyn S. Washington School Psychologist General Education Teacher(s) Samantha McGuire, Evidane Slaughter M-SCEA Representative* Tonda Boyland Elected Teachers (2)* Special Education Teacher(s)* Carla Hinkle Related Arts Teacher(s) Students Educational Assistant(s)/ Non-Certified Staff Community Member Parents (2)* Debbie Jones ISS Assistant (recommended) Cafeteria/Custodial Staff Bus Driver Other(s): Celeste Fraser Revised 9/14

10 PBIS Meeting Schedule August 26, 2014 September 9, 2014 October 14, 2014 November 18, 2014 December 16, 2014 February 3, 2015 March 17, 2015 April 21, 2015 May 19, 2015 Revised 9/14

11 Monitoring Process Teachers meet weekly in professional learning communities. They look at data to determine who is experiencing academic difficulty. Students are monitored and referred to the Response to Instruction and Intervention Team when necessary. Intervention for reading and math is available. Tier II students receive an additional 90 minutes of reading instruction from the teacher weekly. Tier III students receive an additional 60 minutes of reading instruction from the teacher weekly. Students participate in I-station for Reading and I-Ready for Math weekly. The PBIS team has access to all of this data to review, plan, and implement strategies needed to ensure success for all students. Revised 9/14

12 BRE Action Plan School wide systems
To develop a Behavior Expectation Matrix Teach staff how to respond to “minor” behavioral infractions Train all staff to respond to appropriate and inappropriate behaviors according to PBIS program Non classroom settings systems Provide opportunities for staff to identify “problem areas” Staff observe transition periods PBIS team evaluate referral data related to non classroom locations Classroom systems Teachers develop Essential Agreements to teach all students the expected behaviors and routines All staff trained to identify and respond appropriately to “minor” and “major” behavioral incidences Teachers will work with Professional Learning Coach to ensure materials are available to assist in the differentiation of instruction Revised 9/14

13 Celebrations Bi-weekly Intercom Announcements
Daily and Weekly Student Folders Weekly Parent Newsletters Monthly Kindergarten- Second Grade and Third-Fifth Grade IB Explosion assemblies PTO meetings Shelby County Schools Weekly Newsletter Revised 9/14

14 Referral Behavior Classification
Staff Managed Office Managed Inappropriate Language Inappropriate Language that is bullying or threatening in nature Physical contact related to horseplay Fighting Failure to return homework, progress reports, notes to parents Failure to respond to office request for conference. Failure to Respond to Adults Consistently failing to respond to adults Revised 9/14

15 Chart for Dealing with Problem Behavior
Observe problem behavior Find a place to talk with student(s) – Student Conf. Ensure safety YES NO Staff manageable? Determine consequence Write referral & Escort student to office Contact Parents/Guardians File necessary documentation NO YES Problem Resolved Follow up with student Refer to School Counselor File Documents Problem Resolved Write referral to office Revised 9/14

16 Teach the Essential Agreements, Expectations and Procedures
Code of Conduct taught first week of each semester Code of Conduct reviewed daily during morning announcements Weekly folders sent to parents Students receive conduct grades based on following Essential Agreements Essential Agreements posted in every classroom and signed by students Students receive I See IB Bucks Students behavior monitored continuously Revised 9/14

17 School Wide Incentives
I See IB Bucks – given by any staff member and/or volunteer – bi-weekly random drawing for prizes Popcorn Party- students must earn E’s in homeroom classes and ENCORE classes for the month Casual Dress Day-students must attend school daily, must be on time, and must stay all day. (Tardies and Early Dismissals disqualify students) The Silver Spoon Award- based on positive cafeteria behavior Revised 9/14

18 Resources for Incentives
Balmoral Presbyterian Church Ridgeway Baptist Church Target (Ridgeway Loop) PTO Embassy Suites Wal-Mart Neighborhood Store Baptist Hospital for Women Revised 9/14

19 Communication with Parents & Community
Daily and weekly student folders Weekly parent newsletters Website PTO meetings Parent Link School Messenger Revised 9/14

20 Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Prevention
Classroom lessons for all grades taught by the professional school counselor School wide activities for Red Ribbon and Healthy Choices Weeks coordinated by professional school counselor and P. E. teacher Revised 9/14

21 Bullying Prevention September 24, 2014 – Bullying and Intimidation Training for staff by Professional School Counselor September 29, Peer Mediation Training for selected fifth graders by Professional School Counselor October 16, 2014-Bullying Prevention Parent Workshop Ongoing classroom lessons taught by Professional School Counselor Revised 9/14

22 Violence Prevention Programs
Second Step classroom lessons taught to kindergarten through second graders by the Professional School Counselor Peer Mediation Training taught to select fifth graders by Professional School Counselor Peer Mediation sessions available to all students Revised 9/14

23 Intervention Strategies
Anger management, social skills groups and issue driven groups such as divorce, grief, incarcerated parents, led by counselor and/or social worker Check In/Check Out with counselor for students who need daily support Mentoring program for selected kindergarten- fifth grade males (Boys to Men) Mentoring program for selected kindergarten-fifth grade girls (G.E.M.S.) Behavior plans as needed Revised 9/14

24 Intervention Team Team composed of school counselor, administrator, classroom teacher, school psychologist, and school social worker All of the team members will meet weekly Team will meet at regularly scheduled intervals during the year to evaluate interventions such as group counseling and Check in Check out Revised 9/14

25 Additional Interventions
Peer Mediation Parent workshops Behavioral Contracts Revised 9/14

26 Tier 3 Interventions Response to Instruction and Intervention Team
Develop comprehensive behavior intervention plans as needed Develop Functional Behavior Assessments as needed Success of interventions will be monitored Revised 9/14

Marylyn Washington Evidane Slaughter Samantha McGuire Tonda Boyland Carla Hinkle Celeste Fraser Sharonda Beard Revised 9/14

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