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Arundel High School Presenters: Sarah Lynne Walsh and Kathleen Soares March 27, 2012 PBIS.

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1 Arundel High School Presenters: Sarah Lynne Walsh and Kathleen Soares March 27, 2012 PBIS

2 School Overview PBIS History and Current Program Administrator Role Roadblocks Data Results PBIS at Arundel High School

3 Arundel High School Gambrills, MD 1 of 12 comprehensive HSs in AACPS Signature: Global Citizenship and Community Development Core Values: Respect, Responsibility, & High Expectations

4 Large, all-American high school with rigorous academics and extracurricular opportunities Diverse population, changing demographics Tradition, community, PRIDE Arundel High School

5 AHS Demographics 14% FARMS 8% Special Education

6 Introduction of PBIS Established in 2004 – 2005 by committee of teachers who attended PBIS training Focus on the positives, classroom management techniques Philosophy of program matched school needs Principal, administrative support Introduced at beginning of school year in ½ day, small-group PD sessions

7 “You Can’t Hide That Wildcat PRIDE!” Posters, Signs, T-shirts, Newsletters, Website, Announcements

8 PBIS – Program Points PBIS Committee – 20 staff members, including two co-chairs and an AP Pride Bucks – tickets for positive recognition/interactions, drawings with student and staff incentives Classroom vs. Office Managed Behaviors, Minor Incident Reports (MIRs), Referrals Staff Staff with Certificate Data Monitoring and Sharing Monthly

9 Updated Program Points Pride Matrix for each class Pride Paws Pledges in each classroom Pride Pause (PAWS) – weekly e-mails with helpful hints and reminders No Referral Rallys during peak months Brief “Best Practices” PD monthly Renewal of Program this school year – at start of school year revisited rationale, current status, school goal, focus on soft offenses, teacher reflection

10 Pride Bucks Issued for positive recognition and interactions with staff members Collected for bi- weekly drawings by administrators and counselors with student and staff incentives, 35, 000 issued this year so far

11 Classroom vs. Office Managed Behavior Flowchart updated at start of 2011 – 2012 school year with staff input

12 Three carbon copies – student, teacher, administrator Teacher identifies and documents inappropriate behavior and addressing of behavior Parent Contact Various consequences – seat change, time out, WCH (lunch) or after school detention Minor Incident Reports (MIRs)

13 Staff

14 Data Monitoring School Wide Information System (SWIS) and SMS Chancery Referrals entered, MIRs filed in discipline records Faculty presented with monthly updates Red-zone students, specific areas and times are identified and addressed Interventions for students Supports for teachers Bi-weekly discipline discussions, data review by administration/school leadership

15 Completed by each student in every class period at the start of each semester Class discussion activity about what PRIDE looks, sounds, feels like in each learning environment PRIDE Matrix

16 Written pledge signed by every class member and their teacher for each class period Displayed in each classroom throughout the semester PRIDE Paws

17 Pride Pause (PAWS) E-mails sent out each week to full staff by different teachers with helpful hints and reminders about classroom management, relationship building, and/or PBIS initiatives

18 Administrator Role Common Expectations - observations, feedback Focus on Red Zone Students Discussions with Teachers Consistency, Problem Solving Modeling Behaviors Distribution of Pride Bucks Collection of Pride Bucks for Drawings Program Follow-through

19 PBIS Potential Roadblocks Transition period for teachers – additional steps, documentation before referrals PD, training for experienced staff and new staff Follow through by teachers Time, Organization, Resources County specific - code of conduct, teacher contract

20 Data

21 54% decrease in office referrals at the end of January 2012 compared to the same time last school year

22 40% decrease in out of school suspensions at the end of January 2012 compared to the same time last school year

23 Results Renewed focus on providing a quality learning environment for all students Drastic reduction of referrals, more targeted intervention and support plans On track to meet school SIP discipline goals Improvement in school climate Continue to target dis-proportionality

24 Questions? Sarah Lynne Walsh Kathleen Soares

25 Wildcats Showing Their PRIDE -


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