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LUCAS SCHOOL SAFETY October 10, 2006. LUCAS SCHOOL SAFETY This presentation is to provide information and support concerning school safety for the Lucas.

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1 LUCAS SCHOOL SAFETY October 10, 2006

2 LUCAS SCHOOL SAFETY This presentation is to provide information and support concerning school safety for the Lucas Local School District –The Lucas Board Policy Manual contains safety related policies in Sections E and J –The Lucas Local School District Emergency and Crisis Response Manual is provided to all employees

3 Teaching and Learning Student academic achievement is our highest priority Students must have a safe learning environment for effective learning Teachers must have a safe environment in order to provide effective teaching/learning experiences for students

4 Policies and Procedures We have school district policies and procedures that provide guidance and prescribe steps to be taken to ensure that there is a safe teaching and learning environment. –Board Policies and associated regulations derived Federal and State Laws

5 Student Responsibilities Board Policy JF defines Student Rights and Responsibilities. Policy JFC is the Student Code of Conduct and Zero Tolerance provision. Student Handbooks provide information. Each teacher posts and reviews their specific classroom rules. Students are responsible for their own behaviors and related consequences.

6 Student Responsibilities (con’t) Students have the responsibility to respect the rights of others and to exercise self-discipline Students who do not meet this expectation are subject to disciplinary measures –Administration determines disciplinary measures as per Board Policies and guidelines –Board Policy JG – Student Discipline Any action short of removing or expelling a student is considered discipline

7 Student Responsibilities (con’t) SUSPENSION and EXPULSION –Board Policies JGD and JGF –A suspension of 10 or fewer consecutive days is a short term suspension and can only be imposed by a school administrator –Removal from school for 11 or more consecutive days is an expulsion and can only be imposed by the Superintendent of Schools

8 Student Responsibilities (con’t) Students who have an IEP are subject to procedural safeguards in respect to suspensions and expulsions –These safeguards are provided by via the Ohio Operating Standards for Schools Serving Students with Disabilities and IDEIA

9 Student Responsibilities (con’t) EMERGENCY REMOVAL –Board Policy JGDA –A student may be immediately removed from school if the student poses an immediate threat to himself/herself, to other students or staff members, or is continually disrupting the educational process

10 Student Responsibilities (con’t) Harassment, intimidation, or bullying means any intentional written, verbal, or physical act that: –Physically or emotionally harms another person –Cause interference with another person’s right to an education –Intimidates or threatens the educational environment –Disrupts the orderly operation of the school This behavior will not be tolerated

11 Student Responsibilities (con’t) Lucas Schools have a “NO TOLERANCE” policy contained in Board Policy JFC Lucas Schools do not tolerate the possession, use or sale of any controlled substance or illicit drug on school property or at any school sponsored activity –Suspension and expulsion are the usual consequences

12 Student Rights Employees must notify administration of any media contacts at the school to assure student rights. Parents may complete a form (Board Policy JO-E) to make a written request that no information about their child may be released. Such written request is kept in the Principal’s office. Students have the right to Due Process (Board Policy JFA).

13 Student and Family Rights Student and Family Rights concerning Confidentiality –Annual Notices as required by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 which are published each fall in our School District Newsletter FERPA and PPRA –Directory Information

14 Student Records What is a student record? –Any recorded information created or maintained by the school directly related to an individual student –Examples include grade books, attendance records, pictures, notes shared with other staff members, IEP’s, assessment data, etc. –Board Policy JO – Student Records

15 Student Safety Board Policies JH and JHF address student welfare and safety issues. Any school employee who suspects the abuse or neglect of a child must report such suspected abuse or neglect to Children Services (Board Policy JHG). Notification About Sex Offenders is in Board Policy JHH.

16 Student Safety (con’t) All school employees are expected to support and enforce the Student Code of Conduct and hold each student accountable for his/her behavior to ensure student safety.

17 Student Safety (con’t) Students may only be released to adults who are authorized to obtain the student’s release from school. All visitors to the school must obtain permission and identification from the school office upon entering a school building. –Board Policy KK

18 Teacher Authority A teacher may remove a student immediately from the classroom if: –The student is sent to an Administrator –The student’s presence poses an immediate threat to himself or others –The student is continually disrupting the educational process

19 Teacher Authority (con’t) Reasonable instructions and directions given by a teacher are to be adhered to by students. Insubordination is unacceptable behavior. Teacher authority extends over all school property and at all school sponsored activities and events.

20 Safety Matters Each school building will have fire drills, tornado drills, and safety drills as prescribed by State law All employees are to be familiar with the contents of the Lucas Schools Emergency and Crisis Response Manual Weapons, guns, etc. are not permitted on school property –Gun Free Zones

21 Safety Matters (con’t) Associated Board Policies –EBAA – Reporting of Hazards –EBBA – First Aide –EBBC – Bloodborne Pathogens –EBC – Emergency Plans –EBD – Crisis Management and AEDs –ECA – Building and Grounds Security –EEAC – School Bus Safety –EEACD – Drug Testing (Commercial Driver’s Licenses) –EFG – Student Wellness Program

22 Homeland Security Response Guide Recommended Action Steps for Schools –Contained in Emergency and Crisis Response Manuals and posted on the school district web site

23 Evacuation Evacuation of the Lucas area in case of emergency will be coordinated by the Monroe Township Fire Department and the Richland County Sheriff’s Office –Lucas Area Coordinator is the local Fire Chief (Jim Sweat) –Schools will go to Code Red and the Superintendent or designee will await instructions from the Coordinator

24 Employee Safety Employees are to exercise safe practices in the workplace Any employee injury should be reported and documented in writing on the appropriate form Employees are not to take any abuse from others in the workplace –Report any incidents to administration

25 Emergency School Closing Emergency School Closings (Board Policy EBCD) will be announced by specified media as published in the School District Newsletter and listed on the school web site – Employees should create phone trees to communicate with each other in the event of an emergency school closing

26 For More Information Contact the Superintendent at 419-892-2338 Ext. 212 or

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